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  1. Yes. DrBubb is right, affordability of FTBs is the key. As far as there are enough FTBs entering the market every year, the housing market will be healthy.
  2. Why she is not selling? or she has tried but not successful, so she just stick with it. Maybe she think that it is a good job as a professional property developer.
  3. Do you remember that Syan's advice to the new developers is not giving up your job. What does that mean? Does it mean full-time developer job is too risky? (with huge debts and no other choice but keep going?)
  4. Kind of agree. Maybe 10% from them could be right. I don't know where he got the figure from really.
  5. One of my friends once told me that 1/3 of the GDP of the UK comes from the banking block in east Lond, where you can find big buildings of HSBC, LTSB, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, etc. He is working with one of the investment banks. I do believe the inequity problem comes from the structure of the economy of the country.
  6. Good points. Very easy to understand. Thanks.
  7. Why follow others? We are independent!!!!! We have nothing to do with USA, AU, NZ, and EU,
  8. August http://www.dqnews.com/ZIPSFC.shtm September http://www.dqnews.com/ZIPCAR.shtm Let's have a look at the "stars" in the league: Aug Sep Cupertino 991k 875k Milpitas 645k 598k Los Gatos >1025k 875k When can we see a similar scene in the UK?
  9. A team like this? no way! Look at their performance days ago.
  10. If they lend me 5 times of my salary with a low interest rate, I would like to buy one. Otherwise, cutting the interest rate won't make much sense to me. Don't know about others, who might only concern about the repayment/interest rate, without the affordability problem.
  11. the house price didn't drop in 2003 though, and went sky high in 2004 instead. :-)
  12. As Dr. Bubb mentioned earlier, Volume is the key, not the price. Because EAs could try their best to keep their sales figures. Apparently, the housing market is cooling down.
  13. Having read many discussions about the ecnomic theories related to the housing market and the stock market in the last few days, I'd like to drop my two cents here. 1) The participation of FTBs is the key source of this buy/sell game, so when the price/salary ratio is now up to 5 or 6 times high in some regions, fewer young people can afford the current price as FTB. By no means the price will drop, unless Britain can attract some hot money from overseas, just like China and India did in the past ten years, otherwise, HPC is just a matter of time. 2) I personally believe the impact of Greens
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