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  1. I think it's more likely another country then comes in to fill the cheap manufacturing void, tbh. India and then probably somewhere in Africa eventually. The Chinese do not have a monopoly on cheap labour and being able to exploit it, although I expect it will be their money that then drives wherever booms next.
  2. I personally subscribe to the notion China's issues will all be internal for decades yet. Their working and middle classes are starting to demand vastly different work/life balances compared to those currently dictated by the party. I think there's likely to be a huge show of external strength whilst they deal with all that, mind.
  3. Oh gosh, you end up down the Dr Kelly rabbit holes, don't you? The one thing I would say is that the UK hasn't been an independent armed force since the Falklands. (Although more frequently, I hear stories about Russians doing "wet work" over here as opposed to America/Israel). This is easily the closest any UK government I can remember has been to Russia in my lifetime.
  4. No, only the usual tall stories. Frank Fields was never in any danger. Personal friend of Thatcher. Practically a Tory, but too honourable to want to be involved with our bunch of thieves at the moment.
  5. Nonsense. They just had all the better ones killed...
  6. Thanks for this (and the explaination from @coypondboyas well!) That all looks... complicated.
  7. I think you've called it tbh. Well, I hope you have. We definitely need more women in politics (I am always telling my grand daughters this). I don't know the history of Taiwan at all. Anyone here who does? I've met lots of people from there who would be horrified to be referred to as Chinese, but not sure when or how they lost it?
  8. Genuinely didn't know the result. Looks like they actually rescued it! https://www.islandecho.co.uk/cow-rescued-from-bottom-of-cliff-at-st-catherines-point/
  9. This is particularly funny to me as I know the Isle of Wight coastguard were actually attending a stuck cow yesterday! (The imagined bovine enemy didn't come from France either.)
  10. As opposed to the dementia raved ex-US President trying to start his own propaganda platform with a suspiciously National Socialism sounding name? Spoilt for choice aren't we?
  11. Some footballers are kneeling. This is the greatest issue threatening us all today.
  12. What all you proles forget is that Victorian society was run for elites, not for you. So yes, we were top dog. But 90% of UK society was as poor, hungry, and desperate as much of the developing world is now. Back then, we used Ireland to keep you all in check (imported their cheap labour and let the rest starve). Rule Britannia!
  13. What was the last country China invaded, again? I honestly don't think they're fussed about replicating or replacing the US model of global dominance we've had since WW2.
  14. I think they will for at least another decade. The "flag shag and knuckle drag" vote will hold until they unionise
  15. There's a shortage of the cleaning chemicals because of Brexit in many areas.
  16. Apologies if I was vague. I was in Insurance during the 80s (thankfully out before Lloyds!), but had a lot of friends all over. I literally had (he's sadly passed) a friend who worked for big tobacco who was then picked up to do work for fossil fuel lobby groups. He ended up at the Heartland Institute, and there is still significant crossover in their policies that reflects all this. https://www.heartland.org/topics/alcohol-tobacco/index.html
  17. This is fun. I love how your desperate attempt to warp science to deny climate change is "balanced" to you, and that someone pointing out the fact 90% of fossil fuels and their wealth are foreign state owned is "warped". Our world is warped precisely as it is largely because of this fact. Why ignore it? Saudi Arabia doesn't even exist without oil. Russia is nothing without fossil fuels.
  18. Again, you've linked to evidence from partisan sources in this very thread. You might have convinced yourself of your expertise with stuff like that, but a lot of us are left scratching our heads or giggling. Do I think taxes on fossil fuels should go up? I don't. 90% are state owned (Saudis, Russians, etc) and a lot of that wealth actually resides in our tax havens and Western infrastructure now. Those petro-states have caused the mess frankly. Not sure why they've (so far) been allowed to retain the profits without any semblance of clean up at all. Good propaganda and 30+ years of the same PR as the tobacco firms used to deny smoking's links to cancer is obviously a lot cheaper.
  19. I think it'll play out like the 1920s/30s. Working class in the UK have always been easy to lead, but there will come a point where they flip. See Trumpie starting a National Trust Socialism message service today. Fascism isn't even being subtle anymore.
  20. Lol! I spend most of my day hanging out with kids under 30, and kind of have done for ages. (Staff, I'm not the ghost of Jimmy Saville). I have long since mastered the art of the text. Predictive text has rather given us all our own weird cropped styles over the years, hasn't it? Other inauthentic things - I love first person shooters. Well, did. Developed a mild addiction early retirement. I think I was supposed to buy a trainset or a sportscar. Edit: Actually, general point, but posh people swear A LOT. More than dockers I should imagine. For some reason, our ears have all been trained to more accepting of a cut glass accented F-bomb than a coarse prole one.
  21. Nothing about what you're doing appears objective. You know what you want to find, and you're only listening to sources that highlight that bias. Now tell me again how smart you are.
  22. I actually had someone cite this on here (and get it completely wrong!) https://youtu.be/y50i1bI2uN4
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