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  1. Well, finally accepted new offer since last pull-out - of £107,000! On a 5 bed, 2 reception Victorian terrace with garden in good structural nick (though a little dated, as dad was 81) with views of Snowdon, 5 mins walk from Portmeirion village (as featured in The Prisoner series) and with Ffestiniog Railway steam train passing past house a field away. Horrendous. Yet so many people still clinging to hope of £150,000 for similar. No chance.

  2. Well, this is a bit esoteric, but here goes. I find out from neighbour, aged 98, who's lived in my street for 58 years, that the Victorian terraced house I live in (ground floor flat) was never actually bought by the freeholder Southwark Council. They simply requisitioned it in 1948 it as it was empty as owner was killed in Second World War. Apparently they did this regularly at the time. They then converted it into 2 flats and took in council tenants. The flats were later bought under Thatcher's Right to Buy, and many years down the line I bought my flat.

    I believe London councils then bought the freeholds to many of these houses. But did they always do this? Just wondering if they are, in fact, the legal owners of the freehold. Did they buy it. Has anyone had experience of this anomaly?

  3. He says, unbelievably: 'If Daddy is well-off these things [housing, jobs, university fees] become less of an obstacle'!!! I'm gobsmacked! What if daddy, as in most cases, isn't well-off???

    And he then concludes 'There are more important things to worry about'. What, things like no chance of buying a home, no decent jobs, £30,000 plus debts when you come out of university... and next, no safety net if you do lose your job if you're under 25. Jesus.

  4. So, the bad news is, the survey showed damp - it's a Victorian house that has been empty for two and a half years - so my sister and I got Dad's excellent builder for many years to give an estimate. He came up with £1,600 to fix roof tiles causing leaks and to sort interior plasterwork/decoration affected. The buyer got another estimate to compare, who came up with the same price.

    We told the buyer the builder could start work next week, would be finished in a week, and we would pay. But he pulled out, telling estate agents the whole roof needed replacing!? This, after we'd taken all furniture to clearance for him, as he asked, while leaving a few items he wanted - fridge freezer, washing machine etc. So now, when my sister goes over to stay - she lives much nearer than I do stuck in London - she'll have nothing to sit on.

    Our builder, who's a star, always put the heating on in the house over the winter very low, but obviously not enough to stop deterioration of roof. Well, we're now going to make good, so that any other surveys will reveal no surprises.

    Sigh. Some people.

  5. And DALEK

    Iam losing my job in the new year prob by end of January

    (Not joking) so I will luckily as I'm 37 qualify for HB on a 1 bed flat. If I were under 35 I'd be having to move to bedsit in shared house.

    I won't be getting benefits though as I have considerable savings

    Ha! So you'll be able to stay in your rented one-bed flat - i.e. your home - but you would gladly have seen me chucked out of my home. You effing hypocrite.

    And by the way, you're not under 35 so that's irrelevant to your situation.

  6. No housing benefit will pay only for a 1 bed flat or spare bedroom deduction is applied per no of spare bedrooms and that's only of your over 35

    Also under 35 HB will only pay for a room in a shared house (HMO)

    You will be forced to downsize to meet the criteria under HB

    Does this apply to a single person living in a mortgaged 5 bedroom detatched house?

    Who are these single people living in a mortgaged 5-bedroom detached house? :lol:

    And by the way, I am single and have a mortgaged one-bed flat. :P

  7. so, what is SMI for?...to keep you in the Wealth you have attained?..

    No. To keep me in my home while I look for another job, just as renters who lose their jobs have their rent paid to stay in theirs. Simples.

    And Blizzard said: 'If I become unemployed, will the government pay the financing costs on my investments? No.

    If a home isn't an investment, if it is a protected right of some kind, then where's mine?'

    If you become unemployed housing benefit will ensure you can pay the rent and stay in your home.

    And Workingpoor - if that's indeed what you are, then you're likely in a job that's pretty insecure and you could lose it tomorrow. The purpose of the Welfare State was and should be to provide a safety net - for workers - when people lose their job and to allow some breathing space for them to spend time finding another job, and not have to deal with the upheaval of losing their homes and seeking alternative accommodation.

    The shock of losing your job plus then having to live on £71 a week - for food, groceries, gas, electric, water etc is hard enough, without having your life thrown into even more chaos.

    Have you lot had a compassion bypass, or are you all idiots? Or maybe just very bitter?

  8. But like all these things (capital gains on property sales by overseas speculators for example) it is unlikely to be back dated and will probably not come into force for a few years, so basically just words to attack all these benefit scroungers. Should be done NOW but they will not want a fuss before the election.

    So you think you could never lose your job? Most people claiming benefits - and I was one of them not that long ago - have worked for decades and paid tax. And many, thanks to this albeit dwindling safety net, go on to find work again, as I did.

    And giesahoose - the government does not pay people's mortgage! SMI pays towards the interest part only, not the repayment and because SMI is now capped, most people only get half their monthly interest paid. In addition, you get nothing for the first three months after you lose your job.

