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  1. It's a mad situation and bit of a no win situation for the political class. They need to raise rates to prevent massive inflation on every day items and if they do raise rates any body with any debt be it houses , cars or business will feel pain. It comes down to who can the afford to least upset
  2. One of the previous posters said low paid have took the brunt. Its been the opposite in my experience. They had cull of top managers and contractors have gone. Just out of interest are big cities effected more than rural areas?
  3. Uk benefit system does not help here.nif you have saved money for house and you lose you job you have to use that money before you can get extra benefits. Hence dont keep money where the government can see it
  4. Can't blame them for not saving when banks give you .5 petcent
  5. It may be generation thing. I own a cheap old car where all my younger workmates own new car on finance. They also think I'm strange cause I buy with cash not plastic
  6. Forget means testing. If you worked and put something in to system they should be treated better than the work shy.
  7. Until recently the vast amount of my friends did not have a pension scheme. They only one now because the government made company's set one up.
  8. My mum sister was shopping one day near one. Looked at the price of food and walked out. I know it Jamie Oliver fish and chips but it's still fish and chips
  9. Half million quid. We can have a large country house here with no crime
  10. Cadbury done wonders to stop me buying. Small bars , more expensive and it don't taste the same An Ex chocoholic
  11. My mum told bhs store is still empty in merry Hill shopping center in midlands. I don't think I been Christmas shopping in shopping center for 5 years it's just to much of pain and takes my valuable time at weekend and still hate paying to park in towns. The only time I did not mind paying was in Whitchurch. 10p for two hours. I dontvthink it will be long before w h Smith culls some high Street shops
  12. I do go in to lidl on way home times . Always busy. I find it easier to shop than tesco big stores as I'm often time limited. I also like having look at the random junk in center . Sort of reminds me of kwik save
  13. I stopped paying in to my personal pension last year. All though I still pay in to my work pension. I have taken view that it might be best to pay of my mortgage while rates low and stick market high. Either way both are for my future
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