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  1. Although morally very questionable, I can see why you may not want to refuse, Just put the address at the header of the invoice with a note above it saying "billing address:", then just itemise what you did and give it to them like that, if you change the date remember to account for it on your books in the different tax year (This is commonplace in business).... Any come back and you simply say that was the billing address they wanted the invoice too.... You are not then complicit in the fraud but they are happy and you keep getting work.
  2. Hmm interesting, cause I do own a house, the reason I want house prices to be lower is because of a social conscience, also unlike other sheeple I don't buy the fact that if your house goes up in price you are richer, moving up the ladder is just as unattainable as getting on the ladder... Oh and im not married and I bought the house on my own income so just one income... But hey why not try to alienate every section of society that agrees with you and become a laughing stock, I mean its working wonders for you right now.
  3. Because I would rather someone take the housing crisis seriously and the danger of a crash seriously, every time anyone mentions a bubble and a crash hpc is brought up as a joke and the fact that people on here have been doom mongering and exaggerating for so long that they think it cant happen.
  4. The phones, cars, associate insurance etc all add up and can be the difference between mums having to work and not... Could you point to the area in the report where it defines what it is calling full-time work, heavon forbid a newspaper might sensationalise a story by bending the stats... Housing costs are only a part of the outgoings so blaming it all on house prices is you just taking a story and twisting it to suit your argument... it is these sorts of things that make hpc users a laughing stock outside hpc website and the important message is lost.
  5. Well it would be cheaper living under a bridge than buying a house but I dont think I could put up with the noise... Nope I just dont think trying to take a story that has already been twisted and try to twist it even more helps any cause and is the reason so many people outside hpc see comments from hpc users as a joke and not taken seriously when the underline message is important.
  6. Haha you couldnt be further from the truth, im 33 I know because its my friends that moan about not having any money but always have the latest phone, post pics of them on international breaks and do have two cars on the drive....
  7. The point is they have the choice of having kids, some that are not in the financial position delay or don't have kids... How many of those parents that "Have" to work have the latest Iphone, two cars on the drive, at least one international holiday a year, live in a bigger house than they really need? All of those are choices that some people now stupidly think as necessity... There are some that are genuinely needing to work im not denying that but its not as many as you think... You could just as easily say that children that mingle with more kids on a regular basis by going to nurseries work better in teams and have better social skills... I find those skills in work further people more than educational achievements... A good mix of the two is what is needed and for most parents I think that is true.... In the report how many hours per week are they classing full-time as often over 16hrs is seen as full-time. For most parents I would argue working much more than 15hrs per week which is the threshold of free childcare it is not financially sound as the cost of childcare will be higher than earnings after tax, all apart from higher earning parents, in which case it is likely to be a choice to go to work.... This is likely to get more pronounced as the living wage comes in and childcare costs will have to rise.
  8. You are right but you cant argue that while rates are low and affordability is actually high that this is the reason more moms do full-time work....
  9. Haha im very thicked skinned, I just don't think it does any good sensationalising a story and adding 2+2 and coming up with 5, it does not help the argument that we need a plan from the government which all they seem to come up with is attack BTL, which although it is good to restrict BTL as it was getting out of hand it will actually do nothing to help the ordinary person get a place of their own.
  10. I totally agree with you, but 200k at 1% interest is more affordable than 100k at 8%, my point was that at the moment because house prices are high does not mean that people are automatically paying more per month and hence mums having to go to work.... But there seems to be confusion by some between affordability and prices... if interest rates had risen then I could agree that more parents are going to work because of higher mortgage payments but that is not the case at the moment... In Japan it is common place that generations of the same family live in a property and the mortgage is past from one generation to another, definitely don't want to see that in this country which is why we should either get building or reduce the demand by stopping the mass migration to our tiny island.
  11. Actually because of near zero interest houses are way more affordable now than they ever have been, the big issue is do you really want to pay crazy prices and have a massive mortgage because rates will eventually only go one way and then can you really afford it....
  12. The 80's was a time of boom, go back further and you have mine workers living in houses owned by mine owners, paid in vouchers that they could exchange for food and clothing with a big mark up profit for the mine owner, that was of course after your rent was taken from your wages.... My point is you can't just take a snap shot in time as things have always changed. In the 80's women were paid appallingly compared to men with sexism rife. Thats really not where we want to head back too... I totally agree the South and especially the SE it is crazy and more houses need to be built or mass migration into the country curtailed. I don't think anyone is under any illusions that some mums return to work because they have to but having a child is also a choice, and finances should be looked at when having a child... My parents when I was born were living off stuff planted in the garden, we didnt have holidays, clothes were functional and mine were mostly hand me downs... Times have changed with everyone wanting an Iphone, most families having 2 cars etc, a one wage earner family is still more than possible but sacrifices have to be made, just like they always have the big difference now is the 20 something generation not willing to make those sacrifices.
  13. How can you say that its been taken away? this statistic does not say that at all, im sure in some instances then yes moms have to work but that has always been the case even 100yrs ago, taking in extra washing etc. How do you get from one third of mums work to they have to work? I know a lot of parents where they decide instead of the dad working loads and the mum staying at home they more evenly share the load. My dad worked extremely hard when I was growing up so my mum didnt have to work, and yeah it was great having my mum around but actually looking back I would have liked to see more of my dad, I think in this more modern world dads are expected to participate and share the responsibility of raising the kids and the trade off to that is more mums work... People make lifestyle choices, having kids is a choice, before you have them you should be thinking about how you can afford them... Unfortunately some in society on benefits just keep popping them out and keep getting more and more money... We need to get away from the self entitlement society, if like your good self you want to have kids and have one parent stay at home then you need to work towards that, its not like its an impossibility. I agree housing cost in some areas can be the tipping point but its far from the only cost of raising kids.... The government providing free child care will have certainly encouraged more mums back to work... BTW an interesting point to this story is what are they classing as full-time, some stats show anyone working more than 16hrs as full-time, I see the story has average hours but it doesn't as far as I could see clarify what they are classing as full-time which I think is really important to understand the headline stat.
