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  1. Agreed. Brighton can be as expensive as it likes - its a hovel! I just wish the rest of sussex was more realistic price range. Can anyone remember when the last "north/south" divide re property prices was touted regularly on TV & in the press? Just wondering if we might see a return to this?
  2. I guess that a nuclear power station on their doorsteps creates lots more local jobs & potentially more people wanting to move into the area for those new jobs. At same time NOT building new housing means the houses that are there fly up in price irrespective of whether they glow flourescent green 24x7
  3. Do EAs sell peoples property for free then?!!! Thanks for responses on EA boards advertising school fetes btw - this has literally only sprung up in our area in the past couple of weeks - it was driving me mad trying to find property on rightmove that had boards outside!!!
  4. Pathfinder scheme I think only referred to dozing properties up "t'north" and then rebuilding homes on these sites. I have no comment on whether it was good or not. I was however in keen agreement of Lord Prescott's scheme to force building of significant numbers of new housing in the south east (think initial figure was 1.1m but that got scaled back).
  5. I was referring to flats & the fact that only BTLeters seem to be the only ones who buy them - again referring to that it feels easier to get a BTL mortgage than a mortgage for a home. Im sure they do buy small and big houses as well
  6. Just had a look at their blogsite. I know we all look after number 1 first and foremost, but it beggars belief local planning & government bow down to pressure when we clearly need new homes building in significant numbers. Probably the only time Ive ever agreed with anything that came out of John Prescotts mouth...
  7. Might be off topic, or relevant, but Ive noticed a lot of EA boards going up in my area, which dont have "for sale" on them - rather the name of the EA plus advertising some school fete or similar event. What gives? Are these properties for sale, or are the EAs now having to diversify by running an ad firm where they charge local schools etc a fee for advertising local events?
  8. No - what you are talking about is sadly all too regular in west sussex - its a supply and demand problem - not enough houses for sale & too many buyers. At the end of the day if people are offering full or close to full asking price then you will always get turned down. If you can afford to wait, then wait & hope that price reductions start to filter through to West Sussex. Problem is compounded however with limited rentals available - I had to recently accept a 10% increase on my rent. Where specifically are you looking?
  9. So back to OP - are house prices on verge of a major crash? Sadly, I dont think so - no sign of interest rate rises this year, little or no construction on the go, ensuring that availability remains low. England & particularly the SE is a very different place to Northern Ireland, or USA. Those flats that are built however, continue to be snapped up by the BTL brigade - as those are the only ones banks will give mortgages to...
  10. I think the OP was referring to how Estate Agents are "acceptable certifiers"!!!!
  11. couldnt get past the first paragraph - could someone with more ability not to fall asleep at their PC give me a summary of what this story was about
  12. Why waste BBC licencepayers money on an exposee? Everyone in the country knows the blooming answer already!
  13. am all for them selling it off, they could always move the whole operation to the Top Gear runway I guess plenty of room there... downside of this is plenty of Beeb execs will be cashing in with performance related bonuses once the sale completes...
  14. Nothing to complain about here...more science to this than reading front page of the daily mail prior to making IR decisions....
  15. No assets, so wheres the £2m a week its costing to hire lawyers & accountants coming from???
  16. I listened to her and the debate on Radio 4 this morning. The woman is an idiot - she used it as an excuse to ridicule John Prescotts plans he hadback in the day to build 900,000 new homes in the South East of England, rather than saying anything useful. No mention re limiting commercial builds even though the commentator tried to get her to answer on that. She also admitted that they had zero powers to change policy or enforce anything anyway "oh only the water companies can enforce a hosepipe ban" & "when theres a drought delcared, then we get round the table with water companies & users of water to see if theres anything we can do to help - we dont tell them what they must do, because we cant"
  17. I would favour Merstham & Redhill over Brighton any day. Brighton cannot cope with the influx of tourists, stag & hen parties etcetc and as a result is a dirty un"kemp"t town (hope you get the pun!) Reigate lovely town centre, but very expensive & not ideal to commute from - train links are essentially a branch line which runs to redhill. also "independant" shops generally means overpriced... Redhill is ok - much better than suggested on this thread. Merstham is a village - there is little there. There are some very nice properties & private roads in Merstham, so again take what has been discussed here with pinch of salt. also, a fantastic (public, but spaces are available to state educated) school in the catchment area. Horley is like a ghost town these days - high street is essentially a load of charity shops & not much else. Horsham, lovely - my home town so very biased! extremely overpriced, but I believe this is down to lack of any serious development in the past 10 years. There was some talk of building 500 homes in Southwater, but was defeated by the NIMBY brigade.
  18. Horsham is a very expensive town to buy in. It needs serious development to affect property prices. I rent in Horsham & there is very little available to rent - the demand oustrips supply & house purchases are of similar trait. That Trinity Square is a poky little development the wrong side of the train tracks to the town centre - you have to go significantly round the houses to get to the town. been monitoring prices since last year & theres not been any reductions in prices. Good property sells for full asking, the bad stuff doesnt until reduced...
  19. so there you have it - the Halifax clearly telling the BoE NOT to raise inerest rates, otherwise house prices will fall...
  20. and also to add, when we have people stay, we let them have our bedroom & we sleep on a blow up bed in the living room. Im paying private rent & paying my taxes & I dont see why someone who has their rent paid for by the taxpayer should have it better than me!
  21. ahh but they are all "owner occupied" by FTBs stuck in negative equity, rather than social housing I think this is a good thing though - for too long the private landlords have been able to hike up the price of private renting vs social housing renting...more social housing available with more rooms means that there will be more competition!
  22. We can all point the finger at the Labour government, but seriously how much impact has this new government had on the benefits culture??? I overheard conversation in local pub - 2 40ish gents both long term out of work moaning about immigrants taking all our jobs, while they supped their pints & went home drunk. "Im not working for same money as those greedy Polish - Im better off on the dole"... Until government stop subsidising these people nothing will change. You can blame immigrants, but end of the day they are doing the jobs that the lazy workshy simply cant be bothered to do.
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