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  1. 1 minute ago, Chunketh said:

    Bush was terrible but shines like a brilliant beacon of success compared to the piss filled more of Trumps seemingly limitless inadequacy.

    Totally agree.

    The fallout from Trump is only just beginning, I think.

    He won't end up in prison (suspect it'll drag through the courts for long enough for him to die of natural causes first), but the links to Putin and all the rest will come out.

    Quite possibly the same for Boris and a few others later on down the line as well. I wouldn't trust Aaron Banks to post a letter for me for example. Bloke is married to a woman who the local(ish) papers to me screamed was a Russian spy who tried to inflitrate British politics almost as soon as she arrived here!


  2. 1 hour ago, shlomo said:

    Thatcher destroyed the northern working classes by closing down the mines and the steel works, I think that was a bit naughty 

    Indeed. Thatcher basically went to war with workers who were unionised.

    UK has ended up with mass underemployment and unemployment, a reliance on foreign steel and resources, and all the rest as a result.

    I hate Blair. But he was in power for a relatively short space of time and simply continued what Thatcher started (he didn't start anything new really - other than an illegal war! ;) )

    The UK signed up to the EUs free movement (or began the move toward it) under John Major as well. 

    Blair's alliance with the worst American admin until Trump appalled me at the time. But what came before or since has contributed so much more to all this for most of you.


  3. 2 hours ago, shlomo said:

    He has not started any wars (Blair)

    He is not the saviour of the Universe (Flash Gordon)

    David Cameron (?)

    He never said "Brexit means brexit"  (may)

    All he wants to do is party and shag women, what harm is their in that 


    Jesus Christ.

    Piss off back to Italy with logic like that please.

  4. 42 minutes ago, Flat Bear said:

    Maybe, but if you compare the UK to China we are doing brilliantly.

    Can't remember the last time a city in the UK had it's electricity deliberately cut off? around 1970 if I remember. Also can't remember the last time political opponents were imprisoned and executed 18th century?

    edited to add

    At least we can have scandals. If you tell any one you've been abused you get taken for re-eduction if you try a peaceful protest you get squashed by tanks and taken to re-eduction camps. Makes you feel good to have a scandal when you think what it would be like in China.

    I mean, if you compare a plate of sick with a fox shit in a hat, then yes, option A is better than B, but...





  5. 25 minutes ago, vadst43 said:

    There would be nothing to 'fall for' if current vaxx rollout were not most dangerous ever

    #realnotrare demo in DC  Late last year = assembly of vaxx affected/injured. Must be something happening wouldn't you think?

    How many assembled though?

    Nobody is denying there is a risk of vaccine related injury.*

    If you vax 200M +lAmericans (nearly 400M doses now) and the risk is 0.1%, that is still 200,000 people.

    I believe injury in America is 100K and "deaths" is 20K, but that's wrong.

    This suggests it might be as low as 3 deaths after they've investigated the "reports":


    *(No idea what it is as I've had a smallpox one as a kid which absolutely dwarfs anything for risk!)


  6. 1 hour ago, Arpeggio said:

    Because of Alison Coleman this means everything else I post is nonsense, like Peter Doshi from the BMJ and the above post referring to VAERS and ONS. Got it!


    What are your "sources" ? Do you have any? is it the BBC? lol, are you here to poke from the sidelines, while barely offering anything at all?

    Perhaps you could give us your insights into the White House ignoring an FDA panel 16 - 2 vote not to authorize Pfizer's booster to the general public? CDC director ignoring a recommendation by CDC's own scientists not to approve Pfizer's booster shot? UK government ignoring JCVI who did not recommend COVID vaccines for 12 - 15 year olds?

    Then also, perhaps you could give your critique on these for us?

    7 year old, 6 hours after injection vomiting 14 times over the next 4 hours.

    15 years. Moderna. Cerebral hemorrhage/Cerebral ventricular rupture/Death


    You apparently.

    Oh not at all.

    Here's what you appear to be falling for btw:


  7. 14 minutes ago, Arpeggio said:

    So you like posting irrelevant rubbish in the wrong thread, on top of objectively lying then trying to wriggle out of it, which is no surprise as you post nothing so you have to defend what very little you have.

    At least if you kept making hay out of Alison Coleman this would be more relevant to the topic.

    Shouldn't you be off finding proper sources to back up your nonsense?

    There are 10 people at most on here these days. Who really cares?

  8. 28 minutes ago, Pmax2020 said:

    Good job you asked. Normally betfair states “all bet stands whether a player withdraws or is disqualified”.

    However perhaps due to covid it states if a player does not start the tournament then their bets are void. It’s funny how in the panic and with the opportunity to make an easy buck I read it wrong as I limped on. Ive just sold the bet for a £1.80 profit. That explains why he was still only 7/2 despite being on the brink of deportation!!

    I used to trade a lot on betfair. Good money to be made if you have the patience and discipline. 

    I do like a flutter.

    Afraid I tended to do it at the races - bookmakers used to be terrifying otherworldly places (they probably still are).

    Have looked online but it all seems so complex!

    I like how it seems to be a lot more democratic (in the right places) - I suspect I would have been bang into it to my detriment in my youth tbh!

  9. 34 minutes ago, anonguest said:


    Putting aside the issue of defining 'reputable news source', that argument, on its own, does not prove the story/claim is fake.

