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  1. The kids were informed yesterday, and the parents are getting letters today. As you would expect a Facebook campaign 'Save Ffynone' or something similar has already started, I spotted it last night. Apparently the school closes this summer, and parents will be offered the option for their kids to continue at their school in Porthcawl (!). As much as I know, I'm expecting the Evening Post to fill us in on the rest. Lol.
  2. Something else came out on the grapevine last night, Ffynone House School, in the Uplands is closing. Guess all that 'disposable' income in Swansea is starting to run out....
  3. Happy Birthday matey, always love to read your discussions with the local EA mafia
  4. Apologies - I typed in haste, it should have been 'If you think that's bad, wait until the New Year!"
  5. If that's in the West, what's happening in the East???
  6. Music to my ears, TMT! Thanks again for letting us in on the mood of the market ;-)
  7. I don't think we'll see 'significant' or sudden price drops until interest rates start to rise. People may not want to move and hence not have to sell, but increasing mortgage repayments may well prove different!
  8. Good points - I didn't know that Killay had dropped down that far TBH! I guess I should just sit tight and watch what happens ;-) When's the newest tranche of house price data released again?
  9. Hi TMT, Thanks for taking the time to reply - I'm interested in Birchgrove for it's proximity to the M4 heading east, and it looks like (which is more than amply demonstrated by the hand-drawn map on your link) an area of two estates, the 'marshland' plain (Swansea Vale) and the 'top-end' which is going up Drummau mountain (off Birchgrove Road). The former is very densely packed but priced quite well, but the latter seems to have more value going for it? One house which looks good value (well, to me at least! what do I know ) is this one, but it's not showing on your Rightmove link, only Fin
  10. Long-time lurker, first time poster alert (!) Hi TMT, I've been reading your posts re: Swansea for a while now, but they have tended to concentrate on the west of Swansea, only natural I guess if that's where your interests are, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the East, specifially Birchgrove area? I would love to read any insights you may have. thanks diddums
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