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  1. I also know the areas who have quoted quite well and most if not all would be outside of a £150k budget, you have just highlighted the most sought after areas (Except broadmoor broadlands). I have to disagree about Porthcawl though, not sure the last time you were there but it has gone downhill in recent years, many areas now looking quite rough, loads of BTL and the town centre itself a right dive, loads of empty shops, your looking at £200k minimum for decent place in a decent area of Porthcawl. Its also a bold statement regarding North of the railway, not sure what parts your referring to but I lived for 10 years in Coity and never seen or had any trouble, beautiful little village, also had lots of friends living in Litchard higher and again no issues what so ever, I would be more than confident to recommend any of those areas to a new person looking to settle.
  2. I have a member of the family who was made bankrupt 10 years ago so is now clear, however he still cannot get himself a credit card, bank loan and 100% no chance of getting a mortgage. At the time he was only 22 years old starting up his own business which went t*ts up, he keeps telling me its the worst thing he could of done and only wishes he had tried to sort something out with the bank back then. He says he has paid the debt back through having to rent a property for the past 10 years when if he could of bought would be in a far better position today, even down to car and home insurance he gets problems as most now ask if you have ever been made bankrupt or CCJs etc before issuing a policy, he reckons that he pays on average 15% more for his insurance polices. I think its one of those things that seems a good idea at the time to wipe out all your debts, but you are then left on the sidelines for the next 10 years whilst everyone else gets on with their lives.
  3. Thanks for that very informative reply - With regards to persons saying they would pay no more than £300k then its ok saying that but in today's market how could that house possibly go for less than £450k, I say that because of the other houses that are being posted on here are total junk at over £300k, when for £180k you will be lucky to grab yourself a decent a semi detached property in Killay or Sketty. The whole market needs to re adjust for that to happen and when I see apartments down the marina up for £200k plus this property does offer far more and in my opinion one of the best locations in Swansea, not being too far out but with Gower on the doorstep. I agree though in reality it should be more like £350k, but that ain't going to happen until 1, IR rise over 3% 2, EAs start valuing properties accordingly and realise its game over 3, We get mass un employemnt Personally I see not one of those happening in the next 12mths, at least 2 years until we see IR back up above 2.5% (Only got to look at the fixed deals being offered at the moment and the savings rates). From my conversation with EAs down my way they have this thought that the worst for them is over and low interest rates are keeping the market moving along, one even told me that with rates this low you would be a fool not to enter the market now, most affordable it has been to buy a house for x amount of years. And the un employment figures are all over the place, 1 month there is some good news the next it is bad, so a bit of a mixed message at the moment on the job front, will need to see how this year progresses and the proposed cuts that the government want to introduce.
  4. That's the one, I quite like the look of it but for that kind of money I would expect a bit of land and it seems in short supply looking at it briefly over the weekend. With regards to new houses, yes they will be here in 50 years but I have seen some horrors mainly down to poor build, at least with this kind of property it has stood the test of time, don't know what it was but something attracted me to this place. May book a viewing - So what you reckon on price, you know the Swansea market alot better than me these days, without even viewing I would not likely go over £500k in the current market.
  5. TMT - What are your thoughts on this property / Price? http://www.johnfrancis.co.uk/propertysale.htm Past it over the weekend when coming back from a golf tournament down the Gower, quite a unique house, but again facing a busy main road to the one side. Personally I was thinking though, maximum £500k, although compared to many modern houses this property will still be standing in 50 years time and at least it has a lot of character.
  6. Ok then fair enough, half hour stroll? 25 mins with a bit of pace.
  7. I would say with your price guide of £150k the best value for your buck will be Litchard, 2 mins from the M4, 15 mins walk into Town and the main train station or 5 mins to the valley line at Wildmill station. You have a supermarket either side of you (Tesco, Sainsburys) again within walking distance and the shopping outlet, cinema and food halls at Mcarthur Glen. £150k should buy you a 1960s 3 bed semi of reasonable size, off road parking etc or a newer smaller 3 bed detached. Other than that have you considered Pencoed, plenty of different housing there and differing prices, again train station in the centre of the village and close links to the M4.
