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  1. This one is really an oddball, I have been following it for a while: 22 notting hill It seems that every year they just pull the property from the website and then put it back on at a higher price .. And they have been doing that for .. I guess... close to 4 or 5 years. Another one undergoing the same cycle seems to be the Beacon. You can still find the 22 notting hill house original asking price of three years ago : £550k ( belfast telegraph still has an article about it with the same price) Got pulled and then put back at £625k . Can't sell for years, definitely because the price was too low... So let's jack it up by £75k. Was pulled last month and now it's back on at £645k .. But guess what the PDF brochure linked still state £625k asking price .. It looks like the property has been vacant for at least 5 years... I actually checked it out, seems that the roof needs a good amount of repair, there is also probably a wasp nest somewhere under the roof ( top floor is littered with dead wasps ) Anybody has any idea if underfloor heating can survive this long without being used ? Not mentioning the whole plumbing/heating ( mold ?? ) . Also, now there is a brand new house build next door that encroached a bit. And last but not least, the complete lack of garden for that price ??
  2. NISRA has a nice dashboard for the Northern Ireland house price index now: http://www.ninis2.nisra.gov.uk/InteractiveMaps/People and Places/Housing and Households/NIHPI/atlas.html Would be nice to be able to have access to all the historical data rather than just the latest one.
  3. What bothers me is all these smoke an mirror are not actively skewing the NI house statistics? If the estate agents are reporting these as sales this can seriously affect the market stats. 6 apartments at ~£500k sold in a month Same thing with Montpelier houses or the £1M+ Bladon park houses sitting empty...
  4. Guess what ... all apartments are sale agreed . The big sign at the road entrance says in big: All apts BOOKED ... I really wonder who they are trying to fool? It seems that all but one house in the Bladon park development is occupied and now all apts are sold within a month ??? Are they just downing tools and trying to wait out Brexit / current market and not pay rate if the building is not finished? Similar thing with the Montpelier development. I know somebody renting there and it seems that contrary to the big sign at the entrance saying sold out a non-negligible portion of the houses are being rented by the developer...
  5. It's interesting to see a number of houses / apts that are for sale now are also proposed for rent ( or switching altogether to let only): https://www.propertypal.com/45-malone-park-malone-road-belfast/541029 https://www.propertypal.com/27b-deramore-park-malone-belfast/464259 https://www.propertypal.com/84-balmoral-avenue-malone-belfast/540574 https://www.propertypal.com/penthouse-at-82-malone-road-belfast/539929 It seems that the market is hitting the pause button hard because of the Brexit uncertainty... Sadly, it seems that the owners keep repeating the same error. They are switching from an overpriced sale price to overpriced rent ...
  6. Nope , checked them out last weekend, all house but one are empty. Never been occupied. Same with the apt building Something is really fishy. Also it seems that 1 or two house at least are not finished. Looks like they down tools before they could do the finishing bits inside
  7. I love the "private roof terrace" that can only be accessed via the communal area. Most of the Bladon park development seems to be a flop as the houses and apt have been sitting there for more than a year. Can we still call it a new build if a property has been sitting vacant for more than a year? ( without heating, running water, etc.. ) Also, most of the house of Bladon park dev where sale agreed last year ( at £1.3M... ). Then taken off the market and now are back with PoA... I drove by the houses last week and guess what? Out of 5 homes in the development, only 1 was occupied. And there is a good chance that the one occupied is rented. Moreover, they seem to look partially unfinished / under construction... Last but not least, who would fork £1M+ for a house with barely a garden, cramped together and overlooking an "expensive" apartment block...
  8. Somebody must be pissed on Malone park... The property was advertised for £2.2M for more than a year, dropped it by £400K recently and almost at the same time the next door neighbour advertise their own property for £25k less. https://www.propertypal.com/45-malone-park-malone-road-belfast/457930 https://www.propertypal.com/47-malone-park-malone-road-belfast/516941 I reckon that they are probably not worth more than 1.2 / 1.3 £M . Need to drop by £400k at least ... Ps: who puts carpet in the bathroom and around the toilet !!!??
