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  1. Well, I phoned the council, and received a noise nuisance information pack and forms to fill in, but I haven't filled them in, as the process seems longwinded and designed to go nowhere. Would my phonecall to the council need to be mentioned in a seller's report?
  2. Yes, but I didn't realise that two years ago and I was at the mercy of estate agents who wanted me on their books - they got the HIP pack money out of me, whereas had I known that it wouldn't sell quickly, I would have waited until the HIP packs were phased out - so I feel I was conned by the EA. I have asked them, "why did you value my house at a level you knew wouldn't sell? Why don't you tell all homeowners on your books to reduce their prices or they'll be ejected from your books?" They told me they think people will gradually move the prices down themselves and they would prefer not to make them do so. I am in the process of moving to a different EA, but that takes time - due to the stupid 30-day notice period mentioned in a contract I signed two years ago (is that fair? can such contracts be challenged in court?) The next estate agent knows I don't expect to get the amount the house was valued at by the other lot, but would prefer me to market it with a "vendor gifted deposit", which he feels might make a difference. That amounts to a reduction. And he feels that a large markdown would still lead to viewings by people who would still expect 20% off the new asking price in today's market. Anyhow, whatever price my house is worth and marketed at, I don't want to be forced into a quick auction by the neighbours. I don't have to move right yet, as I work from home, and could effectively live anywhere. And if, say, the HPC this site forecasts happened, and houses nationally were down by 20% or more, I would lose out, for sure, on my existing house, but gain much more in terms of the reduction on my next house, as I would like to trade up - so I am still hoping the HPC takes place.
  3. The Noise Patrol are parasites doing non-jobs. Inconsiderate neighbours used to be and should be now a police responsibility. It has been transferred to councils to enable them to create highpaying jobs often doing nothing about it. In the 1950s, the police would give the bad neighbours a clip round the ear. I want a return to that.
  4. The trouble is my house is on the market - I want to move away a.s.a.p., but it has been on the market for nearly 2 years.... I think unless you live in a detached, renting eg in a flat or in terraces does have the advantage that you can up sticks when you need to...
  5. I am living in a terraced house with neighbours who blast me with rock music or music of some kind - I don't believe the house is licenced for live music - it sounds like there is an actual disco going on in the house right now. The landlady is not interested - she advised me to contact the police, probably knowing in advance that responsibility for the matter is not in the hands of the police any more,as it has been passed councils. The councils won't send anyone round to hear the music - it is a case of keeping notes over months of the times and impact of the noise to see if the council feel like doing anything. I feel like the authorities have, for a reason I can't determine, decided to create a chav society in England that is increasingly unpleasant. The council are not very interested in nuisance neighbours. The letting agents have sent a couple of letters, but have said the tenant won't listen to them and I should call the police (probably knowing the police are not responsible any more). How can people make money in this way? Their business requires the infliction of misery on me. Is there any way I can sue the letting agents to make them enforce the tenants' contract? The landlord previous told me that considerate behaviour to neighbours is in the contract - but that was back when he wanted the tenants out for an unrelated reason and was hoping I would furnish him with a reason for evicting them, but he is no longer interested. What can I do? Why do the authorities including all the political parties insist so firmly on policies leading to a chav Britain? Possibly because the powers that be don't live in roads such as mine? I am at my wit's end.
  6. Reading about strategic default in the US property market, where householders walk away from the house, sending the keys back, owing nothing, it may be that no-recourse mortgages are what have really produced the property double dip in the US, whereas here, if we walk away, the banks will still pursue us for the money owed - and so the best option is to stay put. Will this prevent a real HPC here? let me add, I think no-recourse mortgages should be available in the UK, and it should be illegal to extend any mortgage that is not no-recourse, because of the "moral hazard" whereby the bank lends money, but refuses to take any responsibility for its lending policies. Logically, the banks ought to be on the line for their lending decisions. The idea that they can lend willy nilly and never or seldom face up to the consequences of their decisions is just wrong. So, rather than tell the banks they can't lend 100% mortgages - I would say to them "you can - do what you think best - BUT there will be no more bailouts, and if the house you lend on is not worth the money, the householder will walk away, leaving you with an asset (the house) that you had previously assessed as being worth the amount loaned - if you can't work out property values, your banks are going to the wall - you do the maths!"
  7. What a complete scrounger! She gets £1,334 for free from the government every month, and her rent and council tax paid, and has run up £14K of credit card debts on top and wants to pretend she has no money to pay. Er... try paying £500 a month out of your £1,334. I would say to her expenses: Telephone mobile Internet - £40 a month - THESE ARE ALL LUXURIES. IF YOU'RE LIVING ON STATE HANDOUTS, YOU DON'T NEEDT THEM. TV licence - £12.90 a month - ALSO A LUXURY. I DON'T WATCH TV. IF YOU'RE LIVING ON HANDOUTS AND HAVE £14K IN DEBTS, YOU CAN DELETE THIS. Satellite - £6 a month - LOOK YOU CLEARLY THINK YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A LIFESTYLE JUST AS LUXURIOUS AS THOSE IN WORK. Internet services - £12.49 a month - WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR YOU TO SURF THE INTERNET. THAT IS A LUXURY. Medical/accident insurance - £13 a month - I DON'T HAVE THIS, AND I WORK, SO WHY SHOULD YOU? Travel - £26 a month - WRONG. IF YOU'RE A BENEFITS SCROUNGER, YOUR TRAVEL COSTS ARE ZERO A MONTH. School meals/meals at work - £35 a month - THIS COMES OUT OF YOUR GROCERY BILL, AND IS NOT A SEPARATE ITEM. TRY PACKED LUNCHES. Pet insurance/vet bill - £22 a month - ANOTHER LUXURY. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR THIS? Laundry/cleaning - £41 a month - DO YOUR OWN CLEANING, YOU LAZY SO-AND-SO. Entertainment/newspapers - £23 - NEWSPAPERS ARE A LUXURY, AND WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY ENTERTAINMENT IF YOU DON'T WORK. I'M SICK OF THIS. Loan from family/friends - £44 - EASY TO PRETEND YOU HAVE THIS EXPENDITURE ITEM, AND WITH A LOT OF MONEY COMING IN A MONTH AND £14K IN DEBTS, GET LOST WITH THIS. Emergency fund - £20 - GO TO WORK IF YOU NEED EXTRA CASH. THIS IS A NON-ITEM. Other expenses(my therapies) - £286 - STOP YOUR THERAPIES IMMEDIATELY AND PAY YOUR DEBTS. Oops, I've identified £581.39 a month in money this chav could spend on her debts. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ANY PARTY, CONSERVATIVE, LABOUR OR LIBERAL,THAT PERMITS THIS FRAUD TO CONTINUE.
