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  1. Yes. We should absolutely blame government for racist simpletons who are being encouraged by rogue individuals, media, and foreign states online. That'll definitely help.
  2. That's the one my thick racist prole friend. Just remember... they want you to kneel! (*sniggers*).
  3. Had this chat today. Surely Jo Cox's murder was just as obviously online hate etc? Why is this one death different? And why the hell does Google still insist Thomas Mair was a bloody gardener and not a right-wing terrorist, too?
  4. Example of a working prole idiot here. Corbs and co were the best bet you lot will have for at least the next few decades to get a government focussed on building from the ground up. 40 more years of trickle down. Enjoy my warm piss (which my kids and grandkids will have inherited, and they can probably use to pay you to shine their shoes).
  5. Lol. I didn't! At the time I expected investment opportunities and the fallout for the banking crisis to be shifted onto the poor. And it has been. What I didn't expect was how many proles are now off fighting culture wars instead of the very obvious boot on their throat.
  6. Generally sensible government? When? (Worth googling the UK national debt, what the UK still owned in 1979, and all the rest). This is on us and I do think a lot (like myself) are waking up to that.
  7. Worth looking at posts on here a decade ago. People seriously thought us Tories would crash the housing market. Bunch of nutters!
  8. Erm, nope. Us Tories always kick the can elsewhere, but come on. We love a bit of Big Brother.
  9. They're welcome to start posting under their real name at any point to contribute.
  10. No idea. 10 of the 29 thwarted terrorist attempts in the last 5 years have apparently been "far right" though. All a bit depressing.
  11. But let's keep tax havens opaque, right? What a bunch of useless corrupt idiots we have in charge.
  12. Good points, these. I saw Mark Francois talking about how we should end online anonymity to combat the rise in hate crimes. I agree with him, but it seems bonkers to me he's all for keeping tax haven anonymity. I can't get over the feeling some of the 35 trillion reputatedly squirreled away in UK tax havens probably shouldn't be there or should have been taxed etc. We at least need to know who and what is driving markets, politics, and all the rest using that sea of cash!
  13. I should imagine all the investment and improvements to the NHS under Blue Labour also raised life expectancy. I'm guessing it's been going down again since 2010?
  14. Jesus. What an incompetent bunch of bastards we have running the show right now!
  15. Annual cost of 95M? Yeah. That's F all. Good headline though....
  16. I'm not remembering it wrong. I'm just not approaching it from a "let's find a way to blame it all on Labour from 97 onwards" angle. But yes, that's absolutely what happens now - turbo charged this past decade even more. Inner city families moved out to the cheaper sticks so that London and Manchester etc can be gentrified.
  17. It was for about 35 years of my life until the mid 80s. No problem with selling it, but we should have replaced with the funds raised and go again (instead of a brief tax cut to win the 87 election). I feel really bad being involved in all that now tbh. Tory Party has been captured by the greedy Etonian dunces Thatcher detested so much and the Housing Benefit bill is now absolutely criminal as a result.
  18. Hmmm. I think Thatcher had it right myself. I don't think you need to put stipulations on who can rent social housing, but right to buy obviously comes with a price (your in work etc etc).
  19. It's an interesting point longterm, actually. Suspect not. Given we now all know what a deregulated housing market with props for the big house building firms and no state support (outside housing benefit, that ultimately ends up in private landlords pockets anyway) looks like, though.... I'd much prefer schemes like these that can then reinvest the rents back into building more affordable housing stock.
  20. They haven't bought anything? Looks like there's a "premium" element to their rent, which after a couple of decades equates to the purchase price. It's a brilliant idea, surely?
  21. What I find weirdest about the conspiracy wonks, is they never seem to go for the "Occam's Razor" conspiracy. It's never the powers that be (both states, companies, and individuals) that are the problem or pushing the agendas. Oh no. You should fear anyone opposing them in a convoluted manner...
  22. I literally haven't seen a positive from Leaving yet? I voted Leave as I'm ancient and all my friends did the same. Half of those have died now!
  23. It's actually something Russia is actively pushing for (thawing the Artic). Not just the extra sea passage that potentially opens up to them, but all the minerals etc under arctic tundra presently.
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