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  1. In the last 80's crash, North Wales was just about the last part of Britain to eventually correct. (Other than Aberdeen of course always the last to catch up). For the record, house prices continued to drop from 1989 until 1996 in North Wales. Complete denial "They may drop in London but not here" syndrome. It wll be much worse this time around as the over supply of "luxury executive apartments" are being sold on to social and housing associations.
  2. March 2009 Estate Agency News Deganwy, Newtown, Llandudno, Caernarfon and Conwy make it into the top 10 worst selling areas in the whole of Great Britain! On average taking over 300 days to market. New research by home price analysts Home.co.uk has identified the UKs most and least resilient local housing markets. Meanwhile, in the worst-selling stakes, Aberystwyth, where the average selling time is 314 days, is followed in the table by Loftus, North Yorkshire, Hoylake on Cheshires The Wirral and five Welsh towns Meanwhile, in the worst-selling stakes, Aberystwyth, where the average selling time is 314 days, is followed in the table by Loftus, North Yorkshire, Hoylake on Cheshires The Wirral and five Welsh towns Deganwy, Newtown, Llandudno, Caernarfon and Conwy. The figures shown are for the average number of days taken for a property to sell, followed by how many properties there were on the market in that location when the survey was undertaken. Local Estate agents are struggling to survive with many downsizing and closing as the denial in the property correction and unrealistic pricing turns to reality.
  3. Respect for the Great Leader seems to be falling off a cliff. Iain Gray - scotchish labour leader is a 2 eyed scottish idiot! He's just stated that brown's "doing a brilliant job leading the world out of recession" Is it a scotch scottish thing? Are they all blind drunk?
  4. Reeds Rains Llandudno office closed The Reeds Rains LLandudno office in North Wales is now closed and all evidence of it ever having existed removed from the National Reeds Rains web site
  5. He'd be a SAND BAG doing all he can for the flood defences and the hard working people
  6. The GOLF SALE sign holding punter on oxford street in that london
  7. BUNG HO! Why the hell not they're as corrupt as they come and can't resist a tickle
  8. The ultimate Traffic Warden or a Parkie (keep off the grass do they exist anymore)
  9. I wandered down estate agency alley in Chester (Lower bridge St) just before Christmas. Purely as a matter of interest and research you understand. I was surprised that they were all still there, but each one was manned by a single staff member surrounded by empty desks and unused phones. What would they do if they didn't have the internet to stare at all day? How much longer can the high street EA stand the cost of rents and business rates. The future is on line DIY Home sales. One office even had a very productive employee making good use of his time wrapping Christmas presents. Another office had a window full of SOLD signs. Unfortunately it didn't say what year they were sold. I feel a stroll down the same road in spring will be a tumble weed wasteland.
  10. Brown's cloned Merv! He's just spouted a pre-recorded labour mantra straight from brown's repetitive script. He's been body snatched. Talk about Swervin/Mervin he's just U-turned on inflation in a spectacular labour style with his (browns) latest speech. There goes GBP devalued to who knows what new low? "Historically low interest rates" Hmmmmmmmm that'll work
  11. So you don't ever need a HIPS if HIPs are not required: Where a housing association or local authority is selling a property which has not been marketed for sale (i.e. to a speculative buyer) or where the buyer is an individual (e.g. the next person on a waiting list, not the whole list). If the property is not offered on the open market. For example, if the property is sold to a family member or by private arrangement, e.g. by a landlord to a tenant. For commercial properties, provided rooms are not also used for residential purposes. If the property was marketed before the 1 August 2007. These properties are exempt as long as they remain on the market
  12. Never on no account ever leave your keys with an estate agent unless your property is empty! They're just like rats! They'll be into everything.....
  13. Local press Pioneer Wednesday 11th June 2008 Agents Close Offices Two estate agents have closed offices in Colwyn Bay. Anthony Flint and associates - which has 30 years experience as an estate agency- has shut up shop, informing customers via a sign in the window that "unforseen circumstances" are to blame. The company has closed two branches in Colwyn Bay and Penrhyn Bay during the past year. Bay Estates Ltd on Abergele Road has also stopped trading from its Colwyn Bay branch for the last six months with office equipment being removed leaving nothing apart from a few boxes. The Pioneer attempted to establish if there was a link between the closures and the national housing market slowdown but Anthony Flint and Associates was unavailable for comment.
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