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  1. I voted UKIP because this little nation is overcrowded already.
  2. These idiots are going to print and keep printing until they have "unlocked growth" What a wonderful phrase, such a shame that its utterly meaningless. Does any one else feel as though the lunatics have taken over the asylum?
  3. So very wrong, it is already dead, in any meaningful sense, its simply trading on the fact that most people haven't got the nonce to work out its bust.
  4. Its a bit like saying who will be the winners and losers on the titanic, but right now those with big BTL portfolios, The Wilsons etc are the winners, though it galls me to say it.
  5. Worth watching, the big line was there wont be a good way out of this, just a least bad way.
  6. No democracy has ever gone to war with another one, so the EU argument is a bit flawed I am afraid.
  7. There is only one reason for this, seizure of assets, expats will be hit hard, really hard, outsiders will always take the blame, I'd get out PDQ if I were over there. Its going to get nasty everywhere, I think its better to be in the country your from when the killing and dying start.
  8. We will be, same as all the PIIGS, France, USA and many, many more, you think the banks have planned this, they have not, the banking system is about to fail, when money dies so do the banks, please read when money dies, it will give a wonderful view of the future.
  9. The problem is that the objective is not sorting out the economy, but winning the next GE. If the Tories passed through the tough stuff to sort it out, there would be riots in the streets, general strikes etc. So they've tried to do it as gently as possible and even then they've made few friends, if you think they are bad, wait till after the next GE and the monkeys that got us in this mess take over.
  10. RB predicted deflation for ages, and in property this has happened a bit, they can get away with QE in a deflationary environment as it doesn't show, but they are now addicts. It will be interesting to watch it go to rat s**t once they are in an inflationary environment, IE how do you QE if there is a run on the pound? If that run is after the next GE look out for 20% plus inflation and gold into orbit.
  11. What about growing your own and using save seeds etc, live for nothing
  12. I'd have put the pad at the top of Peascod st in Windsor at a bit more.
  13. Living within your means is not Austerity, its reality.
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