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  1. In the old days, successful young people aspired to leave the parental nest and spend some years living in complete independence in their own property, before marrying and selling up/buy a house to raise a family. Is it still possible post 2007 credit crunch/inflated property market/ recession hit Britain to dream of ownership a flat and enjoy your own space. Spend blissful years with no one to argue with at home, make all the decisions and managing to juggle the income from a job to meet household bills plus extra for a rainy day
  2. I'm with Scottish Power- seriously thinking of going back to EDF for my gas/electric
  3. Don't see how debt is eroded by inflation at 5%. Look at 7k credit card debt charged at 26% APR- would you say over 4 years the real debt decreases on this? the bank always win
  4. Although immigration to UK has increased the last 15 years, the property price boom and high rents was due more to speculation by investors and Thatchers policy of offloading council housing stock and encouraging home ownership. People from abroad is one factor but not the overriding concern when explaining cost of accomodation
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