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  1. forgive my ignorance, where will I be able to see how many houses are being put onto market & compare it to previous years/months?
  2. This is so wrong. I know councils are inefficient, overpaid, overpensioned etc etc. but seriously when will people realise offshoring and outsourcing are not the answers - in the long run they cost more. Taxpayers money must go on supporting UK jobs and economy, not other economies. for once I agree with the unions, much as I hate to say it. Who in the civil service is affiliated to Capita???
  3. That sounds a very well thought out strategy - I dont see the agent as being much of an issue & will likely give little support to her apart from "you are just gong to have to accept that you screwed a good tenant over & this is the result"...personally I think they would be glad to see the back of her to another agency
  4. appreciate all of yor responses so far Its sad that governments have effectively put the responsibility of housing britain's population into the hands of the BTL market (and all the risks of amateur LLs). Also reading up on the changes to rules back in 1988 has seriously screwed over tenants. I emailed Grant Shapps about a month ago regarding his land grab policy (or whatever you want to call it) basically saying that Im priced out of buying a house & I dont need another crazy "house purchase scheme", which simply delays the ineviatable price crashes & also that I am stuck in a private rental market, which I am completely at the whim of greedy landlords. Due to lack of affordable housing, I would NEVER qualify (unless of course I decided to go on the dole - something which I have never ever claimed for, have 6 kids & expect the state to support me for the rest of my life). I also told him that what we need is to stop the sell off of affordable housing because it simply delays the ineviatable & the government really need to turnaround by investing heavily into social housing that is available to all parts of society - not just those who are deemed "keyworkers". After working for almost 25 years & paying my taxes, supporting this country, doing the right and responsible thing by not having a liar loan, or expecting the state to support me, I get royally screwed. Anyway, he sent me a very nice reply thanking me & that he would read my email fully & respond to me in detail from his department email address rather than his MP email address...sadly no response to date! Anyway, as I have the 24hrs in my agreement re viewings, Im going to adopt the "sorry thats not conveniant to me" line as stated by zebedee - the deposit is safely in a deposit scheme, so more than confident that they would not find in favour of any claim from the LL about loss of earnings.
  5. Landlord has decided that the rent is to increase by 15% this year & isnt prepared to negotiate (agreed on a 5% increase last year vs a 10% request) I am extremely disappointed - I get on well with the neighbours but also I have taken very good care of the landlords property & added significant value such as removing the jungel from the front garden & laying turf (they werent prepared to do anything!) But I guess this is the problem over short term renting vs homeowning or housing association. I feel that I have been a model tenant & at the moment Im taking it personally! I know its only business, but it is very sad...I now have to tell my son that we will no longer be living at "home" & Im not looking forward to it. I do have a question though around allowing landlord & agent access to property to show potential new tenants around. I basically dont want to allow this to happen - as far as Im concerned they can show people round once Ive moved out & if it means the landlord loses out financially then that is their lookout...I dont see why my home life should be disrupted with tenant viewings. Where do I stand - can I refuse allowing them to show anyone round? Appreciate any responses - thanks
  6. Why is there never a story in the press feeling sorry for the people who are forced to rent because house prices are so high....and now that rental properties are in short supply that landlords are hiking up their rents & who have "no chance of trading up" Oh I know, because they are the ones who did things responsibly - didnt borrow too much or took out liar loans...but who cares about responsible people?
  7. Same boat here - Sussex based. Asking prices still increasing, not going down...also we need to see more coming onto market & there is same as last year. Also think very little construction there is very little surplus...
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