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  1. Put off by too many right-wing Daily Mail-reading nutters posting on the site vomiting up the usual 'dole scroungers', 'something for nothing culture', 'shirkers not workers', 'skivers not strivers' etc.
  2. Brilliant. And it's probably the same person who exposed the other story I posted, about the coalition's greedy grabbing of that woman's will bequest to fund both their parties!
  3. This is remarkable, really. And most of the readers comments are in agreement! I think it's the beginning of the end for governments and other VIs trying to brainwash the public into believing rising house prices is a good thing... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2392421/RUTH-SUNDERLAND-A-new-boom-thing-Britain-needs-Why-house-price-increases-inflict-feel-bad-factor-time-buyers.html?ico=home^editors_choice (edited repeatedly because I forgot how to post after such a long time!)
  4. "Millions of workers have the European Union to thank for the right to take an extra week's paid holiday from today says the TUC. The EU Working Time Directive guarantees virtually everyone at work, including agency workers - but excluding transport workers - four weeks' annual paid holiday, as long as they have been in a job for more than 13 weeks. Last October, when the Working Time Directive came into force, around 2.5 million workers - many of them women working part-time - were able for the first time to take three weeks' paid holiday a year." From: http://www.tuc.org.uk/workplace/tuc-613-f0.cfm And: "Emboldened by the anti-EU drift in the country, the manifesto of the Fresh Start Tory MPs makes it clear, their principal aim is “to seize back control of employment and social laws”: in other words, to abolish the economic and social rights, including a vast array of labour law, that people in Britain have enjoyed thanks to the EU." From: http://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/stuart-weir/fresh-start-for-britain-in-europe
  5. Is it possible that the co-op has been chosen as the sacrificial lamb? I would imagine it is hated by both the government and all the other banks due to its 'ethical' stances. So Moody's is roped in to downgrade to junk and cause a run. Because it does look like this is the aim. The co-op says it has no more bad debts than any other bank and does not need a bailout, so why has this happened? Am I being a conspiracy theorist here?
  6. Your name should be 98% Chump, surely?
  7. I couldn't have put it better! Shame you weren't on with them.
  8. After seeing her performance last night I'm inclined to agree with you 100%. She could so easily have come back at that creep Julie and challenged her in question form without appearing biased and forced the laughing Belgian to explain exactly why he was laughing, just to get it out of him for the viewers - most of whom wouldn't have grasped much from what he did say. So many BBC journalists in general now let the most outrageous comments from guests go without challenge. It's basic stuff. Incredible.
  9. Last night I ended up frothing at the mouth and for the first time seriously needed to throw something heavy at the TV. On Newsnight last night, Stefanie Flanders was talking to Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital and the Belgian who introduced the EU cap on bankers' bonuses - can't remember his name. Julie's argument for not capping bonuses started by dismissing media and public attacks on bankers like this: 'today it's bankers, tomorrow it will be footballers...' !!!!!??? Then, unbelievably, she said (and I quote loosely): 'The state has no business involving itself in private companies like the banks just as it has no business getting involved with footballers.' !!!!!!!!!!? I expected her to be destroyed. Stefanie did say, quietly, 'well, they accepted bailouts from the state...' but the Belgian was understandably so convulsed with mirth he could hardly speak through laughing. All he managed to say was: 'So the banks didn't want the state to get involved when the financial crisis started?' And that was it! I know Stefanie has to be impartial, but there were so many missed opportunities to show Julie up as ridiculous. I just felt more needed to be spelled out, especially by the Belgian, in order to leave viewers in no doubt as to how insane her arguments were. I would have said: 'Hello? The banks have destroyed the economy causing misery to the British public with more to come. Footballers have not. The banks were bailed out by taxpayer money, footballers weren't. And now you say the banks don't want state intervention?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Instead he just laughed. I can see why, but jeez...
  10. Pay off the mortgage, of course! It's quite satisfying 'collecting' £1 coins, I have to say.
  11. Decided to join in here. So, found four £1 coins in past six weeks in Sainsbury's car park - three around trolleys, one under a car. A further 86p in small change also picked up in same. I've found a hobby!
  12. And in the eyes of many here, most of them will go straight from being hard-working, skilled labour to dole scroungers.
  13. That's amazing, Giordano (you're Italian, si?). To be unemployed for over a year and then to land on your feet - I was starting to become more and more fearful recently as I hit the seven-month mark because the longer you're unemployed, the harder it is to get a job. Glad it turned out well.
  14. They just keep on coming! Congratulations Smiffy! Hope it also means you're better. Great post, wonderpup. It's £71 a week if you're over 25, something like £56 if under. But yes, not really a fortune to pay for food, other groceries, gas, electric, water and buildings insurance if like me you have a freeholder (condition of lease). Never mind phone, broadband, contents insurance, TV licence... Life of Riley, really. Ha! Well, I admit it can get a bit messy....
  15. Fantastico! And Robert the Plant, all I ever wanted was a pizza the action! Thanks Laura122: I'm 53 and in Peckham, London - the bit estate agents around here call 'Peckham East Dulwich borders' I found the job on gumtree on the Internet. Thanks Bewildered. I hope so - plus my trusty communication skills. But the great part of this will be learning on the job - I'll be going out with their two sales people initially to see how they do it. They're both Italian - so it may be challenging occasionally! But they do have English customers too, which is where I come in. Thanks again everyone for heartwarming comments and support, which most people have given me on here over the past few months. And I hope to be reading more good news stories on here soon, not only regarding jobs, but also the start of the Great House Price Crash! (it is happening... )
  16. I know! Can't wait to see all my brothers...
  17. I know! I'm originally from Gwynedd (near Porthmadog), but it's a bloody good wage full-time in Peckham too, I can tell you! Thanks yet again for everyone's good wishes. But it can be done as long as you never give up and are willing to be flexible. And thanks too for congrats, Jack's Creation, who wrote: 'So your skills were transferable in the end. You were right!' In fact a small but continuous part of the job entails updating and editing their website, so I can keep me hand in!
  18. No need to apologise for dourness Solitaire! I'm usually the same! And you're right - they are discussing this. This government's aim is to completely get rid of the Welfare State. However, taxpayer bailouts for their bust banker friends will continue...
  19. Geev eet to meee! I think Tamara's post is about a chess game, where the pawn wins, but all occupy the same dungheap. No, beats me, too. I'm getting silly now - still over-excited. There'll be no tea for me tonight if I don't watch out.
  20. Ha ha! But I'd need quite a pay rise to take advantage of that perk!
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