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  1. frederico

    Halifax January 2019

    Lol, haters gonna hate, it is what it is. Until rates really start to rise along with unemployment we won't see any real change. Trouble is TPTB have the means and the will to interfere with the market in order to avoid embarrassment.
  2. frederico

    Nationwide Dec 18

    And rail fares going up is the biggest tragedy ever Surely it's a good thing as my train journey is worth more now.
  3. frederico

    FED BASE RATE 2.25%

    Yep, our arrogant idiots like to give the impression they are playing with the big boys.
  4. Couldn't agree more, 'if it isn't hurting it isn't working ' and 'get on your bike ' Labour isn't working and then 1million unemployment goes to 4million. I think even with a no deal crash out, there would be a minor hiccup followed by a boom as we realised we can do what the hell we want. Now we have lame duck prime minister, lame duck chancellor, lame duck bank of England, lame duck banks. In the old days they'd all have had the good manners to sod off.
  5. Exactly then faff about for a few months. She really is a fudger. She keeps saying its in the national interest, but just how have the last two years been in the national interest. She is not serving the country.
  6. I wish I could give the cabinet the kudos you are, I get the impression they are self interested wets. As appointed by May
  7. Shouldn't that be no it's not not fair.?
  8. I would if I could, sorry I couldn't understand the last couple of sentences. But also the stuff I wrote about young people was for the most part sarcastic. Apologies my good man
  9. To be fair, general elections happen after a maximum of 5 years, sometimes its less than that.
  10. I'm sorry which representative democracy are you referring to?
  11. All these remainers moaning about the question on the referendum paper, well it's a bit late now isn't it.

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