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  1. There is a high correlation between house prices and inflation, with house prices leading by about 12 months. Pipeline inflation pressure is building, depsite all this talk of deflation. Yet the economy is slipping into recession, so there may be a case for negative real rates. I believe it is a possible scenario but will see.
  2. Keep an open mind my friend. You cant talk the housing market down. It is a real asset after all.
  3. The pessimists cant have it both ways. If inflation is rising, then wages will eventually catch up. That is a reality. It happened in the 1970's, when salaries were pegged for a while and then after a while played catchup with inflation, with salaries jumping up. All the while, the cost of that debt is falling. Starts with accumulation, ends with accumulation.
  4. Inflation will erode the value of my debt over time, which means when my salary rises by whatever % over the next few years, and the debt stays the same or is partly paid off, it wil cost me a lot less to service. Its a great deal my friends. Best buy as much land as possible on this small island. Properties arent crashing, they will go hang up there.
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