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  1. It says it is a Band E. which is apparently Average.
  2. These numbers are a bit more what I was expecting. I am figuring £100 amonth for combined gas and electricity (which I am quoted on the comparison sites for medium gas and high electricity usage) Its a modern 3 bed detached house, so I don't suspect it will be too much, especially since I have read on other forums of people with old cottages spending less than £100 on heating and electricity.
  3. Well I am just thinking about Gas/Electricity, which according to money supermarkey shoud cost me about £90 amonth direct debit, and that is estimating high electricity use. Water, I was expecting to pay around £20 a month Council Tax - for the house I may buy is £130 a month Insurance wise, I would just pay outright Telephone and internet I would get free because I work for BT I am shocked that a few of you are quting so high! maybe I should rethink moving out then!
  4. sorry, I should have been more specific. It is a 3 bed detached. Someone is giving me and my Girlfriend some money so we can buy outright. But I will still need to pay for bills and such with my monthly income. I am just trying to go into this with my eyes wide open, rather than getting hit by bills that are a lot more than what I first expected.
  5. Hello folks, I have followed the HPC site for a while now, but never contributed to the forum. I was just looking for some guidance regarding how much people pay for Utility Bills as well as other Household outgoings on a month basis. I may be buying my first home (with Cash!) but need some advice before I do so regarding how much I need to set aside for bills. With recent price hikes it would be interesting to see how much of a household's income is taken up by said bills and such. How much do you spend each month on; Gas/Electricity Water Food Other ? Thanks James
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