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  1. Case in point here. 34k * 4 = 136k.(salary multiple - rates won't go > 7 in your lifetime) 1300 * 24 (save a deposit for two years - we all had to!) = 31200. Total amount of money to spend on house without even stretching is £167200 Tell me you can't buy a first time buyer house with that! In manyaces you can get a 3 bed semi for that. But no, you don't want a first time buyer house, you want a palace, you want tomorrow today. Grow up. You more than enough to get your foot on the ladder. Don't take the p!ss by expecting me to sell to you my life's savings for 50% reduction. It's igno
  2. I'm afraid this is just the world we live in. It's not isolated to the housing market but taking the vulnerable (of all ages) to the cleaners is the way most people have made their millions. Just think about it, supposing everyone in the world knew at least what you knew about life, finance, greed and the whole package, do you think people like kirsty allsop would exist? Do you think that manchester united et al would be shitting multimillion pound contracts? No. I doubt it very much. Sadly the vast majority of people fit into one or more of the following categories: Ugly, Poor, Stupid. A
  3. The most interesting thing I found in the 2005 NuLab manifesto was their intention to create a 'share owning britain' (excuse the common misuse of 'britain' rather than reference to UK) I was amazed... a genuine modern socialist policy. WOW!
  4. A detail worth noting:- "Lenders are kind of getting it both ways, they are getting the risk premium off the borrower, but they are getting the security of the charge and that seems unfair." I think this is incorrect. The order says that the debt can be recovered from the proceeds of the future house sale. This does not mean that they can force you to sell up as with secured debt does it? Perspective.
  5. Bomb disposal. Clearly a booming industry.
  6. "One agent told us that most properties offered for rent have five or six possible tenants chasing it." Well **** me!
  7. It is nothing more than scandalous scaremongering to try and keep the status-quo. The angle it is written from is pure spin. Either an article like this will: Create sufficient political pressure for intervention UNLIKELY! or Add yet a little more fuel to the dying HPI fire DEFINATELY. What do think the publisher (maybe even the writer) had in mind? Columbo or Midsummer. Different perspective, same difference.
  8. Thanks for posting today! There has already been a large number of responses! Not suprising, you are like the busty bird on the building site. I am not going to add any remark specifically because you will have enough to contest already... What I want is this: I don't want to lose the insight from someone like yourself from the EA industry who is rare on here and could be extremely valuable to the debate. What I want to do is warn you off trying to challenge too many all at once. You'll end up not having time to think through your answers and make a mess of it and probably vanish like the
  9. I have one too. The house I flipped has the last sale recorded twice rather than our sale. I have written to them incase there has been fraud.
  10. P&P is creeping up all the time. Most much stuff on ebay, for instance, is not worth buying because of this. Increasing transport costs are going to prove a real headache for modern transport hungry enterprise such as supermarkets and e-commerce. A lorry load delivered to a local store is going to be cheaper than individually parcelled items shipped all over the country. And the implications for food miles are horendous. The (local) high street will fight back one day, and probably not in the too distant future. I already go on my bike to buy local fruit and veg. It's much better and F
  11. Serves the greedy ***** right in my opinion. They jumped on the gravy train lending bandwagon. I hope they go to the wall.
  12. When do you announce the winner WM ? Will you let the winner post the next caption competition?
  13. Now you know what your uncle RigsbyII will have to say about that...
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