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  1. I think there are guys on this board posting who like me are being driven nuts because we are living in an absurd world where we are witnessing lesser educated and people with less paid jobs or no job at all and who are in many cases lazy, walking through front doors of homes we have no hope at the moment of living in. It is not that more people do not realise, it is just that they really do not care, why should they!, many have profited from the corruption going on. Take housing benefit for example, one of the most corrupt and dishonest welfare benefits going, at the end of the day it is
  2. The goings on at the NOTW have convinced me that there is now an embedded evil inthe form of our "establishment" in the UK that has little concern about what is right or wrong to the every day individual in the UK and is just totally self serving. How did we just put up with the evil press that had so much power that people who were supposedly in real power were so frightened and gutless that they not only allowed their bad behaviour but they actually sold their souls to them. Can you imagine the better politicians as well as over high profile seats of power we could of had in this country
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