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  1. ........ .............. .............. .............. .................. My link
  2. Comments: Of course it makes sense to defer by 12 months, why are these faceless dolts so intent on destroying the industry? Perhaps if these middle class freeloaders had to work for a living, like the rest of us, they would play a different tune.I fail to see what the difference will be when RDr is implemented, as the customer decides now on the remuneration an IFA receives, so what changes? Oh I forgot, we call it fees, rather than commission, and while we are on let's stop the trail commission, and the customer won't get any reviews, that seems a good idea, they must have worked nearly a full day to think up that one. The FSA are arrogant, ignoran,t meaningless nobodies, who want an army of puppets to control. Look at the ridiculous salaries they are taking, and see who need pay controls!!!
  3. It may be ........................2013, 2014 and 2015
  4. 1.52m now claiming Jobseeker's Allowance, up 24,500 on last month the biggest monthly increase since May 2009. However, the total unemployment figure, including those not eligible for Jobseeker’s Allowance, fell by 26,000 in the latest quarter to 2.45 million – a rate of about 8% - although those out of work for up to a year increased by 11,000. New figures also revealed a record number of people working part-time because they could not find a full-time job. The number of women on JSA increased by 9,500 to 493,900, the highest figure since 1996. Women were also affected most by a 16,000 increase in redundancies in the quarter to May to 144,000, mainly in health and social services. Figures also revealed a 32,000 increase in people classed as economically inactive, to 9.33 million, mainly due to a 41,000 rise in the number of students not active in the labour market to reach 2.27 million. The number of people in work increased by 50,000 to 29.28 million, 293,000 lower than the pre-recession peak. The number of people working part-time because they could not find a full-time job increased by 80,000 to 1,25 million, the highest figure since records began in 1992. Average earnings increased by 2.3% in the year to May, up by 0.3% over the previous month, with weekly wages now averaging £461. My link
  5. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31678679.html JUST REDUCED Bungalow- Chain Free
  6. £78,000 for every family... thanks to Labour The true size of Britain’s debt mountain can be revealed today as £2trillion – nearly £80,000 a household. Previously ‘hidden’ liabilities including the cost of public sector pensions and building projects are being published by the Treasury. They show that future payments to retired teachers, police officers and NHS staff will cost taxpayers £1.1trillion, or £1,100billion. The enormous figure, which is equal to 80 per cent of Britain’s output, is treble the combined national debts of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. My link
  7. This is money: The home moving crash: house purchases stuck at 60% below pre-slump levels
  8. It is said that the benefits cap will cause 40,000 people to be made homeless. Really? 40.000 people (10 - 12 members’ family) are nothing, if there are 900.000 empty homes in the UK. What will it do with London prices? Who should be more concerned about housing benefit, the claimants or their landlords?
  9. 40.000 people (10 - 12 members’ family) are nothing, if there are 900.000 empty homes in the UK. It will start the HPC spiral in London.
  10. With its next tranche of money from the IMF-EU bail-out now assured, we can say with some confidence that the Greek government will not default next month. Incredibly, the same cannot be said of the US Federal Government. The world is a lot more dependent on the "full faith and credit" of the US than it is on Greece. A default by the US government - even a temporary, "technical" default - would be a very serious matter, not only for the US but for the global financial system. That is why the smart money has always said it won't happen. Between 3 and 31 August, the think-tank reckons the federal government will have $172bn in revenues and nearly $307bn in spending commitments - meaning a deficit of just over $135bn. In theory, if the president can't borrow to fund that shortfall, he has to find a way to cut the government's outgoings by 44%. Overnight. It's not just that they'd rather not have to explain why they're holding back money from veterans to pay interest to Wall Street; why money market funds are more important than food stamps, say, or paying federal workers. What's the way out of the impasse? "Simple", say Republican leaders. All the president has to do is agree to cut spending by $2 trillion over the next 10 years, without a penny in tax increases. It's hard for politicians to do the right thing. Especially 15 months from a general election.
  11. pet

    Crisis? What Crisis?

    Sir Mervyn, 63, spent at least six days at the tennis championships mixing with dignitaries in the Royal Box – where guests are required to switch off their mobile phones.
  12. As Europe wrestled with Greek bailout, Governor of Bank of England spent six days at Wimbledon. How much did that cost us ? Link
  13. Have you seen property snake recently? It was 6-7 pages a few month ago, now there are 11 for WD6.
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