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  1. I am looking at cashing in a Unit-linked life insurance policy i have had a long time now (over 10 years). Originally it was from a company called United Friendly which since has been taken over by Royal London and i paid a £1500 single premium. After asking for a surrender quotation i was really looking at seeing if i could sell it for more than this (worth £2900 now). I contacted (APMM) Association of policy market makers but was told they do not deal with my type of policy and was wondering if anyone knew any companies that would buy these policies? The original policy name was United Friedly Growth bond. Thanks for any help
  2. In 1996 i took out a Unit linked savings plan with a company known as United Friendly, taken over by Royal London a few years back. This was a bad idea back when i was young and didnt know better and didnt want to cash in early due to losing most id put in. This plan is worth around the 8k mark and has a year left to run, the returns are not going to be great. Do i grit my teeth and hold out for the last year or pull it out now and put it somewhere more productive?. *sorry wrong forum
  3. Yes i feel the same mate......doesent do the street cred a lot of good
  4. Haha yeah yeah...could see that coming but i have left and came back if that helps
  5. Hi Guys This is my first post here so go easy on me.... , i was wondering if anyone here was in my situation. At present im 31 years old and living with my mother in a pretty nice 3 bedroom house council property which was taken over by a housing association about 5 years back. For a few years now ive wanted my independance but i do want to buy instead of rent. Im on a pretty good wage at 28k a year and saving approx £300 per month with 12k paying out next april from investments. I pay £360 a month rent plus council tax/electric and a few other bills, i guess im worried a bit about what will happen when i do go and how my mother will cope financially. Do you think its best i stay as i am till ive saved a good 20k sum and see what the markets like then?
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