  9. Also, seems that some apts are on Airbnb : https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/18005991?location=Belfast&s=JHwRWfTZ
  10. Lived in the building, for 5 years until 2014. Management company: didn't have much interaction, with them. They refurbished the entrance. But almost no work was done apart from what was directly visible from the street. On the plus side, they were responsive when we had any problem. Noise: Well it can be hit and miss it's highly dependent on your immediate neighbours. Very few owner-occupiers, It's a mixed environment, quite young, so often you will get a party/noise on the weekend. It was getting worse toward the end. Apt: some apts floors layout are awkward .. ( like some kitchen do not have a vent for extracting fumes because of their location... ). The Heating cost is average or slightly below avg for this type of building ( gas heating) . A lot of bathrooms/plumbing had to ( or should ) be redone in all apt because it was botched. In mine, the landlord had to get the shower + kitchen plumbing redone because 1. the pipe from the kitchen drain was going up which lead to stagnation/blockage. 2. was causing some water to leak under the shower which leads to the rotting of the wood block supporting it and its collapse. I was told by the guy who came to fix it that it was a common problem in all apartments in this building. So I would say the plumbing and bathroom builds were of bad quality. A lot of bathrooms had leaks /humidity / damp issue. Finishing is average or below average, to be honest. And I expect that most apt would feel a little bit date by now. Building: A lot of external pipes are leaving a stain on the outside wall on the back ( leaking ?? ) These are bathroom/kitchen waste pipe. My impression is that the building is reaching the point where it starts to need serious maintenance works done. My main concern, but I am not an expert, Is the rust/corrosion on the external metallic frame of the building. A lot of bolts are rusty and metal frame looks like it's corroding because they used a different type of metal for bolts/frame and they are reacting to each other.I might be completely wrong about it, but what is obvious is that some part rust / some other corrode and some don't. Which indicate that they used a different type of bolts for the same purpose throughout the structure. Which is not a good indicator. Last but not least: Not everybody has a car park allocated and some spots are really hard to park into.
  11. I am seeing an interesting downward price spiral in the "danesfort park" compound: 3 house pretty much identical: https://www.propertypal.com/32-danesfort-park-south-malone-belfast/497116 https://www.propertypal.com/8-danesfort-park-north-off-stranmillis-road-belfast/476663 https://www.propertypal.com/1-danesfort-park-place-malone-belfast/457300 Priced £459k , £430k and £395k respectively: while you could argue about the finish this would not explain a £65k gap in price Also, the house on that was on the market for the longest has the highest price (unchanged) while the lowest one already dropped once. The most recent on the market is bang in the middle. Which indicate that there is a certain competition to sell but they are having difficulty to achieve the asking price. It will be hard for any of these three sellers to get anything more than the lowest asking price because the house layout is 100% the same One more thing confirming the trend, in the same compound but a different type of house : https://www.propertypal.com/14-danesfort-park-south-malone-belfast/500073 Dropped already by £25k (5%)from £500k to £475k within 4 months of being on the market. And now with two estate agent: https://www.propertypal.com/16-danesfort-park-south-belfast/479479 This house has a similar surface (or even smaller) to the other 3, it's going to be hard to argue the £475k price. Maybe £425k if even. It seems that there is a lot of difficulty to sale houses marked above £300k and I am pretty sure that most sale where below the asking price in that range by 5-10% at least.
  12. Hi, long time lurker and trying to make sense of the property market in BT9 ( and Belfast in general). I have a hard time understanding how a house like this one can sit empty for 3+ years without selling: https://www.propertynews.com/Property/Belfast/ECSECS45138/22-Notting-Hill/ It's a repossession, owned by a bank, I would have thought that they would have been quite keen to get rid of it. Even the whole price history doesn't make sense: It is currently advertised at £625k while it was advertised jan 2016 at £550k ( https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/video-news/video-homefinder-property-of-the-week-22-notting-hill-malone-belfast-34403958.html ) Can't sell at £550k 2yrs ago so we up the price by ~13% ?? Maybe they can't sell because the garden is almost non-existent and people looking to spend that kind of money expect something more than a bit of gravel in the back? Or is it something else? It's part of the gated development at the end of the road. Maybe dodgy short leasehold and/or really high property management cost?
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