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  1. I'm surprised a toff like you didn't realise the Waitrose in Banbury is for the rich people who live in the surrounding villages.....
  2. I was talking to an old friend a few months ago and he mentioned that he was off to Lisbon for a few days to open a bank account. I asked why and he said non domiciled foreigners could transfer 'investments & pensions' to Portuguese bank account without attracting any capital gains tax. So I asked what was he transferring and he stated the profits from Bitcoin et al whenever he sells them. I believe he has quite an amount with an American cryptocurrency exchange. Now this got me thinking, was this a clever idea or could he fall foul of the the tax man.....Has anyone got an answer?
  3. Blimey.....I bought a nice one bed flat in Trinity Crescent, Tooting Bec in the 1980's for £15k......how things have changed!
  4. Was in Gozo last year talking to some locals I know, they said if your face fitted you could rent a one bed appartment in Marsalforn starting from 2,000 euros a year....
  5. Hi All, looking to rent in Portrush for 6 months with a budget of £500/£600 monthly.....does anyone know of available property coming on the market fairly soon? Thanks
  6. Yes I agree, automation will take a lot of those repetitive, boring, non skilled jobs in the future. Regarding the Mini plant in Oxford, the large number employed in the 1960's probabily made lots of parts for the car onsite. Now adays many parts are made by out sourced companies and bought to the plant JIT or JIS. I used to work there and guess that many jobs at Mini will still require the human touch and I believe it will stay that for a while.
  7. I'm glad that Euan has now lost that stigma of being one of those career politicians who have never had a real job......
  8. Yes statistics are not an exact science and their forecast pretty much relies on us maintaining our existing status quo. However the next ten years could contain some serious global changes that will affect global population migration. More wars, severe global climate changes, resource degradation et al. By the time you read this the world population will be 7,400,000,000 and by 2027 it is forecasting another 1,000,000,000 will be alive. Hold the front page...... China scraps its one child policy.....maybe the forecast should increase by another 500.000.000. With all of these people competing for ever diminishing resources the future looks bleak......
  9. Travis Perkins primarily supply the trade with their building material and mostly the major players......as a private punter if you ask for a price it will be way more expensive than Wickes....
  10. A couple of rooms to rent in my newly extended and reburbished house in quiet area of Banbury. Two bathrooms, WiFi, Sky, off road parking, large garden, fairly close to Rail Station (Oxford 25 mins) close to town and local Sainsburys. Contact me if you are interested......Brian
  11. you assume no existing debt.....most people have it and some have alot of it....
  12. No, just looks one building about half a mile from the track......but who knows!
  13. Was looking around area where I live in Banbury Oxfordshire and was amused to see a property owned by 'The Secretary of State for Transport' right by the old Chipping Warden aerodrome a few miles north east. This area is rumoured to be one of the possible sites of the new London airport. Throw in the fact the area lies between the M1 & M40 and right bang on the HS2 and it becomes an interesting coincidence.
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