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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I spoke to the EA again on Monday (a week after we made the offer) and they are waiting for the vendor to get back to them. However I popped a note through his door reiterating our offer, the position we are in and a contact number. He contacted me to say that he had no intention of selling the house for the £100000 price tag, the EA's had told him to price it that low for the open day in the hopes of a bidding war. So that was all a big fat waste of time really. I'm slightly disappointed as it was the first house that had come on to the market for a while that was within our price bracket and not a 1 bed exec flat or 2 bed terraced in the middle of the local sink estate. Back to rightmove I go!
  2. Well I called back this evening to see if they had passed the offer on. Spoke to another agent and was given the hard sell for at least 5 minutes and asked repeatedly if I would come to them for a mortgage. After firmly saying NO 5 times, I was told that 'most' vendors want the security of knowing their buyers have a mortgage with the EA they are selling with. When we finally got to the end of that conversation I was once again told well we are still getting offers in so haven't passed anything over to the vendor yet. I told her then that I wanted them to pass the offer today or tomorrow morning or we would be going to the vendor ourselves. <Scared>
  3. We are a family of 5, good income, renting at the moment. We don't have family to help us out with a deposit and we don't want to take 3 credit cards out and stick a deposit on them as on EA advised. So with the deposit we have the max we can borrow is 130000. We aren't interested in buying a house to make a profit we just need somewhere to live! We have found a house thats been on the market for a year and a half, dropped from £185000 to OIEO £100000. We went and viewed and have offered £100000. When I phoned to make an offer the EA tried to make me have an appt with their mortgage advisor. I informed her that we had a MA already and weren't interested, could she just pass the offer on to the vendor. Two days later she phones back and opens with 'so when can I make an appt with the mortagage advisor' I reiterated again that we didn't want an appt and asked what the vendor said about our offer. She then informs me that she hasn't passed the offer on yet as 'I have a number of offers and another viewing today and want to pass them all on together' she then said 'but if you were to have a mortgage with us it would but you at a direct advantage with the vendor' So shes basically saying that if we had a mort with her she would talk our offer up to the vendor? If indeed there are any other offers! I am not interested in playing games, we just want a house we can live in as a young family instead of paying rent every month. Any advice here? Thanks for reading
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