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  1. Does it change much if you look up to the £125K level? I'd hazzard a guess that first timers are budgeting up to there?
  2. I'd not be surprised to see it go for about £315K Not saying it's worth that, but the perception of the current market, along with the desirability of the location(*) makes it feel about right. (*) I assume it's desirable. Nice little villagey place, easy access to M1, Not too hard to get to trainstation. Private girls school around the corner. And a Waitrose....
  3. Ah, so assuming emigration is not an option and you want to buy a house to live in, then you recommend saving for a deposit in foreign banks?
  4. Yesterday, the BBC were headlining with "House prices rises at the fastest rate since the peak of 2006". Which did make me think it's a bit like winning the tallest dwarf competition.
  5. Most of us can only afford one house, the one we live in. Holding that in a foreign country simply isn't an option...
  6. What happens in the apocalypse scenario though? When the entire country is mortgaged to the hilt and then suddenly can't afford their houses? Possibly akin to what we've seen happening in the USoA? The banks force repossession and then can't sell them on? The banks take another big haircut? More of a shave all over really. Has the recent credit tightening and the stranglehold it's put on property prices makred the beginning of the gentle deflation (although it looks already like the govn't are going to push prices higher through various schemes, or possibly avoiding a very heavy bump)? I re
  7. I would say we 'make' a lot of money from financial services and 'brainy' industries eg pharmacuticals. From people bought up at the end of the industrial age it must be really difficult to understand how we make money as an economy. But look at Apple, one of the biggest companies that doesn't rely on digging stuff out of the ground. They subcontract their making of 'stuff' to cheaper economies (low land prices/rents) but the real money they're making is from the designers/marketing/software guys. None of whom are 'making' anything.
  8. I went to look at these at the weekend http://www.dwh.co.uk/new-homes/northamptonshire/H574801-Mulberry-Gardens/ Knock 35-40% off the price and I'd consider them. They are very nice, and seem well laid out , but the asking price is daft. Naturally the sales lady tells me they've sold a few already at the asking price. Not sure how economical she is with the truth, or several of the 'one born every minutes' turned up with large piles of cash at the same time!
  9. And politicians of course, who are influenced by all of the above! I think NN4 is living in a bubble that extends 5 maybe 10 years into the future whereas you guys see a much bigger picture. For most of us though we can only 'work' in that bubble, we haven't got the resources (money) to sit tight and wait for the long term correction. Governments will pander to the masses mostly so they'll have to support the people that work in this short term way. The pensions crisis is going to be the big thing in ten years time (or so my crystal ball tells me).
  10. It's been a while since I popped in, always interesting to see your views on house prices AND the witty commentary on Northampton life!
  11. Ha ha, that's comic relief stuff that is.
  12. Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job. Smoke some fags and play some pool
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