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  1. Bigger than the Daily Express? Bigger than the Kirsty and Phil? Wow must be big!
  2. Multiple agents would be better coverage but there may be some clause with the Express Estate Agency. One thing a will say is that they price(the only one Ive seen in my area) alot lower than ones of similar size/appearance/location. If the one Ive seen hasnt sold then its a wake up for those priced 15-20% more.
  3. The Express Estate Agency offers this ATTRACTIVELY PRICED PROPERTY to buyers who are in a position to buy relatively swiftly. I viewed a property advertised by Express Estate Agency. This was at the begining of August. The description also used the phrase " ATTRACTIVELY PRICED PROPERTY to buyers who are in a position to buy relatively swiftly". I'm now begining to think their "swiftly" is rather different to my "swiftly" as the property is still for sale. The owner was in the process of uping sticks and going to Oz.
  4. The way things are going it will be inflation that erodes any significant values of house prices. Like you I will have to get on with life soon and like all still think houses are over priced. As mentioned today on another thread, I was hoping that the crash would have happened and we were seeing the bottom of it by now but the powers that be intervened.
  5. I need to be convinced on the accuracy of this data (sold Properties). I've sent a few emails to Rightmove regarding that the information was stuck on May till only a few weeks back. The reason why Im not convinced on the accuracy is that when the information was stuck on May the "Number of Properties Sold was 2" now its 34 (for my postcode). Why is the data lagging so far behind?
  6. As per usual someone somewhere has got away with a nice lump of cash. Im so sceptical these days thay this QE is just filtering of into the bankers pockets via a "Bonus".
  7. Surely the answer is obvious? Lower house prices = greater chance of a sale? A sale at at lower price is better than none at all?
  8. Andrew Sentance: More QE Would Be A Mistake http://news.sky.com/home/business/article/16083201
  9. Truly disgraceful increases. The public need to be made more awre of this information. I'm sure they would be outraged like me.
  10. Sure prices are still to high but I agree with 'Trampa501'.
  11. Express Estate Agency are the agents on a property I looked at:- http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=168788&st=0&p=3106494entry3106494
  12. It probably wont change anything but doing something is better than doing nothing.
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