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  1. Daily mail put I thought it was worth a link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2227226/EU-proposes-20-VAT-rise-new-build-homes-spell-disaster-fragile-UK-housing-market.html
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted . http://money.uk.msn.com/mortgages-and-homes/why-house-prices-wont-recover-for-over-a-decade
  3. In many parts of the world if you knocked 5k off per household then they would have nothing at all .
  4. So would I be better off getting a bigger deposit as you guys seem confident I wont miss out if they rise I just think I have time to save more as I am living very cheap in a room and am comfortable enough with my internet and that so reckon I should save more and wait it out .I hope I do not regret it .
  5. yes but it is the pound that has taken a big hit especially against the dollars last couple of days .
  6. Why would you even worry about stamp duty as a first time buyer as no one should pay the asking price anyway, unless it is a true reflection and even then you try knock a few percent off .Are people really that stupid to rush in and purchase a property to beat a stamp a duty holiday in a falling market .
  7. Europe and the world need to invest in more infrastructure now , as no one nation can get out of recession on their own, so we need coordinated stimulus .But governments only look to the next election , and there's the flaw . .
  8. I a with Aol who are the same and if I need to call them for anything I just ask tio get put through to cancleations and the retention team treats me very well and it is the easiest way to deal with most of these companies . Some one from AOL called me recently to sell me a new contract ,first off I had a go at them for calling me as I had already made it clear that I did want call from them .Then the sales person wanted to know why I did not want a new contract to which I replied I like being able to leave at any time and it is the bets way to get good service .
  9. it makes sense ,as I cannot see how the average Joe can afford to buy in London , The bubble is going to burst big time .
  10. Should the title not be militant youngsters and their sense Of entitlement .
  11. It is not the house price boom that brought about the calmer times, it was the change of government and the fact that there were good people like mo mowlam to reason with .
  12. they have always robbed banks .I think it is wrong to call the IRA the Irish republican Army in this day and age when the Republic has a legitimate Army of it's own .
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