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  1. Looking in Horsham & Southwater area which I know is a small area but our life/jobs are here and I think I'm being realistic with what I expect for our £'s. It seems Horsham isn't affected by the market crash as there have been at least 2 properties I've gone to offer on that have been sold above the asking price, and anything else decent is snapped up straight away. I get close to giving in and offering more than I know I should just to get somewhere, especially since everyone else around here is and they are the ones getting the decent houses.
  2. We've been looking for a 3 bedroom house for almost 6 months. We are FTB's with a 25% deposit and are keen to move ASAP. We are looking at spending about 210-220K. We have put 7 offers on over the last 6 months and all have been refused. The most recent was a 210K offer on a 222K priced house - we were told the vendors want 220K for it. We know we will only get a terraced house with our money in this area but we would at least like a nice one, preferably 3 bed end of terrace with a decent garden although we would settle for mid terraced. Our offers have been like this - 212 asking - 195 offer, 222 asking - 210 offer, 229 asking - 210 offer, 200-230 asking - 205 offer etc (all rejected). Are our offers really too low being FTB's and in the current market, or are people just digging their heels in and not dropping when they really should be? I guess I have kind of answered my question because these houses are selling, but I want to know if we should stick to our guns and wait or just accept defeat and offer more? I don't need to tell you how hard it is being a FTB and getting a deposit and still ending up with a box for a house so we are at least hoping to be in a better position being 2011 rather than 2008. Should we be offering more?
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