  8. Precisely. I hope this chancer loses the house and the £17K - I'm fed up of people running up huge debts and walking away from them - this person is just a total scrounger. I call her situation a result!
  9. Er... the ground rent is equivalent to a mortgage in itself...
  10. Ṫhis CEBR forecast is more bullish than anything else I have read. Is the consensus that it is nonsense? Or the halt to construction work, and massive immigration, apparently still running in the hundredsof thousands -- maybe they will have an effect? I don't think it is good policy to support house prices, or allow these factors to do so, but I can't work out why this respected outfit's forecast is an outlier...
  11. Sometimes you feel like being rude to someone who strikes you as dim.But it is important to resist those impulses! Look, there is no such thing as a multi-ethnic area with a low crime rate. You've been reading the Guardian or watching the BBC too much. What do you mean? An area full of scroungers, where the scroungers don't commit crime? As you know, crime figures are top secret in the UK, or at least the breakdown by ethnicity. Do you remember when politically correct police tried to argue that crime was equal in all communities by pointing to the fact that 85% of crime in Sunderland was done by "white" people? It was very widely quoted at the time, even though the 1.4% ethnic minorities in Sunderland were, even according to those figures, doing 15% of the crime... In Sweden a majority of rapes are by the ethnic community. If you ask me for chapter and verse I can point you in the direction of Swedish government pdfs - and Sweden is a country that is very reluctant to disclose these figures. In Oslo, Norway, every single rape over the past five years has been perpetrated by someone of a non-Western background. The figures are the same in all countries. Multi-ethnic areas are the worst to bring up your children. Do you even give a damn about your child? Or just see him as an object of political propaganda? People stream into this country from failed states. They wouldn't be coming otherwise: if there own cultures were worth a fig, they would stay put.
  12. everyone has his own preferences, but seeking an ethnically diverse area that is low in crime? how can I do justice to this in a short message? I think you'll find it's the boring old English areas that have the low crime rates.
  13. I bet the woman felt like a right prawn when she was found out!
  14. I've joined here to ask your thoughts about a house price. I found a thread once here that said you should aim to get back to 2005 or 2004 prices in this current housing market. It probably varies over the country, but this house is valued at £214,950. It was bought for £165,000 in October 2005: Now, it might look inexpensive for what it is, but it is in Gainsborough, possibly the cheapest town in England. There are no industries or jobs around, the town has 18,000 people, no McDonald's or KFC, only a few shops. The Gainsborough Central railways station has 2 trains a week, both on a Saturday. There are more trains from Gainsborough Lea Road, but that is not centrally located, and you have to change in Sheffield or Doncaster to go anywhere. There are no good transport links to London. There is a minor injuries unit in town. Otherwise you need to travel 30 miles to Lincoln for an A&E department. And it is probably what you would call a "chav town" par excellence. So our house prices are the cheapest, and they are the cheapest for a reason. So £215K is a lot for Gainsborough. You used to be able to buy a terraced house for £20K in Gainsborugh, until about 2002/03, and there are some (in a state) going for auction for those sorts of prices still. So I would hesitate to say "it's a nice house - so it must be worth the money", as the local price level has to be taken into account. After all that is said and done, if you're working from home, as I am, you can be in Gainsborough just as well as Chelsea, and the town is quiet, and very English. So not too bad - they could ruin it by expanding it - as they're planning on expanding the population to 36,000 over the next 20 years. If you need anything major, you can go to Sheffield, Lincoln, Doncaster, Retford, Scunthorpe, all sort of equidistant. Why is this house priced at 30% above the 2005 buying price? That looks like a 2007 price to me - ie, the top of the boom. I haven't approached them, although I like the house, as I think they're unlikely to want an offer £50K below their asking price. Am I right in saying the 2005 price of £165K is the one to go for? Does the fact that Gainsborough's prices were very far below the national average for a long time and started to catch up ca. 2003/04 make any difference? Maybe you won't get them to go down to 2005 prices as they were still too low in 2005 and some of their catch-up was justified? Maybe £180K would be a realistic price? The house is 19 Dunster Road and the postcode DN21 1HL. It is incorrectly listed on mouseprice as semidetached, which this one isn't, as you can see from the picture. There have been no sales in the road since 2007, when a semi-detached house in the same road went for £167,500. The paucity of houses sold in the road makes it difficult to determine the value. The mouseprice estimate of £184K for this house is based on the sale of a house in DN6 (near Doncaster, and not in Gainsborough at all), and so I am not sure how reliable that is. This may be a case of a house that it would be better to wait a couple of years for, as realism drips through? it seems priced to sell in 2007 and not 2011 as far as I can see... Can anyone comment? Thanks.
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