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  1. 6 minutes ago, Locke said:


    Tbf, Rand's take down of communism is note perfect.

    And I'm probably being a bit grumpy that a lot of her capitalist heroes were based on those who had huge state help (in the form of US military help in SA or big military/industrial US Army contracts. The American army isn't private, Ayn...)

    I don't think she'd write any of her novels now. I would expect a takedown of crony capitalism and our return to feudalism these days instead. Someone must be writing those, surely?


  2. 2 hours ago, coypondboy said:

    The waiting lists for social housing are huge all over the country but I do wonder if the benefit system which seems to penalise working families has generated a huge number of the population who are single females with kids and either don't work or work part time to not get benefit docked.  The other huge number is women not having kids and married/living with partners in nice houses and cars with good careers.   

    In between you have the huge number of migrants having lots of kids as the stay provides them with everything if they do not work or work part time/cash in hand.

    If this continues to happen as house prices and rents make it almost impossible to live without 2 incomes, yet migrants with large families seem to cope what will happen to the housing market will councils be forced to buy large detached homes for these large families from people like me to house them as we downsize to a smaller house/flat.  

    Could nice leafy suburbs become the new council estates as few council houses being built but huge demand for large homes due to large migrant families?

    In my experience, migrants work harder for a start.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    Horrible thought - Johnson may get a win in Shropshire simply on the grounds many voters are concerned about Covid, so only the full wibble will see it a necessary / risk free idea to cast the vote.

    It was highlighted on radio that having chunk of media turn up from the south to cover it had annoyed folks in places like Wemmerdale ( nickname) as might bring restrictions for Christmas if crews bring Covid too.

    Us Tories love the wibble vote.

  4. 16 minutes ago, andrewwk said:

    wow that is super wrong-headed...bitcoin is philosophically diametrically opposed to anything that could be seen as left-wing. basically a libertarian's wet dream. so I guess your tory mates are a bit dim, right?

    Mostly (albeit in a Boris way).

    Wrong or not, the establishment would largely be fine with nuking it I feel.

    Watching libertarians fall before they lack collective bargaining power is the America way after all.


  5. 1 minute ago, Bob8 said:

    While the UK is hit harder, it really is a global thing.

    We (bassed in mainland Europe) are selling hardware to customers with a 38 week lead time that a couple of years ago would have a 16 week lead time.

    This is universal.

    I know literally dozens with big established global and UK businesses tearing our their hair right now.

  6. 1 hour ago, Locke said:

    What, specifically do you think the Russian government did which you would want our government to retaliate for with force?

    Not even sure how or why to answer that?

    I mean. We can all do loaded or leading questions, right?

    What specifically about a country run by an ex-KGB killer and his clique of corrupt ex-commies do you think has any place in our society at all?

    I don't think we should invade or retaliate with force against Russia at all. For a start, with what?

    As for what Russia did... well... we know. It's in the bloody report. 

    More interesting question... why do you think the official Russia Report into Putin's meddling in our democracy and others specifically excluded any investigations into Brexit at all? As a Leave voter I am not remotely comfortable with that.


  7. 8 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:


    That's a good graph for highlighting what I always point out here.

    Namely, us Tories have loved property ramping private housing.

    (The history of it in this country is basically Labour introducing housing regs to level it and us trying to nuke those, for nearly a century! The difference was always that when they failed to protect the proles, Labour reintroduced them with popular support. Blair didn't.)

  8. 2 hours ago, shlomo said:

    My personal assessment is that Russia and China will have a temporary alliance, maybe 50 years

    The problem there is both are alpha.

    And China historically was under Russian influence.

    It might pass in China but in Russia there is no way they'd accept an alliance with something some still see as a former territory.

    Imagine a UK and India alliance. Could happen, but only benefits one politically (India). For now at least...





  9. 48 minutes ago, msi said:

    I think he came in as an acceptable (Blairite?) alternative to Corbyn - establishment player from his days as DPP, but also acceptable socialist (named after Kier Hardie, innit).   Unfortunately he has no political Nous (and doesn't politically play on that either), so no one really knows what his Labour stands for.

    This is the problem for Labour (and the gift for the Tories); Until they agree what it means to be Labour, the Tories will play every message to every person under TINA.

    Despite the wailing from the Rabid Right and their chums in the the press, I think there is a genuine desire for a 'Social' Party - letting people decide when they can look after themselves and when they want to band together via the State. People want to help the less fortunate. People want transparency that what they contribute goes to what was intended.



    Ironic given how much we all hate politicians, that Kier's greatest failure is not being politically minded. This is a really interesting reply. Thank you.

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