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  1. I think there are guys on this board posting who like me are being driven nuts because we are living in an absurd world where we are witnessing lesser educated and people with less paid jobs or no job at all and who are in many cases lazy, walking through front doors of homes we have no hope at the moment of living in. It is not that more people do not realise, it is just that they really do not care, why should they!, many have profited from the corruption going on. Take housing benefit for example, one of the most corrupt and dishonest welfare benefits going, at the end of the day it is being used to pay for investors specualtive property purchases and hiding behind a smoke screen of being there to help vulnerable poorly paid people who cannot afford homes to live in, in the process making people like borderline homeless, and I earn well above the average wage. It is only for so long that many of us are going to be able to put up with this state of affairs, we don't cry victim, we stay within the law and work our socks off and pay taxes for all the services that we all use. Eventually more of us are going to say f*** it and go off and do whatever it takes to get on in life. I am highly in favour of helping the needy and weak in this country, I am quite happy to help to put a roof over the head and wrap clothing around a man or woman in trouble, what I object to is the needy walking around in a better coat than me and hooking it on to coat peg of a home that is far better than mine. There is one basic principle that you should not alter to the proggression of indvidual achievment, and that is that on the whole if you keep yourself fitter leaner and stronger than the next man you deserve to be further up the food chain. Yet tommorrow morning i will leave home at 06.30 to start work, passing the front door of a home a few hundred yards up the road where the curtains will be still pulled across, where a fat pot bellied man living with his heavy smoking chav wife and two kids who appear to me to never leave the steet to go and do any form of job. When I eventually get home at night knackered I will then get my gym stuff or go for a road run, i will do this in order to keep my body fit, a body that will probably need to keep working until it is 70 the way things are going. It is all so wrong, it is plainly wrong and the anger with some of us is painfull. It is the same pain that i witnessed with Steve Cougan the other night on Newsnight, the pain of having to grit your teeth with the scum press knowing how evil and corrupt they are, yet being powerless to do anything, it must of felt like the injustice would never end. But then a spark is ingnited and everything is turned upside down, it can happen in a moment, and then it becomes all so clear to all of us. But for how long did the victims of the NOTW have to live with the injustice and unfairness, how long will we?
  2. The goings on at the NOTW have convinced me that there is now an embedded evil inthe form of our "establishment" in the UK that has little concern about what is right or wrong to the every day individual in the UK and is just totally self serving. How did we just put up with the evil press that had so much power that people who were supposedly in real power were so frightened and gutless that they not only allowed their bad behaviour but they actually sold their souls to them. Can you imagine the better politicians as well as over high profile seats of power we could of had in this country if it was not for the press, how many people have not taken up high profile public service jobs becuase they wre frightened of the press. Banks, police, politicians all looking after their own interests, and all of the so called leaders in all these organisations blind or ignoring the self serving money grabbing criminal behaviour going on. It is not until these people are exposed that our so called leaders show any kind of moral outrage. Remember Gordon Brown tried to prevent the exposing of expence scandal, and David Cameron employed as a press officer the prince of Darkness. I have wondered for a while now is there forces out there that deliberetly allow or even cause housing shortages out there in order to keep certain individuals in power and in pocket. Is Land not released in order to save evil individuals from losing money from a property correction should one happen. At the end of the day it is a moral duty to home people in good quailty houses, something that is not really that hard to do. It is all just so obvious what we must do in the UK in order to give all of us better lives, but we don't do it.. WHY!!. Only 5% of the land mass of the UK has has the entire property of our country built on it, if only another less thas 0.5% was released for building homes then our housing needs would be far more than covered. So many of us now are forced to live in the rented properties of those with all the power, we are like the people in suspended animation in the Matrix, we are just batteries that feed their self serving needs. The one bit of hope I do have though is that so much of the in your face corruption that seems to have dogged our country is now being taken on, not by the politicians as they are cowardly little worms that are now only reacting to events, but by certain little ppl that have dug their heals in and said enough is enough. I am now living in hope that as a white hetrosexual male that has always worked and paid so much tax, that soon the evil ****'s that have prevented me from owning my own home will so be put in their place.
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