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  1. Thanks again Howarden, that is a stomping post, and pretty much shows a lot of areas which I need to read up on before deciding where to drive my funds. I am glad that I forgot to unsubscribe from this thread. I would have hoped my IFA would have given me an idea about your post, hey ho, eh....... Regards
  2. Thanks for all the constructive posts. We'd best end this thread here. I will have a look around for some more ideas.
  3. I think that the areas that you are interested in are places for a lot of commuting high earners working in places like Liverpool, Chester and Manchester. We have to start viewing Manchester as a very strong economic power, possibly second to London, bringing with it a lot of industry and associated high earners with a lot of competitive buying power. Their preferences are driving the prices, I should think, not the local residents....hope that makes sense?
  4. Howarden & Righttoleech thanks for that info. I am not looking for immediate gains. I can survive on what I earn now. But, my projected pension is something miserable like 12K, no room to enhance it, soo..... Long term strategy is to buy a house which would self-fund, a 100 or 200 in my pocket is going to be a sheer bonus, until such time where I can sell it at some profit and enhance my retirement years. This is in about 10 to 15 years time, provided the area doesn't take a sustained dip in between. At this very moment, I do not have a house of my own. I need to settle down. I plan to live in whichever house I buy NOW, for about 3 years. The plan is to rent it out after that period. Of course, I am flexible, if the area is on a downward spiral at that time, I will sell it off asap. I am also thinking that the prices would have stabilised or be picking up by that time? (2013-2015?) Righttoleech, buying in a crime ridden area is a negative due to my initial plans to live there? I get the advice on: The right transport links - OLD TRAFFORD has the Trafford Bar line running out of Altrincham. I might look at living in Old Trafford, Chorlton or Whalley for a short term to see what it is like, my only hope is that prices do not stabilise or pickup in the next 6-12 months! There are a lot of ideas out there ,that populations are starting to concentrate within cities, now. I wonder if an inner city residence is going to be more sought after in the next 10-15 years? Chorlton and Whalley are trendy...fashion has a habit of waxing and waning..does this make Old Trafford, an old faithful? I remember living in Brixton in the 90s, working the doors, thinking this is truly a s***hole and there is no end to this downwards spiral, look at it now. I just did not have the predictive ability. Regards
  5. Is Old Trafford in a high crime area or some kind of high-risk area? I think I understand what you are driving at, if you do know a multi ethnic area with comparable low crime rates, in Manchester, I would love to hear about it. It would be an ideal place to bring a kid up in this ever smaller world.
  6. Hi all, Just recovered from losing out on the housing crash, I am in a position to buy a house again. Plan is to move into Manchester. Budget: Apr 180,000 House: 3 Bedroom House, Semi, Terraced or End. But not a bungalow. Older the better, garden is a must, parking a bonus. Location: LOW CRIME - as a mushroom would say; "always in the shit, it is the depth that varies". But the shallow end would be the only option. I have driven through Old Trafford (Seymour Park) and it looks decent, very mixed in culture and ethnicity; which is a bonus. Chorton and Whalley are frequent references but I am finding it hard to justify the prices. I need access into Wigan/Warrington and especially Murkyside, for my sins. Access to M62 or A580 East Lancs would be critical. Strategy is to get a house that will look after mine and I for the next few years, but there is a potential for relocation in about 2 or 3 years. I would like to progress onto renting the property out as I relocate somewhere else. So, a property with some rental potential in the future. Any help would be appreciated.
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