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  1. No, they don't. The 2000s gdp figures are compatible to the decades before - they are not massively unsustainably booming. That's your "gut feel". But it's not backed up in the data.
  2. Sorry. I've only ever worked for a bit of fun in the 80s (I'm an old boy).
  3. I actually think this is largely right. I also think the UK will dispense with this government pretty quickly once it realises it's looking after people like me, not you (by that, I mean anyone who needs to work for a living).
  4. That's almost exclusively 2009 if you look at the individual years. Only reason I wouldn't include it (and most don't in decade on decade comparison) is it would be a bit like including the COVID downturn in the usual economic data. I appreciate we (I'm Tory) got elected by blaming Brown for all that, but I hope Starmer doesn't try to blame us for Covid if he sticks to our logic! For me, economy was in a worst state in 2020 than it was in 2010. INCREDIBLY unbalanced (which is why you get all those "the richer got richer, the poor got poorer" off the back of the Financial Crisis stats I guess).
  5. It wasn't widely discussed because we own so much of the media, but the data isn't hard to find (you can go on the GDP UK data from UK gov if you like). Worst decade we've ever had economically for growth, wages, and productivity. And that was before Covid!
  6. Definitely worldwide. We look horribly exposed though. Brexit (no fault of its own) is going to feel horrifically timed.
  7. Wouldn't have been a waste! I mean, we'd have more than we do presently.
  8. It shouldn't be possible (given how awful 2020 and 2021 have been) should it?
  9. Bear in mind we've had a decade of the worst economic growth ever on record, as well. Economy looks more broken than since the 80s (at least) to me. If there's no a recession I'd be amazed. This lot haven't got a clue either, so it'll be a nasty one too.
  10. Bit simplistic? It surely has the ability to stimulate an economy (I'm thinking the entire UK economy outside London, really). Yes, it's obviously redistribution, but if that money wouldn't have left London otherwise?
  11. You're still at least a decade out, sadly. I remember when we closed loads of nursing and dental colleges (early 90s). Trend probably starts in the 80s tbh.
  12. Can you think of many instances of rampant and fast increases in inflation that haven't ended in recession? Can't myself off the top of my head. You're right - work needs doing. But we've got obvious gaps in training and education we could have filled this past 4 and a half years and haven't. The problem is, skilled indigenous labour doesn't just fall out of the sky. It takes time and money. We've really not contributed enough of either since 2016 for me.
  13. Again, why don't people ever make these growth arguments for benefits? Surely it also holds?
  14. It was 100 billion plus in the 80s. I'm not suggesting she gave it to the citizens Norway style, either. I'm suggesting we did something smarter with it than fuel a very brief boom, I suppose.
  15. You're confusing revenue with production. Not sure if it's deliberate or not. Either way, the UK state oil boom was the 80s. By the time Blair was in power production was largely in private hands. We've actually had another mini boom as well, but obviously a billion now isn't worth anything like a billion was back in the 80s. Thatcher ******ed 100 billion up the wall, in hindsight. Suspect most of that is in our tax havens now.
  16. Yes, of course. BUT, instead of temporary tax cuts and breaks for the City in the 1980s, Thatcher should have invested the North Sea Oil money bonanza (like Norway did). We would have had an energy war chest now, instead of... well... nowt.
  17. They would of course say "Liebour". All the regs that broke it came in under Thatcher and Major though...
  18. Again, I'm not contesting there are global issues. It's still just us with petrol and food shortages somehow though. Do you think incompetent government is the issue setting us apart then? Edit: Are you sure that graphs accurate presently? Shanghai to New York is less than a quarter the price right now. Perhaps it's showing older figures, or perhaps your source for it is playing hard and fast with the truth? https://www.brlogistics.net/us/ship-container-from-china/to-united-states/new-york/
  19. I think most were top half until quite recently. It's not anger at Brexit, either. Tories will cop it. The lack of any sort of planning or basic competence of late isn't going unnoticed. WE HAD FOUR AND A HALF FECKING YEARS TO TRAIN HGV DRIVERS!
  20. Is it? I can't see how it doesn't hold when there's 35 trillion tucked away. Most of what I've looked at (and that's not much, given how much data there is) seems to suggest this isn't "earned" wealth in most instances. I completely agree, businesses should, can, and do lower their taxes. But this is essentially an international criminal and political class above the laws. The lack of transparency is probably a good clue as to the sorts it attracts.
  21. We could. Us Tories promised to do it over a decade ago. We won't, but suspect whoever comes next will.
  22. You have to remember, these idiots are actively licking the boot on their throats. Sadists are going to sadist.
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