  8. Personally I don't see this, even when a property goes to auction or sold via an EA on behalf of the bank it 9 times out of 10 is alot different to a property that you are buying directly from an individual, when viewing the property it is usually a shell i.e No light fittings , curtains , blinds anything basically not bolted down is removed. In some cases the fires and boilers are removed along with the radiators. It may not seem like much but many potential buyers like to have everything in pace before buying, especially if you have a family you want to move right in without any hassle, so buying a repossession or forced sale property can often have its own unique price especially when half a dozen other properties in the same street have sold for 15-20% more recently. I am not naive enough to think that it would not have some impact, but not the impact your eluding to, you only have to look at some of the property price website and amongst a dozen sales one or two look strangely lower than the rest but have little impact on future sales when you look at recent sale prices.
  9. The honest answer is that nobody knows what is going to happen next, you only have to look back on this forum over the past 5 years to see so many false dawns and even old heads on here shocked by some of the interventions that have taken place by governments no just in Britain. There is a very mixed message at the moment, some parts of the economy are doing well whilst others are struggling really badly, so we are not all in it together and this has certainly prevented a full on crash in the housing market, what I mean is there is still lots of money about and lots of people are still earning good money, this coupled with ultra low IRs and the cost of living for many even taking into account higher inflation on certain weekly products is still well offset. Take for example me and the wife, earning the same £62k that we were earning 3 years ago due to pay freezes but now pay £290 a month less on the repayment mortgage than when we took it out 5 years ago and we had planned on paying the £720 a month quite comfortably, now we pay just under £450 a month, although we are paying more off to reduce the term by 10 years. Anyone who bought a property over 6 years in most cases will be sitting on equity and in many cases a profit (although I don't like using that word), yes some have been a little silly with excess borrowing and re mortgaging but hundreds of thousands more have been sensible and see this current IR climate as a chance to pay down debt, reduce mortgage terms etc. I still get credit card offer coming through the door offering 16 months interest free borrowing or a balance transfer at 1.6% for life of the balance, yes I have a very good credit record, but so do many others. You can see many changes in peoples spending habits recently, even though these people may still be in full time employment the message is getting through that the good times are over and many are adjusting to this new way, it is surprising how easy it is to knock £20 off a weekly shop by taking out some of those luxury items or things you really don't need, its the same with heating bills, I know people who would have the heating on almost 24/7 during winter, now these same people have suddenly moved to a timer and can save themselves £200+ per annum and they are doing it. I know one chap who still works full time in the same job he has held for at least 10 years, probably earns around £38k, he has cut back by almost £200 and saving £170 a month on his mortgage, £370 a month back in his pocket and he tells me he has never been happier and healthier. Your home is going to be the last thing that gets taken from you, most people I would of thought would cut back in other areas before not being able to repay a mortgage, those who took out loans well beyond their earnings are going to get burnt and rightly so, but for the masses a few cuts back here and there, including holidays combined with low IRs and keeping the roof over the head will not be too difficult
  10. I don't think you can totally compare renting and buying purely on financials as its more of a lifestyle choice. People often rent because they need to be flexible with work or need to get a feel for an area before committing to a purchase, these are often young people in the 22 - 30 age range trying to establish themselves in the jobs markets having left university etc etc. I think the problem of renting is when you start a family your in your mid 40s and still renting with no prospect of ever owning your own home, then it becomes a case of the kids (if you have them) will never be totally settled with Schools , Friends , Clubs , Community and never have a place they can really call home, with a bedroom the way they want it. As you get older as already mentioned everyone would like to be in a position where the mortgage has already been paid off and you can retire from work having been mortgage free for 30 years plus allowing you to spend the money on holidays and a nice car whilst having the security of a home that you own outright where family can come round. That is a big thing for me having 2 kids is not being in a position where you could be forced from a house because the landlord wants u out, personally don't think you can put a figure on having that security whereby you can do what you want when you want to your house, you only live once and being told that you cannot paint a room a certain colour or can't put a nice decking area in the garden is not the life I would want to live when spending a large part of my life in this one place. Even if someone today said worst case (as i don't know anyone worse off over 50 years) that over the next 50 years buying is going to cost you 20% more than renting I would still most definitely take the buying option just on the points raised above.