  9. So after two and a half years we finally have a buyer and have accepted £120,000. We dropped gradually from £139,000 although it started at £160,000. A great relief. But rock-bottom price for a 5-bed 2 reception victorian terrace in good order, if dated slightly. Interesting that others on the market as long as us haven't dropped at all in that time! They must be insane.

  10. So after two and a half years we finally have a buyer and have accepted £120,000. We dropped gradually from £139,000 although it started at £160,000. A great relief. But rock-bottom price for a 5-bed 2 reception victorian terrace in good order, if dated slightly. Interesting that others on the market as long as us haven't dropped at all in that time! They must be insane. :blink:

  11. A 'powerful' MPs' group!!??? They are not powerful - no group of MPs or for that matter individual MPs are powerful. They are elected! In fact, they'll soon realise quite how much 'power' they have when their names are released to their constituents!! :lol: Why is the xxffing BBC colluding in this nonsense by stating that they're powerful as though it's a fact?

  12. Having had it with banks, I've just become a member of my local credit union. Its cash ISA rate is 3%. My deposits - covered by the £85,000 guarantee - will also help take those struggling away from the payday loan sharks.

    And Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is a member of it too! A no-brainer. :rolleyes:

    But if more and more people did the same, the bankers wouldn't have bonuses to pay each other.

  13. People I know who had some degree of sympathy for measures such as this 12-18 months ago are starting to express sympathy for the poor and frustration at the boots that keep kicking them now.

    Exactly. And about bloody time. Any of us could lose our job tomorrow - and when I did more than a year ago - I found myself a three-day week job, which I've loved, despite the low pay. Thankfully, not low enough to need any benefits. There but for the grace of God...

  14. Combination of low salaries, low population and relatively high living costs means that money simply isn't there to support high house prices in this part of the world. I think the market for houses in the middle of nowhere for over £150K is a very small one.

    Dalek, from your description it sounds like you are viewing it from a tourist's rather than a local's eyes.

    Ha ha, I am viewing a potential sale from a tourist's, or rather, an incomer's eyes, you're right. That's probably because I feel the proximity of Portmeirion where the Prisoner was filmed and the Ffestiniog Railway steam train station in the same village, would attract certain fans who want to settle here - this does happen, and they tend to fit in very well. People are pretty welcoming here - even more so if you're willing to learn Welsh, which, again, does happen.

    You're right too about local wages in general, but there are plenty of local teachers and council workers moving into the area where the salary is around £30,000 for one person, plus there's the Snowdonia National Park HQ just half a mile from house, where £25,000-£30,000 salaries are the lower scale. So it would be feasible for a local family to be interested in a £139,999 5-bed house if partner was working too. But it isn't happening.

    We shall see. But far too many properties here above £150,000 have indeed been on the market for two years and will have to drop. People are in denial still.

  15. If you look at sold prices on Rightmove you will note that......

    1/ hardly anything above £125 is completing at land registry

    2/ less than a dozen sales in each town in July, earlier months are much worse

    3/ houses are constantly changing estate agents to wipe their property bee slate clean (you must search for the full EPC for an accurate idea of how long on the market)

    4/ many towns have wildly varying prices for identical houses on the same street

    5/ as mentioned on the Swansea thread most of the houses are absolutely sh*gged out needing a fortune spending on them

    However - Most are constantly SSTC :huh::huh::huh:

    EDIT or 6/ being sold by GREEDY relatives

    More proof that the DM and BBC among others are simply lying through their teeth!

    The ones that need a lot of work tend to be 'bereavement sales', like ours, I think.

  16. Sounds lovely. How does the price compare to similar on the market?

    Thanks. It is lovely, albeit on a main road - maybe that's the problem. Plus it's not a dinky rustic slate-quarry worker's cottage :lol:

    But it's at rock-bottom price, compared that is, with what else is on market in same village. At the risk of advertising, these are pics of dad's house:


    Compared to this 3-bed bungalow, again dated but at least with a fitted kitchen and parking space, on at £198,500, about 20 metres away, but off the main road. There's much worse than this above £200,000! But they're obviously not selling either:


  17. Just spoken to Porthmadog estate agent - my late father's house on market. She said prices in this area are down 6 or 7% despite Daily Mail ramping. She referred me to this from last month:


    It's odd, as Gwynedd includes the Snowdonia National Park. My dad's house, where I grew up, is a five-bed, 2-reception Victorian terrace house on a main but quiet road in excellent nick, just quite dated (dad was 81 after all!). It's five minutes from Portmeirion Italianate village (where The Prisoner was filmed) and you can see the Ffestiniog Railway steam train and Snowdon and the range from the front windows.

    We've now reduced it to £139,000 (!) but we've only had one viewing in a year! I just don't understand. I think it's because what's happening in this area is what should be happening throughout the UK - and maybe the Help to Buy scam hasn't reached this remote part of Wales - yet.

  18. Well I think some of the 'DM' posts are more ironic than anything else but the site does seem to have lost direction.

    Sadly, I don't think they're ironic at all. There are some real cold-hearted bitter bastards on this site - and it usually goes hand-in-hand with being woman haters (probably they're mainly sad twenty somethings who've never had a girlfriend who still live with their parents and never leave their bedrooms) hence the dwindling number of ladies here.

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