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  1. 10 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Interesting - so there is a reason ie they can’t be deported back to the EU!

    Question though - have EU countries also seen increased numbers of migrants or just the U.K.? That might help pin down whether it is causation or correlation.

    Sea crossings into the EU are down about 20K.


  2. 21 minutes ago, Huggy said:

    Remember there has also been an exodus of people out of the UK numbering hundreds of thousands to over a million depending on your source. There is also now no FOM so the future will also be a bit different.

    Re the Belarus/Poland migrant issue in the news. Migration looks like it's being weaponised now and when you have people travelling across the entire breadth of Europe to reach the UK, one wonders if it is just France being a bit lax with their beach security? [mildly tfh, but a genuine thought]

    Definitely been an exodus of legal migrants.

    Our lack of dentists, doctors, HGV drivers and all the rest can attest to that.

    I hope we don't try and blame France and all the rest (I think you're right, these lazy buggers will). We had ages to get ready for all this and instead just pretended there would be no issues at all.

  3. 3 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Hard to saw because of CV19.  That might be the driving factor.

    One thing for sure is the Tories, like labour, have no intention of stopping the immigration.  They'll have their slaves from anywhere.

    I guess we can just compare with other countries immigrant data, RE: CV19?

    I suspect it's legit. None of the EU countries have much of a reason to act as our border force any more.

    The UK border force has of course been cut this past decade. We've done F all to shore it up. All I've really seen is politicians trying to demonise lifeboat volunteers for not wanting to drown migrant kids.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Young Turk said:

    Do you think some preferred to do other things? And actually did more good as a result?

    How can better people be persuaded to pursue a political career, and how can they be elected?

    Are you saying none of the MPs meet the standards you'd expect, or just that a lot don't?

    I've met so many motivated by "the right thing" - I just don't think any of those would be happy in the party political system, I guess. I think there are huge grassroots problems for both Labour and the Tories.

    Most of the populist support Boris has enjoyed would be sneered at down the Con Club.

    I suspect Labour clubs are still fighting about the Militant Tendancy and all the other crap they bickered about decades ago. They will not be dens of woke. It'll just be normal working folks in areas shat on by neo-liberalism.

    Problem is, after 40 years of crushing socialism and cash being king, it's INCREDIBLY hard for ordinary working Brits to climb society's ladders in the way it was in my day (50s and 60s, really).

    Talent was definitely put above cash and connections, for a little while at least. Now? 

    You're entire lives must feel like treading water. And, sadly, the quality of our politicians does reflect that gradual erosion, as well.



  5. 1 hour ago, Young Turk said:

    True, the voters didn't know. But presumably this was known by the Foreign Office and hence Boris Johnson and other important people would have been aware. 

    I would have liked to seen him removed for his "this Parliament is dead, this Parliament is a disgrace" speech, but apparently our electorate is bit bonkers! 

    I didn't mean to imply that he had achieved anything in particular. But just that some MPs may achieve a lot despite other responsibilities. It may be better to have high calibre individuals who are motivated by money than to have moderate or even low intelligent principled hard workers. I don't think this is obvious either way.

    I would hope, from what ever the UK population is now, we could have at least 650 smart individuals capable of being motivated simply to do the right thing by the majority of the UK population.

    I've lived long and met lots of folk, but there are some incredible ones out there.

    In our parliament? Not so much.

  6. 2 hours ago, Young Turk said:

    What is Cox fighting the Foreign Office about? If it was something Conservatives (MPs or voters) care about, they would have put a stop to it. For example, the anti-Brexiter rebel MPs were suspended by Johnson. Presumably this Foreign Office fight is quite insignificant then.


    I'm not sure what I think about salary, expenses and alternative incomes for MPs. A lot of people say they shouldn't do other jobs and they shouldn't be paid much. But imagine you were 30 and gave up a career to become an MP and then lost your seat at 35. Maybe that's the end of your political career and it's hard for you to get another opportunity similar to your previous role - maybe employers are reluctant to give you another job, worrying you might run off to play politics again. Consequently a lot of people retain outside interests because they didn't know they would be elected initially and didn't know how long they would hold their seat. They might also be able to achieve more part-time than others could full-time.

    He defended a tax haven against a Foreign Office audit into tax abuse by the elite out there, essentially.

    It's not so much "if voters don't like it, they will put a stop to it" as they didn't know.

    They do now and you'd hope they will boot him out, although our system is a bit bonkers so he might still remain (very safe seat).

    He's been an MP since 1997 I believe. I'm yet to see any list of his political achievements, but his office might want to consider publishing them I suppose.


  7. 8 minutes ago, Young Turk said:

    Does this have any negative consequences aside from the £1.3m cost to the taxpayer? I can't see how it does - these payments are not related to anything else.

    By contrast, the donors who paid for Johnson's redecoration did so with the hope of receiving something in return, at the expense of others. The developer who donated to Tories, sat next to Jenryck, then received planning approval, got something in return, at the expense of others.

    Geoffrey Cox was literally being paid many times his MP salary by the tax havens to contest the tax payer in this country (he was fighting the Foreign Office in court).

    Doesn't look great, does it?

    The tax payer picking up the 1.3M housing costs for 16 MPs renting like this makes them far worse than any of the big benefit families you (used to) see on Jeremy Kyle. I think it revolts me so much because they've used culture wars and demonisation of all you proles in the press, whilst behaving far far worse than any of you.

    It appears this is all thanks to the Cameron rule changes in 2015 (part of his efforts to hide MP sleaze, rather than clean up anything).

    I think you've a good point. It is arguably less corrupt than a lot of the other things that have been going on. 



  8. 1 hour ago, Mikhail Liebenstein said:

    What we really need to know is whether any have been let out to ladies offering corrective services for naughty MPs?


    Miss Whiplash


    Cynthia Payne


    More recently https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tory-scandal-vice-madam-name-389053.amp



    Most recent is surely Cameron and Osborne giving Andy Coulson a government role, as a thank you for helping suppress Gosbo's cocaine and hooker stories.

    Cameron must be thanking his lucky stars one of the first things he did on becoming PM was to nerf the MP expenses scandal (had all historic docs destroyed).

  9. 1 hour ago, Pop321 said:

    Serves people right. The BBC is depicted as WOKE lefties….as if anyone on the left has really been in charge of anything of importance for decades. Fear the left, fear the liberals, fear socialism and embrace the right.

    Pay your tax, pay extra national insurance, pay daft prices for a home and suck it up whilst the asset rich (like me) enjoy an early retirement😉

    I offer no solution….they are all as bad as each other but at least I don’t advocate Tories then moan on about corruption.

    Best dash…need to set up some PPE company for the NHS and make a few mill before tomorrow. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    We didn't get the guns, but...


  10. 4 minutes ago, highcontrast said:

    How are these people not in jail? It's astonishing they get away this... isn't it? Am I the crazy one here?

    Basically we the tax payer are nothing more than a free cash machine for these scum right?

    It's the lack of any pressure on them I find most disturbing.

    The press is sort of leaning on them. A bit. 

    But there's naked corruption to the tune of tens of billions, and I think a lot are still Brexit blinkered. They did indeed get it done. And now we all are.


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