    I think we've established by now, this far intot he pandemic, that there are all manner of shenanigans going on in the media world to effectively suppress many 'stories' that would jeopardise the policies that governments have committed themselves to.  As was pointed out here, just few posts above, the Oz govt. is publicly acknowledging that deporting Novak is because his presence would risk upsetting that particular apple cart of promoting vaccines, and other related pandemic policies they have pushed.

    It's not that hard.

    All anyone into this stuff needs to find are sources outside the network of guff that big parts of the internet now are. If the stories can't be found outside Twitter or the weird anti-vax conspiracy sites, then it's likely nonsense.

    As much as I like to kick mainstream journalism, I really don't think there has been a lack of reporting or criticism of the deaths and risk etc.

    The Spectator (which I don't personally like) has made a point of it. It's all over a lot of the papers I still take as well.


  10. 40 minutes ago, Arpeggio said:

    Not knowingly. Maybe Dr. Hilary chucked that one in there. You post nothing. Now stop making hay out of .001% and prove that many I post are fake.


    Again, you're digging a huge hole here.

    If you post made up nonsense, from sites notorious to anyone with half a brain for made up nonsense, than the burden of proof is NOT on everyone else to prove your own stupidity.

    You appear well on the way to proving it yourself, mind.

  11. 1 hour ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Read the first post, not just the thread title, It started with Blair and has got worse with each successive PM.

    Read mine. It didn't start with Blair. It started with Thatcher.

    Even the creeping loss of rights, come to think of it. 

    Section 28 aside (how many did that actively damage in the UK?), her "right to buy" hasn't exactly done wonders for the availability of social housing...

  12. 1 hour ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Anti terror? Well yes, ostensibly, but in reality a raft of authoritarian measures to keep the population under control.

    And we've had worse since, haven't we?

    Government can snoop internet and far more since Cameron and co came in (this was as much about protecting copyright for Rupert Murdoch and co as it was anti terror tbf).

    I must admit, I found the creepy photo of Kier Starmer taken to try and drag him into partygate very worrying. Proper Stasi stuff. :(


  13. 48 minutes ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    Just get a proper ‘man of the people’ in Number 10, Rushi. Should do wonders for my house prices but not too sure about the renters on here who voted for brex_hit to be poorer and locked out of housing. 

    I think it will happen.

    Hilarious if does. Indian heritage (via Africa)... heir to the Indian call centre and British jobs outsourced empire... fortune made in banking... so elite he went to Winchester College (imagine learning to play cricket on the pitches it was invented on!)

    Real man of the people, eh?

    Not like that awful common oik, Boris.



  14. 2 minutes ago, miguel said:

    No but he sure voted for it!!

    He did.

    As did a much higher percentage of Tory MPs than Labour.

    (Same with the banking bailouts in 2008. People seem to forget our opposition to New Labour was largely "they should have gone in even harder!" The logic in the Tory party right up until the banking crisis was that Blair and Brown were holding the banks back and that the financial sectors needed even LESS regulation!)

  15. 6 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Yep, anti terror stuff.

    British Library rather highlights how Magna Carta is more a conceptual brand now than anything actually practical now.


    It really is mostly about wiers and fishing rights! 😅

    Again, has any of the anti terror stuff that was trumpeted ever affected anyone here in the real world? (It may have. Some here may have been stopped and searched because of skin colour and the like I suppose).

    Only rights I've personally lost and actually noticed have been taken by the last few governments.

  16. 6 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, Double Jeopardy?


    Magna Carta hasn't applied to anyone in this country for nearly a thousand years. I'm afraid a lot of idiots on the internet seem to have convinced perfectly reasonable people it's something it isn't. Even when it was valid, it only applied if you were one of a handful of a landed barons back in the day!

    Again, can't you get locked up now just for protesting? And Cameron nuked legal aid almost immediately. Now, the majority couldn't actively afford to fight any of this in the courts, anyway. How freeing of him! ;)

    Harbeas Corpus is still there (I think)?

    Double Jeopardy is an anti terrorism thing, isn't it? If you're a criminal concerned about getting prosecuted for the same type of crime more than once, I suppose it might be an issue...


  17. Just now, Bruce Banner said:

    Rights and freedoms?

    I can't remember a right or freedom Blair personally took away from me either tbh.

    I've lost many since him.

    Biggest lose of rights and freedoms is of course 2016 and all that. Going abroad now is "fun"! Loving the hour long queues to go to Europe especially...





  18. 13 minutes ago, debtlessmanc said:

    Curious,  one ones mentioned a shortage of dentists to me. 


    According to this


    17% of dentists in the U.K. are from the EU. difficult to see how, even if half of them left. This would cause a total collapse in dental provision.

    the same article points out how covid has had a devastating effect on dental surgeries in rural areas with 50% suffering  40% reduction in incoming. Many taking the opportunity to retire oR change job.

    I think you are blaming the wrong thing again.


    The stats won't help.

    Since Brexit, dental practitioners now count dental nurses in the figures as well. It's a huge bit of numerical massaging. That's why you'll see a huge stat bounce during a pandemic and despite us actually training fewer dentists as a country ourselves than ever before.

    This was brought in precisely because the number of dentists almost instantly collapsed post Brexit.

    In the real world, I've seen 4 practises close in my area alone, and half the staff in my own practise leave.

    The remaining places are swamped.

    I would be amazed if anyone here has a real world story about dentists getting more plentiful and better. It's nonsense.

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