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  1. Let's say that 1 in every 100,000 men is a rapist. It naturally follows that if you allow free movement within the whole of the EU then you are giving free access to a lot more potential rapists. If you prevent FOM from the EU and perform adequate checks then you reduce the chance of your daughter being raped. In an ideal world we would stop all rapists but let's at least make a change that will have a positive effect and that is relatively easy to implement.
  2. I bet that is what the UK car industry said when the Japanese came on the scene and then later the Koreans. I don't suppose they have any Japanese or Korean cars in the EU though. Anyway, what is to stop us saying that the EU can't import cars into the UK unless parts are made in the UK (rules of origin). Perhaps nobody else will want to sell cars to the British.
  3. If she was simply pointing out the consequences of us leaving the EU she might have said that we will no longer be in the single market or that we no longer have to pay our annual membership fee or no longer subject to FOM rules. Instead she said that we couldn't expect to get the benefits without following the rules. Hello, we know that and we still chose to leave. We are well past that stage! She states that Britain will be free to make its own rules after Brexit (that is very kind of her) but warned the EU would not stand still if its interests are threatened. I don't think we have threatened anything and on teh contrary been very amiable.
  4. I'm going to refrain from saying what I really want to but I do find you a repulsive character. A question was asked as to what actions by the EU could cause harm to myself or my family. Like it or not there have been numerous cases where people with previous convictions have repeatedly offended after moving to a different country. I'm not saying this wouldn't have happended without FOM but it would have been a lot less likely. Just so you know I would not discriminate in any way on my actions to someone who raped my daughter. I don't care what nationality they are they would still get what is coming.
  5. I've got an idea to help reduce that, why don't we stop importing criminals from the EU? oh yeah, no can do with FOM.
  6. Sounds like a threat to me, or at the very least a case of bullying or trying to interfere in our business. Hello, we are not going to be in your poxy club anymore so you don't get to tell us what we need to do. “The British car industry relies on supplies from continental European countries. It is up to the British side, who say they want minimum disruption,” she said. That's easy, we will just buy those parts from someomne else. I don't suppose for one minute that anybody else would like to sell us stuff instead. There could even be consequences for British pets, she said. “Currently, the 250,000 pets, cats and dogs, that travel from Britain to the continent or the other way each year are managed within an EU framework,” she said. “Now they'll need hygiene certificates: things we don't even remember.” Oh no, how will we ever cope. I do actually holiday in Ireland sometimes and usually take the dog. In the future I might choose to do the paperwork or If it is too difficult I will leave her at home or perhaps choose to holiday in the UK instead.
  7. I probably should not bite but .... You stick with your opinion of accepting known rapists as a price worth paying for the EU. Meanwhile I will stick with my opinion that just one occurrence of this is one too many.
  8. While accepting it is probably a small number how would you feel if your daughter was brutally raped by a known rapist who was allowed entry to the U.K. under FOM rules. I don't think it is wrong to turn around and say sorry, you are not welcome. Try telling the parents of a child who has been raped or killed in these circumstances that FOM is such a great idea.
  9. No, but before FOM we were probably allowed to apply much more stringent vetting and turn away anyone we thought too much of a risk. With FOM we can't do that anymore.
  10. Actually, probably the biggest one is our financial contribution. If it is a club why do some members have to pay to join while other members get paid to join? That money we have been paying could have been spent on other things that might have been a lot more beneficial for me and my family.
  11. Imagine the UK is outside the EU. The UK will still have power that will affect the EU profoundly. The answers to those questions will become: 1. The power to set the rules of the UK economy and UK foreign and security policy. 2. From the sovereignty of 4 UK nations representing 70 million people, making up one of the most powerful countries in western Europe. 3. In the interests of the people of the UK. 4. To the peoples of the of the UK. 5. Vote at general election, every 5 years, or less.
  12. There has been a large focus on the older generation voting to leave. Perhaps they didn't realise what they had until it was gone! Personally, I tolerated the EU over the years but forever increasing political interference in more recent years took that tolerance past breaking point.
  13. re. Power and Influence While we are in the EU, who are the beneficiaries of this power and influence? It might be our politicians who get to strut around on the global stage like they are someone important, but I don't think the majority of people feel like recipients of this power and influence.
  14. Perhaps it would helped if you put JOKE!!! at the end of ALL your posts.
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