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  1. On 20/11/2021 at 11:11, msi said:

    Looks like the furore of Tory Sleaze has a silver lining

    Dacre rails at civil service as he pulls out of Ofcom running

    Paul Dacre, the former Daily Mail editor, has pulled out of the running to chair UK media regulator Ofcom, amid fears in Conservative circles that his candidacy might have inflamed the Westminster “sleaze” row....Dacre added that he was taking up an “exciting new job” in the private sector.


    any ideas on where this 'exciting' job is?  My guess is with GB News / Fox UK but only if they drop their silly LiBeRaL leaning :)


    He's gone back to the Mail!

  2. 7 hours ago, MarkG said:


    Or on another angle, firearms design has progressed more in the last few years than it had in decades, because so many interested amateurs have entered the field without any of the knowledge of the 'experts' who know what they were going to do couldn't work. So they just tried it and kept trying until they found ways to make it work.


    Any links or background to this?

    Sounds really intriguing.


  3. 2 hours ago, MarkD said:

    This is getting interesting. Migration watch just revealed ministers have been behind encouraging mass immigration for the last 20 years. Lord Green lays it out here-


    Seems it all started with good old phoney Tony, and the Tories thought it a good idea! Now of course the whole thing has gotten out of control.

    Well that's ********. It all started with Irish immigration into the UK at the turn of the last century, and then ex colony immigration (both to suppress labour movements).

    I think our political class have known how immigration can be used to suppress the proles for hundreds and hundreds of years.

    Marx was famously anti immigration because he argued both sets of workers end up getting screwed (the replaced indigenous, and the replacing immigrant).

    I've seen Ayn Rand trolls on here make similar arguments without a shred of irony. They're brilliant.

  4. 4 hours ago, debtlessmanc said:

    Our "colonial hangover"  is several billion people. The UK has not been able to feed itself for 300 years. That we can now is not baked into the soil- it is education, work ethic and the enlightenement that feeds us. Open borders will destroy those things, and starvation could arrive surprisingly quickly. Of courst if your post colonial guilt extends to us starving in penitence, well go for it.


  5. Got very "immigrants innit" didn't it?

    Then the UK population fell 1.5% last year (according to economists with access to the census data anyway) and house prices fell back to mirror it perfectly.

    They were so happy they all rushed out and bought a couple of places in previous HPI hotspots like Blackburn and Bradford.

    Looks like they're sticking asylum seekers in Scotland as well now. We should all jump over ourselves to invest in these subsequent new HPI hotspots.

  6. 3 hours ago, pig said:

    Back in summer the desire was 'bilateral agreements' with individual EU countries. I wonder if thats what effectively happened inside the EU and (partly) why we keep on trying to pull this stunt :


    ...for which we got short shrift. During the Brexit debate few seemed to grasp the brittleness of simple sovereignty vs sovereignty achieved through influence.

    Europe bears the brunt of the migration crisis, not the UK. We're behaving like some overgrown whining idiot demanding Europe changes our nappies. It's just getting tedious and embarrassing.

    Or is this just to knock sleaze and incompetence off the headlines ?


    It's our colonial hangover. Besides, we've got sovereignty now. Our borders are our borders.

    Blaming the EU for our migrant crisis (whilst theirs is falling) is convenient though and there are still a lot of idiots who will fall for it.

  7. It's largely language (and I make this point whenever immigration comes up).

    It goes back to the colonies - those from Spanish and French controlled countries back in the day largely move to a country where they have a familiar second tongue, and it's no different for us.

    If I had to leave a country for whatever reason, I would attempt to move somewhere I could still communicate.

    I know we all like to think they're all desperate to get in for the weather (or our fairly crap compared to other European countries benefits), but it's one of the most basic human need of all, really, is talking.

  8. 15 minutes ago, zugzwang said:


    Too late, alas. Too late.

    Nothing and no-one will save the UK from national bankruptcy!






    The government's interest payments more than doubled as the government racked up another £18.8billion of borrowing last month.

    The cost of servicing the debt mountain hit £5.6billion in October, up from just £1.8billion in the same month of 2020.

    Although the bill is still relatively low, the spike underlines the UK's exposure after the pandemic hammered the public finances.

    There are concerns about inflation driving up interest rates and government costs further.     

    Figures released by the Office for National Statistics showed the speed of the reduction in borrowing after the crisis has fallen sharply.

    The number for October was just £200million less than recorded a year ago, when the country was still under restrictions, and the second highest on record for the month. 

    Borrowed from whom?

    Are we just printing or are we actually in hock?

    Inflation looks more likely to me (but my eyes are old).

  9. 6 minutes ago, Warlord said:

    Specifically the Income Tax was a 20rh century thing.  

    It was also meant to be temporary to pay for war and levied on the most wealthiest 

    Most people did not pay it or care for it .

    Now millions are paying 40%+

    It is shameful and ought to be repealed.


    It is a fair point.

    Taxes did used to be on wealth and land.

    But obviously that won't happen again without some mad Corbynista getting in.


  10. 29 minutes ago, Locke said:

    What a highbrow response. It must have won you many a debate.

    Yes, they literally are.

    Government is founded upon the initiation of violence. It is always immoral and will always become corrupt.

    Like any immorality, there is a binary and a scale. It is either happening or not, and if it is happening, there is a range of badness. Stealing 1% of a person's wealth is theft, just the same as stealing 100% of their wealth is. Just because you would choose one over the other if forced into a choice, does not make either "not theft".

    Taxes are a lot older than government. Far far older than democratic government as well.

    But this is not worth my time. Can't be bothered with binary positions now. Pointless, stupid, and immature. Blocked.

  11. 23 minutes ago, msi said:

    All they care about right now is getting Paul Dacre into the Ofcom position.

    Very dangerous when they eventually do. Full Goebbels.

  12. 33 minutes ago, Timm said:

    Is this because Geordie Greig was critical of Boris this week, or were those stories run after he had learned of his imminent replacement?

    Sacked because of the government criticism by Lord Rothermere, apparently.

    I'm told Greig was really his wife's preference.

    Daily Mail has been doing well, but not happy the public are actually being informed instead of simply influenced.

    Our good old "free press".

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