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  1. I'm not fussed about regular monthly overpayments. I think it's important to put aside enough savings for you to be able to reduce LTV in 3 years but it might be useful to keep the money in cash in case the boiler breaks, you need a new car etc. If you're talking about overpaying 500/month then that's 6000/yr. The interest on that is 2.3% or 140/yr. As you won't be 'investing' that entire 6k at the start of the yr then call it 70, or 6 quid a month. That's the saving to you from making regular overpayments vs. a lump sum at the end of the year.
  2. I wouldn't mind living next to a builder's merchants. The obsession of recent decades with segregating where people live and where they do business leads to increased need for travel and dilution of community. The reason that first house is so expensive is that while the professional job market here in Cambridge is rampant there is a woeful shortage of homes near to that industry. Therefore people either live further and further away (Bedford anyone? or look at North of Cambridge) or mortgage up and pay silly money for a rabbit hutch in a nothing area. Oh, and of course it's also "stunning" and "luxury". I can't remember the last time anyone sold a new home which wasn't both of those things - otherwise known as... "new"
  3. You still essentially pay the depreciation on a car if you have it on HP - in fact that's most of what you are paying for. And it'll be more than the 3-4% p.a. you might hope to get from property.
  4. 90% mortgages have been common for a generation plus. The surprising thing here is that if they are within normal affordability limits i.e. 4x income then they have only saved 50k despite earning £140k a year. Hang on, save and get a better deal!
  5. Thing is, all those amazing homeowner woman magnets will undoubtedly have their Audi A3 on HP... What's the difference?
  6. I've always wished that a system was established whereby both the buyer and seller put a bond with the EA which would cover the costs of the other party were one side to pull out. It would mean both sides are serious and deter gazumping etc. I suppose the tricky situation arises where the buyer pulls out as a result of something from a survey - who would be liable?
  7. The same thing is happening in Cambridge. All the existing, characterful street lamps are being replaced by new ones. Regardless of the effect on house prices (almost certainly none) it's a shame that the new ones are so desperately bland - you could be in any faceless euro-town. I think somewhere along the way someone forgot about design. Plus they are considerably taller which you might have thought would mean they could be spaced further apart. Apparently not.
  8. Agreed - I am sure a lot of regular A14 users would be thrilled to see this take place, forget the rest! All those who say cycling is the answer - you'd have to be prepared to spend a lot of your time on the phone to insurance companies as Cambridge is the cycle theft capital of the world.
  9. Right, I'll answer the question - no, it's not. The stretch of A14 in question, between Huntingdon and Cambridge, is substandard. Essentially 6 lanes of traffic (A1M & A14) merge into 2 lanes. After Cambridge the 2 lanes split off again into 4+ (M11& A14). The Cambridge stretch is a massive choke point, plus the location of a large number of jobs. I do not think tolling should be used to bring a section of infrastructure up to the standard of the rest of the country.
  10. I'm not sure why you lot are bickering about taxation when the problem is clearly the fact that the amount of business and housing, and therefore traffic, along the A14 has increased far in excess of what the road was ever designed for. This infrastructure has been unfit for purpose for a couple of decades now and needs fixing. This is a separate issue to national environmental policy.
  11. Oh and as one of the higher VED paying drivers I would expect free travel on any efficient new toll road
  12. As one who lives a mile away from the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon all I want is a widening of this 15ish mile stretch of road and overhaul of the Girton 'junction'. Either that or a removal of all lorries, whatever is easier...
  13. I might be missing the point but doesn't Safeguard oblige you to reinvest your returns, so you can never withdraw your money without a fee?
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