  11. The reason they are so high is because Wales is not a large country (especially south west wales), if you have a bit of money and want to live in this part of Wales and have a number must haves on your shopping list i.e. by the Sea with green fields only a stone throw away, lowish crime, good infrastructure, fairly well paid jobs (for wales) and many businesses then your choices are quite limited, your probably looking at 5% if not less. Like I say I was down there recently and prices aside must say that from the Woodman pub onwards the whole areas is v. attractive for those looking for property, v. impressed with the sea front and the cycle track, well kept and pleasing on the eye. Mumbles also a lot cleaner than when I was last there. I think if your a Welsh lad you is looking to return to Wales or move to one of the better parts you would be hard pushed to beat that part of Swansea. Tenby again v.nice but some where for me personally when I get past that 60 figure and look to move to the slow lane, you either need bags of money, work from home or in the public sector down there as there is not much else, but the way of life is superb and surprisingly very few nice property available which I suppose does keep prices higher and v tight planning laws from what I have seen and heard.
  12. TMT Having not been back to Swansea for quite sometime until recently and spending the vast majority of the long weekend in Western Swansea I do now as an outsider see why people are prepared to pay and sellers confident enough to ask for these kind of prices. Simply because there are very few "nice" parts of Swansea (Sea on one side and countryside the other) and people with money in Swansea need somewhere to live, the Gower et al is a bit far out but Mumbles, Derwen Fawr, Mayals, Langland, Caswell are all within reach of the city, pubs, restaurants etc. Driving through the streets of Newton / Norton they seem very tidy and peaceful with some nice views of the mumbles and Swansea bay and it makes me understand why buyers pay the premium and happy to sacrifice other things in life in order to live there, (1 less holiday, 40 year in 25 year mortgage, older car, delay having children). I am not saying that the prices being asked are acceptable to you but are justifiable when you see the asking prices of similar properties in other parts of Swansea and basically you are adding a premium of 50 - 60% to live in this particular catchment area. I know many people living in this area that work as far as London daily or throughout the week, catching the early train from Swansea Central just to have the Gower and Swansea bay on their doorstep at weekends and for their children to go to school, many of whom went to Swansea uni and never left after graduating.
  13. Maybe the local EAs now all know you and having been calling into their offices and looking for the past 2-3 years are convinced your never going to buy a property and gave the heads up to the seller who decided that he also did not have time to waste. This is something that has happened to my brother who having been out of property for 4 years and looking to get back in at 2004 prices keeps offering up silly 2002/3 prices after looking at previous sales in the same street, however he has admitted this tactic has back fired on him a little as the local EAs (only 4 of them) are all now very slow to inform him of new property on the market and some of the fairly good buys are getting snapped up before he even knows they were for sale. Not to miss out he has actually spoken to the local EAs just to re affirm his intentions by providing them with a bank statement of his STR fund and pointing out to them a few properties they have for sale and the price he would be willing to pay, which is more now like 2005 prices or around 15% less than the prices advertised.
  14. 2 friends have just returned from a trip to Hong Kong, China and India and what your saying is exactly what they were telling me the weekend. These countries that have been flooding us with cheap electrical goods and clothing for the last decade are now seeing higher levels of inflation and within a few years more and more of the citizens are going to be asking / expecting a higher standard of living. They could not believe some of the facts regarding vehicle ownership over the past 5 years and projections going forward, land rovers, BMWs, Jags all becoming common sights and there big plans for Land Rover dealerships to open up over there. A Chinese business man that they stayed with for 2 days gave them a good insight into how he sees the next decade, he explained that buying steel from china and having it shipped to the UK is around 20% cheaper than buying in the UK direct, he sees this percentage becoming even lower over the next 5 years as wage increases and general inflation drive up prices in China and demand for better housing becomes more widespread. China are driving up raw material and oil prices but this over the longer term is increasing their manufacturing costs and shipping costs at a time when the West cannot afford to pay these increases, I see global inflation where we all move to higher incomes allowing the likes of China & India the outlets to keep supplying their bulk goods whilst the UK moves more towards specialised markets. Inflation is the threat here....
  15. TMT Have you been up to see those houses in Clyne Gardens? They are up for sale with John Francis http://www.johnfrancis.co.uk/propertysale.htm If I recall correctly were these properties £600k plus when they first went on the market a few years ago, only by chance come across them and shocked to see them under £450k, spoke to someone from the area today and by all accounts they are now in the hands of the bank as the developer went through twice, this may of been discussed before but been out of the Swansea market for so long have not been in touch with what has been going on down there.... He also told me that a couple of people he knows have put in offers for less than £300k and by all accounts they have come back and said they will consider offers around £400k.
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