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  1. The quote is from an Editorial on China Daily a couple of Days ago
  2. They underestimate Chinese over-valuation because so many chinese flats are built empty - as speculative flats - and teh shortage of rental properties pushes yields up. Once distressed sales put these on the market the true 30+5 overvaluation will be revealed. Germany is a bargain, especially towns and cities in the former East Germany where you can pick up whole good quality pre-war city blocks for a song.
  3. With great timing Steve Keen has just published at http://www.debtdeflation.com a masterly draft paper - 'Dude wheres my recovery' which uses some of the latest thinking to explain why we my be heading for a double dip when most economists predicted a rapid recovery . Steve is one of the few economist to predict the 2007 crash. The equations didnt come out so the full pdf is http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/DudeWheresMyRecovery.pdf The bad news - a predicted collapse in asset prices over a number of years before things get better
  4. All of the sites in the press release were released by the last government, all of them are in current development plans, one is already being built. The 'announcement' wont add 1 single unit to those planned for housing - its recycling old news to cover for the dramtic fall in househbuilding and planning for housing See analysis here
  5. Will Mogg persuade his MP son then to stop opposing housing in his constituancy and next to the Mogg pile - papa Mogg and baby Mogg need to sort their act out http://andrewlainton.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/mogg-cameron-must-launch-a-land-war/
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