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  1. Can't blame them for not saving when banks give you .5 petcent
  2. It may be generation thing. I own a cheap old car where all my younger workmates own new car on finance. They also think I'm strange cause I buy with cash not plastic
  3. Forget means testing. If you worked and put something in to system they should be treated better than the work shy.
  4. The new micra is same size as almera. As you said expensive but does not look like girls car any more
  5. I now have adverts for nissan cars on this web site . 500 quid deposit . 9 percent interest. My current car is worth about 1k.
  6. Had to take my 12 car for recall today. The garage had so many nearly new cars to sell I had to park down the road. One car had 7900 miles on clock. 7k
  7. Until recently the vast amount of my friends did not have a pension scheme. They only one now because the government made company's set one up.
  8. My mum sister was shopping one day near one. Looked at the price of food and walked out. I know it Jamie Oliver fish and chips but it's still fish and chips
  9. Half million quid. We can have a large country house here with no crime
  10. I had vauxall 10 years ago. Sold not go near another
  11. Cadbury done wonders to stop me buying. Small bars , more expensive and it don't taste the same An Ex chocoholic
  12. My mum told bhs store is still empty in merry Hill shopping center in midlands. I don't think I been Christmas shopping in shopping center for 5 years it's just to much of pain and takes my valuable time at weekend and still hate paying to park in towns. The only time I did not mind paying was in Whitchurch. 10p for two hours. I dontvthink it will be long before w h Smith culls some high Street shops
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