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  1. Don't buy part worns not worth the risk.
  2. What do you do that allows you to net £25,000 a month?
  3. Slightly wrong; have now corrected US Currency thickness Inches 0.0043 mm 0.10922 M 0.00010922 Amount Total Bailout $ 1E+12 $1 trillion Denomination $ 100 Would stretch Metres 1092200 KM 1092.2 Miles 678.3850932 Round the World 0.085585415
  4. http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/23032009/323/spend...xic-assets.html My calculation; Thickness of US currency Inches 0.0043 mm 0.10922 Bailout $ 5E+11 (500 bln) Denomination $ 100 Metres 546100000 KM 546100 Miles 339192.5466 Round the World 42.79270774 (The diameter of the earth at the equator is 7,926.41 miles )
  5. I just started this topic becuase he is a millionaire and I am not! I've disagreed with other things he's done but he always seems to be in the money and me well I've just been made redundant twice in 2 months!! now with no hope of any work.
  6. My brother has student BTL properties in the area and has had for many years (since the early 90's) all his properties are occupied for at least 50 weeks a year and the students have been willing to pay even whilst they are not living there.
  7. University town, letting property here never seems to be a problem. I'm no investor but with interest rates so low, where does one put their savings? his 55k will be earning him 800 a month ; sounds good to me.
  8. A mate has purchased a btl property for 220k, with 25% down on a tracker his monthly payments are only £400, he can let said property for £1200+ pcm. Is he on to a winner? Haven't Japanese interest rates stayed at virtually at zero for the past 10-12yrs? Why should we expect any different?
  9. As of the begining of week 01.12.08 the head count was about 1800 300/330 contractors were sacked this week. Collective consultation on at least 300 permie job has begun which takes 90 days. As far as I can see Aston is effectively shut down; no cars are being produced. I'm an electronics integration expert and have also worked in diesel engine calibration
  10. I was a long term contractor. There is a collective consultation going on and they will get rid of 300 permanent staff after Xmas. Aston are retrenching big time, future models have been abandoned including the widely publicised £1.2M 1-77 which they only had 6 interested customers.
  11. I heard from someone in the finance department that if anyone turned up at Gaydon with 50k they would let you walk off with a new V8! we have 2000 V8's unsold sitting at Fenny Compton.
  12. lost my job this week. 1/3 of work force culled across the board. Senior engineer Aston Martin
  13. My wife and I are desperate to get out of UK plc for the usual reasons, she works as an IT Change manager, I work in automotive electronics development for an OEM. I have also worked in IT and have a mechanical engineering degree and MSc in computer Science. We would consider jobs abroad or buying a business abroad. Also looking at opportunites in the. USA
  14. How does one move to Sinagpore? what opportunities are their for British professionls?
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