  14. Pot..... Kettle..... Black...... What a pleasant fellow you are, I supposed you preferred the days of the woman staying at home, being seen as a second class citizen... Get back in your cave...
  15. Wait a second its probably one of about the only government departments that actually makes more than it spends and they want to get rid of it? Maybe my logic is somewhat off here but that seems a tad silly.
  16. Wow im surprised its that low, shows there is more capacity in the economy, the days of families living off one earner long term should have been over a while ago.
  17. Haha, yeah I dont blame you, it is silly to issue a section 21 regardless, thankfully now they cannot within the first 4 months so it stops this practice. Landlords should get more of a grip of their rentals rather than leaving it to greedy inept letting agents.
  18. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?country=england&locationIdentifier=POSTCODE%5E1481336&searchLocation=EX24+6DL&propertyType=1&referrer=listChangeCriteria Its a good shout, although im guessing it was probably a shell of a house and or it did not come with all the land.
  19. Technically yes but the section 21 would be live the day after the SPT arising. Totally agree that some landlords and letting agents exploit tenants, especially those that are most vulnerable with no other options often. There are some real scumbags out there but then after watching slum landlords, nightmare tenants there are some pretty scummy tenants out there although most of the landlords are asking for it being amateurs and not doing the proper checks, just wanting their money. Well the only reason I can think of is to avoid having the property empty at an inconvenient time or for example if you are a final year student and you want to stay on for a few more months the landlord would miss the intake of new students... I think most cases it is the letting agents pushing amateur landlords with some ******** so they can fleece the tenants... Renewal fees should be banned or capped.
  20. Yeah she could also have gone to court and claimed heating and hot water does not work to delay proceedings, even after a court order had been made she could have still stayed until the bailiffs turned up... But thats being a bit of a dick and don't forget if you want to move somewhere else most letting agents ask your previous landlord for a reference so its worth ending things in an amicable manner as long as neither side try to take advantage or be a dick then this is quite easy. The 6 months is probably just historical as before 1996 the minimum length was 6 months, this could also explain why a lot of BTL mortgages say a minimum of 6 months although you are correct the minimum does not legally have to be a minimum of 6 months but I think it probably is a good compromise for both sides to make sure thinks work while giving a minimum amount of tenure security. Section 21 cannot be served in the first 4 months of a tenancy which as it needs 2 months notice also gives weight to a minimum AST of 6 months, it makes the change sort of useless as even a section 21 that was served within the first 4 months could not be acted app-on until after the fixed period had expired.
  21. If she had not signed the AST with 2 months to go they would have served a section 21 eviction notice, thats how landlords get round the avoiding the periodic agreement. Its all very well not discussing if the agent also does not discuss but not so civilized when the agent asks you and you dont reply... The tenant is the customer I agree but its not the same as a supermarket and the landlord does not have to rent to you so its best to have a good civilized relationship with your landlord.
  22. No I never mentioned Periodic in that sentence but I was trying to give incite into why either a new AST or renewal AST landlords generally use 6 months or 12 months rather than longer or shorter. To answer your question which im pretty sure you know, unless notice has been given then the AST will automatically go onto a periodic tenancy agreement, thats from a tenants perspective, the reason some landlords can get jumpy is you may not know a tenant can leave the property on the last day of the AST and not have to give any notice... Note if you stay even a day longer the AST turns into a periodic agreement and notice must be given... Although in practice im sure this rarely happens it gives incite into why letting agents and landlords like to push tenants into signing a new agreement, although I guess for a letting agent it is also about the fee they can charge... My sister rented a house a while back, she had been their about 2 years and had renewed at the end of the first year for a 1yr AST, at the end of this she wanted to stay on for a few more months, the estate agent tried to push to get them to sign a new AST, they only wanted to stay on a few more months however the landlord did not want that as it would have meant having to try and find a tenant in the middle of December which is kind of understandable so basically they had the choice of sign a new 1yr AST or leave, now I know they could have just pretended they would leave then when they didnt the landlord would have to serve a section 21 giving at least 2 months notice and this would have given them the time they needed but in a civilised world they made alternative arrangements.
  23. You have no idea about their situation, they could have inherited a lot of money and may not actually be very highly geared... If they have a few properties they are clearly not fly by night types and if they have entered the market recently then BTL mortgages have been quite strict, although the new tax changes might affect them in the coming years, I would say they are no more of a risk than any other landlord, it is usually the ones at the lower end of the market that have geared the most.. So I would say if you like them, you like the house, you can afford it then go for it and don't worry about it.
  24. Tenancy renewal fees are made up of a small bit of the letting agents time but also they will usually pay for legal documents, usually an annual charge, there are other factors such as the new right to rent checks when ever a new tenancy is created.... Saying all this some agents do charge way too much £20 should be sufficient to cover costs as they are getting paid by the landlord... Some landlords don't like tenants to go onto SPT as the tenant could leave at an awkward time such as just as just before Christmas where renting back out would be difficult, a prime example of this would be student lets where if you miss the intake of new students re-letting could take time. A lot of BTL mortgages state that the AST should be from 6 months to 12 months, which can be a big factor in not allowing longer tenancies.... Personally I hate letting agents as most of the charges to tenants are ridiculous, unfortunately cant see it changing any time soon.
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