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  1. 16 minutes ago, debtlessmanc said:

    Many people, myself included, have no problem with managed migration based on the needed skill sets. I have no interest in filtering by skin shade. I don't want open borders. Simple really.

    Yes the whole argument is. Stupid as well.

    And yet we have just lost thousands of skilled white workers back to Europe and beyond because of it.

    Despite being private, I can't get in to see a dentist before late Jan now. They've lost more than half of their dentists overseas since 2016.

    Brilliant. Well done. Slow claps all round.

  2. 9 hours ago, Sausages said:

    Will the erosion of debt offset rising interest rates and mortgage payments? Where's the evidence to back that up? There isn't any analysis I've seen to suggest this is likely. 

    Beyond that, the poor in the USA - as here - don't have mortgages - around 60-65% of households in the US hold mortgage (with a skew to the middle classes oddly enough). 


    Again, I was simply trying to explain who the article was likely written for. 

    Afraid I can't tell what that graph shows (about from black and Hispanic poor people seem to dominate in America).

    I'm well aware that social mobility and if you are born poor you likely stay poor in America now.

    Hasn't always been like that, but the chance of progressing out of poverty in America has been worse than it is in Europe for a long time now.

    You are spot on. Economic articles are not written for the poor. That is why the Big Issue and the Financial Times are such radically different publications. But we know that already I guess!



  3. 4 hours ago, Twenty Something said:

    Oh look, Starmer and pals allegedly had a ‘meeting’ too. When will people get it. Left, right, red, blue, none of them give a flying f**k about the people they supposedly serve, and all are out to sustain the status quo and keep the wealth and power exactly where it is. Just a question of which bunch of billionaires you prefer getting shafted by. Hasn’t some labour type been found in bed with a Chinese spy and half a million quid just the other day? 

    How do so few control so many? Same as how religion kept the order back in the day - convince us all that anyone who doesn’t agree with us is the problem and you are the only way to salvation.




    All that screams to me is someone is being paid to take photos of Labour headquarters.

    What is this... East Germany?

  4. 6 minutes ago, Sausages said:

    The key point is: wages are lagging inflation... 

    There's plenty of research out there on income inequality. Inflation hits the poor very hard - because they tend to be more reliant on wages and have less disposable income - more of their income goes on essentials. It's pretty logical really. 


    I agree, but the majority working poor are still those with a mortgage in the US.

    There are (just under) twice as many homeowners in the US with a mortgage as there are renters. And that majority will benefit from their debt being eroded by inflation.

    So, I would suggest an American economic piece would be aimed at them. Pretty logical, right?

    Key life lessons: not every one is you (and renters really get screwed) ;)

  5. 9 minutes ago, Arpeggio said:

    Scripted reality. Novak foundation close partner to WEF. Edward Bernays son's Netflix are doing a special https://archive.ph/qANAe

    and by the way...

    Three players drop out of Australian Open with chest issues while Djokovic awaits his fate

    They had to be vaccinated.

    This isn't true.

    Why are you spreading (and clearly falling for) fake news?

    He had Covid 10 days ago, felt okay, tested negative and played.

    It isn't vaccine related, and besides which.... literally the only source for his vaccine status anyway appears to be... the online anti-vax conspiracy sites!

  6. 1 hour ago, Sausages said:

    The article tells us "wages are going up, which not only empowers workers but also gives them more money to pay down debt."

    Before adding that wages aren't keeping up with inflation...

    Then this bit: "But on the whole, inflation can actually be a good thing for many working-class Americans, especially those with fixed-rate debt like a 30-year mortgage." was perhaps the most revolting... 

    Yes, intead of looking at the impact in the round (you know, most people) they identify one group... with fixed term mortgages... as benefitting... in what context exactly... overall... or not? Specifically in relation to the mortgage? What data is the journo referring to? There isn't any. 

    The poor are hammered by inflation more than anyone else... of course... back in the real world. 

    But surely the poor are the indebted?

    Anyone with an asset that doesn't adjust with inflation (and yes, a wage, could be one of those) will lose.

    You are missing the trade off though. A LOT of people who will lose a bit in their pay packet due to inflation will also benefit from the value of their debt effectively deceasing.

    Those working AND without debt suffer under inflation. On that I completely agree.



  7. 26 minutes ago, kzb said:

    No it wasn't me that made it up, it was someone else on here.  I don't think it is made up, because the government routinely exempts itself from its own legislation.  It's quite normal and routine to do this.

    If you are aiming to do a "gotcha", perhaps you can look up if the government premises were exempted from the Covid regulations or not.  BTW it won't work as a gotcha, because I made it clear I was not absolutely certain, hence the word "apparently".

    If it's true, I can see why they haven't tried to use it!

    Would make things far worse wouldn't it?

  8. 4 minutes ago, Sausages said:

    I suppose the issue with misleading economic info via CNN is yes, some people will take the advice - mass media and all that - but more importantly, it takes the heat off the administration re: interest rates... 

    High interest rates will kill the most vulnerable... enough die each year due to fuel poverty as things stand, and plenty are hungry in the USA, and here.


    There is no way inflation isn't going mad after (during) a pandemic, I'm afraid.

