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  1. What was the original asking price? I looked at this some time ago on google maps but wasn't that keen! Nice garden though.
  2. Would you go to an out of town centre if they started charging? http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/Holley-calls-fees-town-retail-parks/story-12447909-detail/story.html
  3. Swansea City Council wants to introduce fees to park at out of town retail parks! http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/Holley-calls-fees-town-retail-parks/story-12447909-detail/story.html
  4. +1 Posts from "Swansea Property Agent" have confirmed tactics being used by some EA's flogging optional extras. I have been looking at We Will Homes for a while, the only thing I like about them is their website but credit for that should go to The Property Jungle.
  5. Swanz

    John Francis Swansea

    You seem to be concentrating on the student let side of your EA business as I have noticed that your properties for sale have been at 32 for many months including those sold subject to contract. Good luck in getting those student let's filled in August.
  6. An unusually large number of HMO / investment properties in the Uplands and Brynmill area of Swansea have been listed on their website within the last few days! Could there be some in-house offloading going on?
  7. Swanz

    Ea Sentiment

    When prices were climbing I know many EA's were buying up investment property for themselves and those are the ones desperate to keep prices up. John Francis have listed a large number of investment properties in the Uplands / Brynmill area of Swansea (mainly HMO) in the last 24hrs - 48hrs.
  8. Have you got any overpriced houses on your books?
  9. Swanz

    Swansea Auction

    They were NOT interested in 95k as it didn't sell at auction! That lot or any of the others ( apart from 1) didnt interest me. The only property I was interested in was at 19 Overland Road, Mumbles. Sold for 250k
  10. Swanz

    Swansea Auction

    Yes, it was John Francis. The majority of properties to sell were the HMO types! Lots offered: 14 Lots sold: 6
  11. Swanz

    Swansea Auction

    I was absolutely amazed by this auction today!! Not all property sold in the room for obvious reasons. First auction I have attended when the guide price is not acceptable. Eg. Guide price 80,000- 100,000 price in room 95,000 Sorry not sold as under reserve. Most houses were not sold because they fell within the upper reserve! How can this agency get away with this? Every property they tried to sell had to be on or above their highest reserve price.
  12. Sometimes when the property is sold it is sold. Take it down from your listing.
  13. Have you noticed their valuations lately?
  14. I am not buying full stop. I see a big change coming! Lol EA's time to get nervous
  15. Ok, How much should I offer for this one? Sold for 25k in 2004 http://www.HomesOnView.co.uk/Scripts/FullDetails.aspx?CID=DAWSMUMB&AID=DAWSMUMB&PID=DUP01650
  16. Still showing as SOLD S.T.C on dawsonsproperty.co.uk
  17. Even riskier for Connie as she has just lost her job on the extra factor.
  18. Been trying to get hold of this EA for ages, always on answer machine! Anyone home? http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/12707604?search_identifier=725dfaa40396cf43816dbab62bcdee13
  19. ..... and hopefully, IMPO, a hike in interest rates too!
  20. I was told that the freehold purchase of a property doesn't show on nethouseprices.com Can someone please clarify this?
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