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  1. I went from Heathrow to Gatwick Saturday morning 8 o`clock and M25 was damn busy, could not believe! Even had to slow down. But it could be just M25, its always busy. I haven`t noticed less traffic in London.
  2. No comments or discussion, just name and link to article. First one: HABITAT: DailyMail
  3. Retail just cannot compete with low overhead online. Those days are gone and shops like Comet/Dixons will never be back on high street. Google product search has been my shopping mall for many years. I do not recall when was last time I bought anything on high street - appliances, car parts, health supplies, electronics, mobiles etc - all bought online. Why would I spend time sitting in traffic, burning petrol, looking/paying for parking when I can sit at home in slippers drinking cup of tea and have unlimited choice with delivery to my doors. Its just how world has evolved. I would have happ
  4. What type of mushrooms have they been eating ?!
  5. Virgin taking over "Acquiring Northern Rock or the Lloyds branches would give us the scale to match our ambitions". What happened to Lloyds?!
  6. To add: many companies will be going bust because government tenders will dry up(already happening sharply) and therefore chain of suppliers going bust of firing most of the staff. Spoken to car trader today who sells cars ranging 1 to 3.5k: people are targeting cheap diesels, point A to B motors for 1k. Its getting harder to sell anything harder and harder every day. I know this from my own experience, just sold 9k car - in 6 weeks not a single viewing - even its desirable car/spec/price tag. Had to lower price for 2.5k! If you own expensive car - train is leaving shortly...sell it now whi
  7. This is just beginning what we see - deep recession should have started while ago, but UK managed to delay is. They can`t do it any more, its starting now. You don`t need to be Nostradamus to know what will happen and in what sequence - just look at some countries who have gone via this already, for example - Latvia. UK will go 1:1 same route with same problems in same order. Laws and basics of recession/economics are same. Its perfect hint for those who are willing to predict future. What happened in Baltic states - Latvia & Lithuania: Property price tags loosing 30-50%, grey economy bo
  8. This is just beginning. You don`t need to be Nostradamus - just look at some countries who have gone via this already, for example - Latvia. UK will go 1:1 same route with same problems in same order. Its perfect hint... Property falling 30-50%, grey economy booming, fast;expensive;short term loans & debt collection most popular businesses. Huge amount of companies will be going bust because of customers not paying - basically chain reaction. Huge amount of mortgage defaults, some banks will go bust or government will have to step in and support. Loans/mortgages will be given only to luc
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