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  1. 2 hours ago, Locke said:

    Look at places which have rent controls. They are atrocious places to rent.

    There are numerous mechanisms:

    No incentive for the landlord to repair the property to attract better tenants

    Landlords will raise the rent as much as they can whenever they can

    Shittier landlords with shittier properties become the norm

    Buildings get subdivided


    2009-01-jenkins-reach_concl.pdf 401.64 kB · 2 downloads

    I mean, that is almost every converted flat I've seen this past 20 years! Those issues are ones any renter will likely recognise.

    As fun as the paper you've linked to (by a lady who teaches private math lessons) is:

    1) It's American (and our planning laws and housing markets are very different).

    2) A lot us remember rent controls. I lived half my life in the UK with them in place. 

    I think her argument holds if there is no state building of affordable homes, but it certainly wasn't the case in the UK when that was occuring.

    Slum landlords definitely existed, but largely on the fringes of society. I suspect the system we have now is absolutely full of rogue landlords tbh. Should we blame the lack of rent controls for that, or are you at least able to see the opposite position to yours is ridiculous?

  2. 15 minutes ago, LandOfConfusion said:



    It reminded me of that Ch4 interview a few years back. Most migrants interviewed suddenly lost the ability to speak English when words like 'benefits' were mentioned but one young West African man was really quite open. "In Britain you get house, money. In France you get nothing".


    Interesting they might think this as it's not remotely true.


  3. 1 hour ago, onlooker said:

    But we do control our waters. We have the boats sufficient to do it. A few shots and the flow would stop immediately. Or imprisonment on a suitable haven, like St Helena.

    What we don't have is the will to do what it takes to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Because successive governments want them to come. Chances are, this time the Tories will pay a heavy price for it in loss of electoral support, if there is an alternative to vote for.

    I really meant that this was the very obvious end point of forcing migration across the channel in this manner (which Brexit has done). The lack of prep for that is truly shocking, but it looks like Covid offered so many opportunities for corruption the government were too busy filling their pockets for much else.

    No... I don't think sinking boats with kids in them is a good idea either. That would torpedo the UK on the world stage. We might as well go full North Korea.

  4. 1 hour ago, onlooker said:

    It didn't work then either, which is the whole point.

    What appears to have changed IMHO is that the people smugglers are now better organized with better connections and bigger boats, and now have the open support of organizations like the RNLI to back them up on the final stage of the journey.


    A 12 fold increase inside a couple of years doesn't scream "suddenly very organised people smugglers" to me.

    Don't get me wrong - the complete chaos at the border RE: lorries and transit will be forcing more to cross via the Channel I'm sure.

    It's a UK failure to control our waters. We simply don't have the Navy or vessels to do it.

    I say this is down to Brexit, but really it's down to a lack of preparation for it.

    That's the government's fault (and why I don't think Boris will last much longer).

    The government have been lazy and have lied for years about all this. Now it's coming home to roost for them.

    They should have got us ready when we had the chance.

  5. 23 minutes ago, robmatic said:

    I suspect a large part of the increase in migration by boat across the Channel is pandemic-related. Overall migration and asylum claims are down because it's been harder to do the usual arrive on a tourist visa and then claim asylum route when consulates overseas have been closed and there's fewer people crossing the border at airports and generally more scrutiny. 

    So why isn't the EU suffering a huge spike in boat related drownings as well?

    It's Brexit.

  6. 7 minutes ago, debtlessmanc said:

    This really has nothing to do with Brexit, these are people who are people who want to enter the UK without any right to do so. The only way to stop this is to undercut the smugglers, so £4k pounds to enter the UK. Are you in favour of that? Bugger the others?

    Oh what a load of balls.

    Of course it's Brexit. Unless you're telling me smugglers have only thought to stuff migrants into boats this past few years?

    Either you're stupid or you think I am. Neither is great.

  7. On 20/11/2021 at 11:11, msi said:

    Looks like the furore of Tory Sleaze has a silver lining

    Dacre rails at civil service as he pulls out of Ofcom running

    Paul Dacre, the former Daily Mail editor, has pulled out of the running to chair UK media regulator Ofcom, amid fears in Conservative circles that his candidacy might have inflamed the Westminster “sleaze” row....Dacre added that he was taking up an “exciting new job” in the private sector.


    any ideas on where this 'exciting' job is?  My guess is with GB News / Fox UK but only if they drop their silly LiBeRaL leaning :)


    He's gone back to the Mail!

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