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  1. I don't know what a troll is...... Just wanted a few ideas how low to offer without being silly. Is well over out budget so probably wishful thinking that we'd get it at all. Thanks for the advice.
  2. It's not near a substation..... What else do you need to know? I will try to post more if I know it. Just wondered what ballpark I am in really. Property is in lovely, v desirable village on leics/warks border.
  3. Sorry recommencing, not recommending! And for, not fir! Blame iPhone!
  4. We are looking to buy a new build currently on at 539950. It was previously on at 579000 and sold (I don't know what for) but it fell through. It has been on a year now. It is part of a small development which the builder has stopped halfway and is recommending this summer. He has built 5 of the 7 houses so far and sold 2. What should we offer? I know people will say wait and don't buy now but we love it and it is in a village we have been waiting for for ages so we are going to go for it, just want to spend as little as possible. Not planning to move again fir at least 15-20 years! Thank you for any advice.
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