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  1. They don't pay tax. That's sort of the point. We pay more as a result.
  2. There are almost a million Bibles worth, data wise. It's ENORMOUS as leaks go. (You'd be better off searching for their family and friends as well, usually.)
  3. Where I'm at. Goon Squad has always existed, mind. And not just here. Every country has a third of people who are more than happy to hear how everything wrong is the fault of foreigners etc. Not rich foreigners, mind. Just the poor powerless ones...
  4. Have you checked out the Pandora Papers yet? Theft is theft seems to be the theme...
  5. And don't forget. It's the woke kids, BLM, and brown people in dinghies that are the real threat. Not the establishment!
  6. Osborne didn't actually put the measures through, though. They (finally) made it into a paper in 2018, but MPs haven't even had the chance to vote on implementing anything yet (Oct 2021).
  7. They bought the company that owned the property tax free because the UK turns a blind eye to our tax havens. It's the system that's corrupt. Hope folk play that (but always nice to watch the Blairs squirm).
  8. Yep, it's an old dodge. The amount of Russian money in our tax havens (and Tory party) the Pandora Papers are revealing today is a bit of a worry as well. 35 trillion in our tax havens? Wow.
  9. Well it doesn't show that shipping container costs have gone up 6X in California like they have here, that's for sure...
  10. Denial is slowly turning into gallows humour for a lot of my old un friends.
  11. This won't help them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-58780561
  12. Sort of. It's mostly there to protect the rich now and see off any risk of socialism (or anything else that might pose a threat to the status quo).
  13. Whataboutry. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/oct/01/facebook-posts/no-back-cargo-ships-southern-california-coast-not-/ Seriously... what's the point of that anymore?
  14. If there's a shortage of HGV drivers globally suddenly (??!) how come only Britain is crumbling? That's not an excuse. It's just flagging up how incompetent we are.
  15. I think that's probably fair. You lot simply wouldn't have had what you had without that little Austrian painter bugger! Masses seem to have been convinced to flog it all off and go back to where we were. The reds under the bed fear over here has always been very very high too of course. In general, media usually does a brilliant job of helping keep us Tories in power. I still remember the shock of Churchill losing the election after the war and the UK going full socialism. My family honestly believed we'd be strung up and our land carved up and distributed to Bolsheviks within a few years!
  16. UK has always been two tier. It's just going back to proles having nothing now. Private education already has massive tax breaks (they don't pay it, as they're charities). Plenty of other tricks we all use to negate tax when sending kids to school (my grandkids fees are paid through a company I think). https://www.theprivateoffice.com/insights/claim-tax-relief-private-school-fees Private healthcare is more complicated in the UK, but our system here basically just allows you to queue jump for a fee or see specialists faster. Not sure that needs a tax break tbh - I've always felt really lucky I can afford to do this, especially how bad it's got this past decade or so.
  17. I'm pretty sure my generation (I'm pre-boomer, but close enough) have taken more than any other in history. We essentially sold off all the things socialism and WW2 brought to the UK (a lot of things were nationalised or run for the benefit of the country and not private owners during the war, etc) AND we enjoyed the 1980s oil bonanza wealth that Thatcher poured over the city instead of the alternatives. System is pretty much back to where it was pre-WW2 now. UK is back to being a nation of renters within a hundred years.
  18. It's not funny! We're F'kd! Edit: It's actually 600%. https://www.export.org.uk/news/579204/Is-the-UK-being-disproportionately-impacted-by-soaring-freight-prices-due-to-Brexit-.htm
  19. Don't get me wrong, it's being made worse by panic buying. But past a point, tanks are full. If it was just that it would have been over inside days.
  20. Absolutely ENORMOUS increase in import costs, apparently. I'm told it's been above five fold. Huge inflation incoming.
  21. It's not made up. Someone has made up that it's made up. Not sure why you'd believe it was made up mind. Only have to queue for traffic or chat to someone working in a petrol station to know how bad it is. Army to the rescue, apparently.
  22. They're so short Hoyer have just sent over 5K EU drivers to help us out. And the EU army we were all warned about is doing deliveries out there, as well. Right? Jesus wept. The shambles of a government's propaganda isn't going to save us now. Why keep swallowing it?
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