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    Can't this gentleman afford his mortgage? ...see , I think he paid too much in the first place.
  2. I just wonder why some people put their houses on the market. This house has been on the market since Sep 2008 and during that time the price has just dropped by around 100K, instead of doing something constructive about the price they’ve just listed it with John Francis... it’s so sad even the Google maps street view show the for sale sign...hmmmm..
  3. That one is a bit strange because it started at £475k with GCP, see below. and now John Francis have it for £395k..hmmmmm... link 08 October 2011 • Price changed: from '£440,000' to '£385,000' 10 September 2011 • Price changed: from '£460,000' to '£440,000' 03 March 2010 • Price changed: from '£475,000' to '£460,000' 15 February 2010 • Price changed: from '£460,000' to '£475,000' 01 February 2010 • Price changed: from '£475,000' to '£460,000' 08 December 2009 • Initial entry found.
  4. Yeah just managed to get mine working again, it was a problem with the last firefox update. Thanks
  5. Just a quick question, is property bee down?
  6. This is why properties are not selling in Swansea, just “property bee” this and see. First it comes on at £228k in 2009, and then it drops to £205k in 2010. Since then it has just being rising (one time even close to £300k), if you bag this for £200k you would think you’ve gotten yourself a good deal ...ABSOLUTELY NOT !!! Link
  7. Can you please give some links?
  8. Hello guys anybody ever heard of these guys, Captured Homes? Their prices are so over the top I can’t believe it. Are they new?
  9. TMT, how do I send you a private message. That's if you're ok with it. Thanks
  10. TMT did you mean to say 100K below asking or you actually meant the 1K below asking?
  11. I thought it was better to sell at a very reduced price than to have it repossessed, the house was first listed at £575K then reduced to £499K now that it has been repossessed it being marketed at £399K so now what happens to the equity that was preventing them from reducing the price in the first place. If they took out equity some time past due to a perceived future price increase...they should not expect me to pay off that loan for them...i am sorry
  12. This house would not reduce the price and now it has been repossessed see. I wonder why so many sellers are going to allow this to happen to them very soon, all they have got to do is reduce!
  13. This house is more than half a million pounds...we are talking serious money here, although I am looking for a house close to that price bracket! I honestly don’t think it’s worth it. The one-way system being currently implemented in Swansea would make it even more problematic getting into town and I don’t think going by the uplands route is even going to help. I am going to keep a close eye on it and i bet its price will be dropping way below what it’s being advertised for right now.
  14. This house has not been lived in for a long time yet Dawsons are seeking premium price for it. Dawsons seem to be living in denial... Google link
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