    What exactly do you disagree with RE: the CNN things you posted btw?

    Inflation is good for debters (true).

    People have been predicting inflation spikes since the global financial crisis (true). Covid, or rather the global response to it, is fueling inflation (also true).

    It's hardly wall to wall lies. Historically, inflation has only run this low or lower during recessions in the UK. The New Labour era of inflation below 2% in the UK is an anomaly, really.


  9. 17 minutes ago, pig said:

    Not to mention the revolving door where you end up with the Suns muted coverage apparently down to its editor attending the parties...


    I do not remember Guardian journos stumbling out of No 10 during a national crisis and then suppressing it all back in the day.

    The problem with these stories isn't just the parties. It is how they've exposed the spin machine and Boris the Wizard of twonks.


  10. 7 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    And he took on as spokeswoman Stratton who married into The Spectator so they wouldn't do any dirty digging.

    There's a line of journos who had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this.

    Oakshott is still putting out squirmy love puff pieces for the Gov. Like the stuff she buried a few years back.


    Is the right answer.

    Prince Andrew copping fall out for thinking he would simply get away with it because of who he is really is a great motif for the time we're all living through.

    Finances and media being global suddenly means a lot of folk who thought they were establishment and above any criticism being exposed as the shits they are.

    Often isn't starting in this country. Leaking in from overseas. That's how "free" you all are.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Sausages said:

    No but lies are lies, basically - and that piece from CNN is perhaps the most skewed piece of economic analysis I've ever read! The exact opposite of reality. 

    Again, not a massive fan of the "lies are lies" thing.

    This is a life lesson though, and my kids ultimately probably taught me it.

    All kids will lie to you at some point. I have been lied to about spilling a milkshake. I have been lied to about stealing a car and crashing it without insurance (eldest son was briefly a pleb). No two lies are the same, and they definitely aren't all equally weighted!

    I'll take the bad economic advice from CNN over an insurection that literally killed folk. I mean... who even takes economic advice from CNN for pity's sake? ;)


  12. 2 minutes ago, Huggy said:

    Yes, he and they are doing it for the money, absolutely agree. If this is correct, I haven't read too much into it, they're not stopping the bad news coming out because of respect for that party, it's all about the cash no matter which side of the red and blue coin they sit.

    There's a red coin?

    Not convinced. Guardian losing money hand over first, Reach media own the Mirror but also the Daily Express and are publicly listed on the stock market (radical leftie action, maybe?) Independent? That's owned by ex-KGB (and he's good mates with Boris too). 

    It's more two sides of a blue coin now. Old traditional revenue streams Vs the new media ones. And that's really it.

  13. 6 minutes ago, henry the king said:

    Can we also point out that all these data are pointless now.

    Omicron has lower level of mortality than flu, because it causes mostly no symptoms at all.

    4.3 million infected. 10k in hospital. If flu infected 4.3 million it would put over 10k in hospital at any one time.

    So its less dangerous than all the studies show because none of them take randomly surveyed data for number of infections. 

    Erm... no.

    I've had "mild" flus and "bad" flus.

    At no point, on catching a "mild" flu, was I ever stupid enough to think that was it now. The end of flu.

    Viruses don't work like that. A mild strand does not magically make every strand from that point on mild or milder. Surely a child knows this?

    Honestly. Give your head a wobble.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Huggy said:

    Does it coming out piecemeal also improve the ratings for these journos, and/or positive political outcomes for the Guardian/'Independent'/Mirror types too? I genuinely think they don't give a toss about people but do about circulation, clicks and money in a 0/100 ratio. As with most of the meedja, left or right, none of them are ever 100% signed up to their 'causes', they're just doing a job.

    Not like us in the trenches slugging it out for the 40th Christmas running. We actually enjoy it.


    Also worth nothing the party in question was a leaving do for a bod who has now returned to work for The Sun. Let that sink in. The biggest tabloid in the country wasn't just withholding this story - its journos were actively at this party. How's that for tight knit?

    The crossover between journos and politicians has never been thinner than it is now of course. Ex-Spectator editor as PM and all that. 


  15. 9 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    There were for work purposes - ie wfh rules to ensure running of country. Not go on the piss and take the piss

    I don't remember there ever being so many piss ups in No 10 tbh. I sort of presumed it was Boris having a younger wife. 


    That said, LITERALLY hanging gold wallpaper whilst the country burns was never going to end up being a good look. 

    if Boris can't even get his home life in order what chance has he got of running a country properly?

  16. 2 hours ago, kzb said:

    Yes it was. 

    There was a staff meeting in the garden.  The PM and his wife live on those same premises as a single household.   They went into their garden and the PM greeted his own workplace staff from a distance.  We don't know where his wife was but for all we know she kept herself separate.  Just like walking in the park, where you pass by other people at a distance.  I don't think it's any different to that legally.

    And that is only if the law applies to No.10, which in all likelihood it didn't.  Parliament, including the Labour MPs, had apparently voted to exempt it from the lockdown legislation.

    Ah. That word "apparently". 

    This would look worse btw (exempting themselves from rules deemed only fit for us) so I do hope you have just made it up.

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