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  1. It looks like the markets were half expecting a .5% rise in interest rates because the £ dropped when the decision was made. £-$ exchange rate
  2. This has loads of information on the US housing situation which is becoming increasingly interesting. Housing Panic Blog It has been posted a few times before by 'The Masked Tulip','abroad' and 'Duplex' maybe it should be added to the Blog section on HousePriceCrash.
  3. I bought a 2-bed flat in Balham, London, top-floor no elavator in 2001 for £220,000 and sold 14 months later for £260,000 - I thought I made a killing. This flat is now on the market for £345,000 and is described as inexpensive for its size. I now rent and pay £1500 a month for a 3 bedroom terraced house in Herne Hill, a similar house on the street sold for £485000 in July this year. The house I live in was bought for £370,000 2 years ago. I would like to buy but think it would be crazy. However I see no shortage of crazy people out there.
  4. CNN Home Futures Maybe its worth selling short.
  5. As defined in the 2003-2004 treasury report for internal fraud Fraud Report Same rules apply to government as to companies.
  6. Why M3 growth can impact gold prices, A good blog on M3
  7. Has anybody read this book? It is not included on the list of books. I haven't read it but found this extract which could have been written by any number of people on this website:
  8. This may already have been posted but I didn't see it. It comes from David Davis' speech to the CBI conference: Davis: Creating a new spirit of enterprise Since Enron style accounting is fraud, Davis is accusing Brown of fraud. Once this kind of accusation might have been conisdered libellous.
  9. http://www.fsponline-recommends.co.uk/page...aaa&u=apfsljsp1 This 'advert' summarises most of the fears/hopes of this website. If you believe the economy is going to take a turn for the worse would it be a bad idea to invest in the stocks they suggest?
  10. When people talk of UK being 4th richest country they mean Gross National Income. Nationmaster GNI
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