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  1. Hi & thanks for the replies. i am not looking for sympathy, or legal advice - as I said, I am aware of the legal position and you quite rightly state that I took a punt and it didn't work out - if it had, of course, I would be happier. I feel I should complete, after all, Galliards are not at fault - just the economy. I just wanted to hear from others in a similar predicament and find out what, if anything they managed to do. With regard to selling the position - I would be interested in selling one of them perhaps. How do we disuss outside of the forum?
  2. I have been threatened with being sued by Galliards, if I cannot complete on two flats that I exchanged on four years ago. I know what the law says, and that I should complete, however, four years ago, the banks were very different, and now they wont lend on these apartments. I wanted to know if anyone else out there had any 1st hand experience of Galliard when faced with not being able to complete?
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