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  1. yes i figure i should just stop watching gold prices and buy a little each month - it's only gonna go up from what i can tell...just not up everyday.
  2. i got the payment received email! time to relax...... though gold looks like it took a little hit since i bought it, could of got it cheaper!
  3. yeah just got that email - need to stop worrying
  4. thanks for all the info guys. i sent the money but haven't received any communication back from them yet.... do they normally get in touch just before dispatch or is the next hing i receive from them going to be the order? i.e. no emails after this? thanks again.
  5. okay made my first order online from baird and co. a bit worried as it's not your usual ordering method (used a bank transfer).
  6. does it matter which type of QEII coin i go for or is the cheapest the best option?
  7. After doing further reading I've decided that its probably best i buy sovereigns. does it matter what age the sov is?
  8. thanks for the replies guys. from what I've seen HGM seems to be the easiest/cheapest for me but i;m still looking. have a couple more questions which i'll post shortly. Thanks again
  9. can you walk into HGM and buy gold coins or is post only? regarding the paper trail - so long as you're not keeping the metal at the delivery address - surely it doesn't matter if anyone knows (in worst case scenario) as you could say it got lost/stolen/fell down the toilet....etc right?
  10. finally decided to post on this site, which I've been trying to do for a while, go easy on any overly simplistic questions, i apologize in advance. after a little advice if you'd be so kind.... i currently possess no gold at all. i have minimal savings (around £5k), every month i put a few hundred away. after reading this site i know i should own some gold to preserve my savings given the current turmoil. my questions are: 1) i use my savings to advance myself sometimes to cater for bigger purchases, if i was to buy gold - and then in 3 months time need to sell some of it are the chances h
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