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  1. This is true, I have had reason to look in detail at buying half a London flat and renting it. Tbh you would be lucky to make a profit at all. I've now decided the only way is to buy a cheaper one outright, you would get a slightly better return than a savings account. Hardly worth it without price increases.
  2. I never like the way they quote yield, they never include expenses such as voids, management fees and tax. BTL is not worth it unless you are a cash buyer of a freehold property.
  3. Good old hpc 10 years of kicking the can and we all still hope. Truth is, they can see what's happening so will control it, they may want a crash. Pumping money has kept the can rolling so why not carry on , those that matter are still having a jolly good time.
  4. They think both of these are an increase in gdp, gdp really measures the growth in the amount skimmed of the top. However the country seems to happily absorb it all.
  5. I appreciate what you're saying, but it is coming across as a bit old fashioned tbh. You don't seem to be able to relate to what I'm suggesting. Again it depends what roles you are referring to, maybe call centre or um call centre. Ok maybe programming I suppose, but I've seen a lot of money wasted by doing this. Oddly the tasks that would benefit from out sourcing are probably project management, accountancy and other middle management, but for some reason they never are. Can you give some examples of the type of things you are thinking of.
  6. You may or may not work on several boards or whatever, however the outsourcing sentiment is nothing new, been around for 20 years or more. Obviously I will add. However the government needs to see things the opposite way, outsourcing is bad. So one way or another they will have to make it worthwhile employing UK workers. Whatever all the not so clever money saving and money control plans have literally been done to death and are definitely old fashioned thinking now, businesses that rely on this will surely die. Businesses have to think and act in very different ways now and I do wo
  7. But it doesn't matter, it's just available money there is no real money the only control there is is a lending valve. Growth is money supply and velocity.
  8. The biggest problem for housepricecrash is that the currency didn't bat an eyelid when they started printing, maybe that's because they can print. So they will print forever. There is now a massive amount of money sloshing around that as soon as a little confidence returns that will be it. House prices will go to the moon. Actually I'm not sure I believe that myself, I guess it depends on how much permanent damage has been done to the economy.
  9. I always see the economy as a merigoround of money, with extra thrown in every now and then. In this case quite a lot of people have fallen off the merigoround and the money has stopped flowing. These are pathetic attempts to get everyone back on the merigoround. They're still chucking the free money in but it's falling on the floor. The only way to jump start things is to bring back confidence, but until people are convinced covid has gone confidence will not return.
  10. This is true 2 years of pain followed by pumping before an election. I can't see why anyone would think there'll be inflation, rate rises or anything else, the economy was a zombie before covid I think it's a ghost now.
  11. Oh dear it's live die repeat, what a crazy world, 25% drop in GDP, fix it with 10 quid off a meal or no stamp duty up to 500k, blimey think about that for a moment. 1000 quid to employ someone furloughed, it's not going to do the job is it? not even close.
  12. Fudge me have I got news for you is scraping the barrel this week, D.C. is the only thing they've got.
  13. It'll come down to profit and loss unless the company is run by idiots or philanthropists. I suspect most will be struggling to survive regardless and pending a miracle they will not pay the 20%. I mean why the hell would they, would you pay someone 20% of their salary to do nothing.
  14. Let's get this straight, S.K. is not the paragon of virtue presented to us , society there is very different to what we would expect. I won't go into anymore details, but they really aren't. New Zealand again is a very different society to ours, their population is tiny and well spread out, any low density population is obviously going to be easier to control. They have locked all borders which is simply not going to work elsewhere. Taiwan, again a very different society and culture, not remotely comparable with the UK and a tiny nation. You blame the government for eve
  15. We need to crush the curve otherwise what is the point, we'll be stuck in perpetual semi lockdown
  16. That chart is dramatic, but an extremely simplistic view of the world and actually illustrates the flaws with worrying about debt and why it is so easy to borrow. In reality the debt is offset by many real life things. Intellectual property, market dominance and military capability being the main ones. Natural resources are significant but inadequacy can be offset by military might. A country which has the industrial and digital dominance that the US has is always going to be seen as a safe haven. China could be the big loser out of all this, they need to get their act toget
  17. The problem is too much supply, printing trlns to lend doesn't help if people are saturated in debt. This has been the case since the financial crisis maybe before. Inflation is driven by demand versus supply. So I suggest very low inflation maybe deflation, businesses will largely keep going mostly in the minimum wage area. A large number of people will suffer and have no future but still believe they know everything. Life will continue for many, pretty much as it is now. Incredibly and I definitely don't want it, but a massive war is the only way to change the system.
  18. Yeah that's good, I've got two of those thanks, I hope you get a decent cut.
  19. Hi, clapping is waste of time and energy, it is being used as a psychological tool to make people think they can help and in some way contribute. It distracts from the details and any reality. The reality is that people's lives have been turned on their heads, by government and scientific negligence. Not only that, but the secretive superpower that let the thing out treats us all with contempt for daring to question what is going on. We should be refusing to trade with China until they get their humans rights, welfare and democracy in order. This of course will never hap
  20. Hmm well as far as I can see no one can afford a pension and a mortgage and a BMW and a holiday in Florida. Oh and a new kitchen in the new extension. But if they try their pension savings are going to suck billions out of the economy and give very little back. Obviously this will cause general fiscal problems at some point. However as it will be a steady stream of individuals who suffer and the vast majority of the population will be living the dream, everything will be fine. Just get a btl innit. Or if you have a house it'll be worth a fortune won't it, but the kids wanted that m
  21. What makes you think 10% have their heads screwed on? I think you're underestimating the depth of the debt culture. Don't get me started on pensions.
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